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December, 2017
bitcoin global energy demand

Bitcoin's Demand on Global Energy

Bitcoin recently peaked at an exchange value of almost $18,000 (USD). This is important because it is driving the demand to ‘mine’ more Bitcoins through the roof. You can now even trade...read more


November 10, 2017
diesel generator power cuts

UK Winter Power Outages

Without a doubt, winter is already in the air for most of the UK. Especially in the north, the cold weather is starting, and the prospect of snow – both delightful and disruptive – is on our mind...read more


October 16, 2017
Inside our Diesel Generator Factory

Take a Tour Around Our Diesel Generator Factory

Take a look around our 90,000 square foot diesel generator factory and gain a behind the scenes insight into how we provide businesses all over the world with complete, single source power solutions, all from under one roof...read more


August 07, 2017
Starting a Diesel Generator in Cold Weather

Planning your Site for A diesel Generator

In this piece, we’ll look at site planning and site preparation for three common types of diesel back-up generator systems, both those that must withstand a bit of weather and those installed within a structure or shelter...read more


july 19, 2017
Starting a Diesel Generator in Cold Weather

Starting a Diesel Generator in Cold Weather

Whist it rarely gets particularly cold in most of the southern UK, the farther north you go the more you chance encountering sub-freezing temperatures in the winter...read more


july 13, 2017
What size Diesel Generator do you need

What size Diesel Generator do you need

The whole point of a back-up diesel generator is to provide all the electrical power you need to keep your business or organisation running at full speed, take a look at our guide to help you find the exact diesel generator solution for your requirements...read more


June 19, 2017
load bank testing engineer

Load Bank Testing

The fundamental function for any diesel generator is to provide reliable power when it's required avoiding a loss of productivity ...read more


June 15, 2017
What is kVA

kVA Explained

Power ratings are expressed in different forms such as WATTS, AMPERES or AMPS, VOLTS, and also in KVA, But what exacty is kVA ...read more


May 18, 2017
UK electricity power supplies post Brexit

UK Power Supplies at risk post Brexit

The British public have made ther decision but what will the impact be on the UKs power supply uch do we already rely on the Eurozone ...read more


May 05, 2017
Apprentice Opportunities with Advanced Diesel

Apprenticeships with Advanced

Are you looking to begin a career with a support network and clear opportunities to learn the valuable skills you will require to succeed, together with Advanced you can gain qualifications to establish yourself in your chosen profession...read more


Febuary 13, 2017
About Advanced Diesel, Diesel Generators

Get to Know Advanced Diesel

Advanced Diesel Engineering have been providing first-class products and services to a wide-range of clients for over 20 years, come and take a look at where we've been and where we're going...read more

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