CAT 88kVA Diesel Generator

CAT can trace its lineage in the industry back over 90 years, it is now the world’s largest producer of diesel generator sets. This world-class pedigree is seldom more apparent than in the C4.4 series to which the CAT DE88E0 diesel generator belongs.

Reliable, rugged and durable, this four stroke cycle engine has been consistently field proven worldwide in thousands of different applications to provide impressive fuel economy and reliability. This is thanks to its leading electrical and mechanical design, and the fact that CAT generators are tested to maximum load prior to leaving the ISO 9001 certified facilities in which they are built.

Also, because CAT recognises that no two power needs are alike, there are a broad range of bolt-on system expansions and accessories to help customise the equipment to meet your precise requirements.

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CAT DE88E0 Diesel Generator
CAT DE88E0 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 88kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 80kVA
Engine C4.4
Alternator LC3114D

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