CAT Diesel Generators Available Ex Stock

The world’s largest producer of generators, Caterpillar knows precisely how to craft the perfect diesel engines. Our comprehensive selection of CAT generators spans a wide variety of models. Whether you need a standby or prime power solution, you should be able to find what you’re looking for on our website. From large industrial models to engines fitted in ultra-compact containers, our selection covers all the bases.

You can rely on our CAT gen sets to deliver reliable, clean and economical power in almost any environment. These diesel generators are operationally and safety tested at over 100% of their rated loads, so you can be sure they will perform flawlessly. CAT products are used around the world in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to farming. To ensure that your generator meets your spatial and environmental requirements, we offer a range of bespoke packaging options..

If you think one of these power solutions may suit your needs and would like to find out more, click on the links below. You can also contact our team by live chat, phone or email to get further details on our gen sets and containers. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will be happy to help.

Key *SLT = Short Lead Time* | *CB = Custom Built Canopies* | *BTS = Built to specification*
Model Name Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Model Standard Alternator Standard Controller Open Fuel Tank Litres Canopied
Fuel Tank Litres
Noise Level dBA @ 1m
Stock / Lead times Price /
Spec Sheet
kVA kWe kVA kWe Open Enclosed
DE22E32217.62016C2.2LC1114MEMCP4.1666660SLTSLTClick here
DE33E033243024C3.3LC1514FEMCP4.116116179.8SLTSLTClick here
DE50E050404536C3.3LC1514LEMCP4.121921975.3SLTSLTClick here
DE65E065526048C3.3LC1514PEMCP4.121921977.5SLTSLTClick here
DE88E08870.48064C4.4LC3114DEMCP4.121921980.5SLTSLTClick here
DE110E21108810080C4.4LC3114FEMCP4.125025082.7SLTSLTClick here
DE150E0150120135108C7.1LC3114HEMCP4.134934977.5SLTSLTClick here
DE165E0165132150120C7.1LC3114JEMCP4.134934980.8SLTSLTClick here
DE220E0220174.4200160C7.1LC5014FEMCP4.141841885.7SLTSLTClick here
C13400400320350200C13LC6114BEMCP4.1BTSBTS79.7SLTSLTClick here
C13450450360400320C13LC6114CEMCP4.1BTSBTS80SLTSLTClick here
C15500500400455364C15LC6114DEMCP4.1BTSBTS80.3SLTSLTClick here
C15550550440500400C15LC6114FEMCP4.1BTSBTS80.3SLTSLTClick here
C18605605484550484C18LC7024FEMCP4.1BTSBTS82.2SLTSLTClick here
C18660660528600528C18LC7024FEMCP4.1BTSBTS82.4SLTSLTClick here
C18700700560635560C18LC7024HEMCP4.1BTSBTS82.4SLTSLTClick here
3412C8008006407256403412C597EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTSLTClick here
3412C9009007208107203412C598EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTSLTClick here
C32110011008801000880C3211402EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
35121250125010001150100035121424EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
35121400140011201275112035121445EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3512B150015001200136012003512B1447EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3512B160016001280150012803512B1468EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3512B175017501400160014003512B1602EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3512B187518751500170015003512B1602EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3516B225022501800200018003516B1647EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
3516B250025002000227520003516B1844EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C175-1630003000240027252180C175-161866EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C175-1631003100248028252260C175-161868EMCP4.1BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here