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Not just looking for a Diesel Generator? We are a single source power generation provider

Diesel generators, bespoke acoustic enclosures, modular equipment rooms for LV and HV switchboards, UPS, transformers, fuel tanks, control systems? ADVANCED can help.

ADVANCED from our beginning over 20 years ago have constantly driven change and created innovative solutions for the power generation market. What started with diesel generators was quickly developed to include bespoke acoustic enclosures, custom built containers and modular buildings to suit any client requirement. Our products when fully equipped cover a wide range of applications, such as emergency services, data centres, nuclear installations, offshore wind power, offshore oil and gas installations, railway equipment and switchgear enclosures, renewable energy, ministry of defence facilities, water treatment facilities, telecommunications systems, and pump and compressors rooms.

ADVANCED’s expertise in acoustic housings for diesel generators became more and more precise with smaller footprints, more complex airflow routes and lower noise levels based on demanding commercial and residential requirements. ADVANCED modular buildings have been installed on sites from Iceland to Algeria, and we can prepare a building for almost any environment with expertise ranging from marine specifications to sand trap filters, air conditioning and dehumidifying, offshore, seismic, and blast proof requirements. ADVANCED fuel systems include storage tanks (up to a maximum capacity of 67,000 litre), which can be either free standing or constructed as belly tanks within the footprint of the acoustic generator enclosure, and can include transfer pipework, pumps, alarms and gauges, and balancing lines as required.

The ADVANCED workforce is highly skilled and our personnel are constantly in training to refine and perfect their techniques and to ensure they are fully compliant with the latest standards and most up to date procedures. When you choose to work with ADVANCED you will benefit not only from our impressive manufacturing facilities and expertise, you will also receive top levels of customer service from start to finish - from your first contact with one of our sales managers to the completion of your project. All jobs are assigned a dedicated project manager so you will always have a singular point of contact for any queries you may have. Your project manager will be present on site to oversee all delivery and installation of equipment, and then you will be passed over to our servicing and maintenance team, who operate across the country 365 days a year to ensure that your project is always up and running.

With ADVANCED you can have complete confidence in your equipment and know that your site will always be supported.

Details of ADVANCED diesel generators, bespoke acoustic packaging, fuel storage and transfer systems, and modular equipment buildings can be found on the other pages of our website. Alternatively you can contact our friendly team today, either by phone on +44 (0)1977 658 100 or via email at enquiries@adeltd.co.uk