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Not just looking for a Diesel Generator? We are a single source power generation provider

Diesel generators, bespoke acoustic enclosures, modular equipment rooms for LV and HV switchboards, UPS, transformers, fuel tanks, control systems? ADVANCED can help.

ADVANCED from our beginning over 20 years ago have constantly driven change and created innovative solutions for the power generation market. What started with diesel generators was quickly developed to include bespoke acoustic enclosures, custom built containers and modular buildings to suit any client requirement. Our products when fully equipped cover a wide range of applications, such as emergency services, data centres, nuclear installations, offshore wind power, offshore oil and gas installations, railway equipment and switchgear enclosures, renewable energy, ministry of defence facilities, water treatment facilities, telecommunications systems, and pump and compressors rooms.

Details of ADVANCED diesel generators, bespoke acoustic packaging, fuel storage and transfer systems, and modular equipment buildings can be found on the other pages of our website. Alternatively you can contact our friendly team today, either by phone on +44 (0)1977 658 100 or via email at enquiries@adeltd.co.uk