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January 23, 2017
Bulk Fuel Tanks for Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator Fuel Tanks

We all know the basics of how generators work to supply primary or back-up power. An engine turns the chemical energy stored in fuel, and turns it into mechanical energy – Usually turning a shaft. That shaft then turns.....read more
December 13, 2016
Will your business survive without a backup power solution

Business without Backup Power

You’re not new to the business. You spent your years learning the ropes and working under knowledgeable supervisors, then alongside them, and eventually to a position of real responsibility. You know your business, and what it takes to succeed....read more
December 6, 2016
How will your Industry cope against Possible Power Cuts?

How will your Industry cope against Possible Power Cuts?

As more and more of the UK’s power grid is fed with renewable energy sources and older coal-fuelled power plants are being decommissioned, businesses around the country are realising that the possibility of widespread power cuts is increasing....read more
November 16, 2016
Farming and Agriculture Diesel Generators

Sound Attenuation for Diesel Generators – How Does It Work?

If you asked someone who has worked in construction or civil engineering for the last 30-40 years what has changed the most about your work environment, they might say noise levels. This might be surprising, but it is true...read more
November 8, 2016
Farming and Agriculture Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator for Standby, Prime or Continuous Power Supply You Can Rely On

Businesses, residences and construction crews the world over rely on clean-burning, efficient, quiet diesel generators for standby power, emergency power, prime power or even as a continuous power supply...read more
November 1, 2016
Farming and Agriculture Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators for Agriculture

The UK’s combined agricultural industries are enormous, taking up nearly 70% of the country’s total land area, and employing nearly half a million Britons. Although not all of this is actual farming (livestock production makes up a substantial fraction of those numbers....read more
October 25, 2016
Engineering Britains Future

Engineering Britain's Future

This programme explores the future of engineering with some of Britain’s leading industry voices. Engineering was the force that made the UK an industrial power, creating factories, infrastructure, and products that led the globe. Over the last 100 years......read more
October 25, 2016
UK Government focus on backup storage of power

UK Government focus on Backup Power

As the UK’s government struggles to balance the ever rising demand for electrical power with the realities of an ageing power grid and a commitment to lowering the country’s carbon footprint, it appears that their solution may result in a less robust power distribution system that will be more vulnerable to brownouts than at any time in recent history.......read more
October 17, 2016
Why Choose a Diesel Generator

National Grid cuts new power plant forecast by more than half

When the National Grid forecasted the scale of new power plant construction that would be needed by 2021 (back in 2012), They called for 33 gigawatts of new capacity to come online from large power stations. Now they have slashed that prediction to only 14 GW......read more
October 12, 2016
Why Choose a Diesel Generator

Why Should I Choose a Diesel Powered Engine or Generator?

An unstable pound, rising demand and ongoing trouble in the Middle East are all partially responsible for rising fuel prices. In this economic environment, a cost-effective genset is not just a luxury, but a necessity.....read more

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