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Custom built enclosed diesel generators
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Looking for Diesel Generators?

Advanced Diesel Generators and Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures supply to the UK and Worldwide, having over 20 years experience in the power generation market.

Having one of the largest stocks of generators for sale in the UK. We are one of the UK's largest distributors of high quality and high spec new generators. We have a huge stock held in our factory ranging from 8kVA to 3500kVA.

We provide diesel generators for large and small organisations throughout the UK as well as exported globally. We are the only diesel generator supplier in the UK able to design and manufacture bespoke containerised solutions in house, Advanced has always been able to set itself apart from competitors and has excelled in customer satisfaction.

Each of our customers project(s) are covered under one roof in our fully equipped 90,000 square foot factory complete with the following resources:

* 16 fabrication bays, 2 paint bays, and 6 electrical bays

* Each capable of accommodating a 4 x 15 meter enclosure

This allows commissioned large scale projects to be manufactured alongside each other without any delays in completion time. Advanced are perfectly suited to producing:

* High volume and demanding projects such as data centres

* A highly skilled and recruited workforce and continuous training programs, means that our customers can trust our team of professionals who offer the finest in quality and market leading design.

Our international sales department give you expert advice and help you decide on what is best suited for your company, also providing you with competitive prices for all your needs, including a design concept based around a fully self-contained ISO shipping unit, meaning that even bespoke orders can be conveniently shipped to a global market.