Cummins Diesel Generators Available Ex Stock

If you are looking for the best in Cummins diesel generators, you can rely on ADVANCED. We supply an impressive variety of these power solutions, ranging from 17kVA gen sets to 3000kVA models. Our extensive factory enables us to hold a large inventory of systems in stock, meaning many of our products are available immediately without the long lead times that are often associated with other suppliers. So, if you need your Cummins generator in a hurry, we should be perfectly placed to help.

Bringing nearly a century of manufacturing experience to the design and production of generators, Cummins offers reliable, robust and efficient solutions. Whether you are in need of standby, prime or continuous power systems, you should be able to find what you need in our range. These gen sets also have a range of useful features, including intuitive interfaces and remote start and stop functions. To complement these superbly crafted generators, we can provide sound attenuating and weatherproof enclosures that are suitable for many different working environments.

If you think we may have the ideal solution for you and you would like to learn more, simply click on the links below. You can also contact our expert team for further details. We are available by email, live chat and phone.

Key *SLT = Short Lead Time* | *CB = Custom Built Canopies* | *BTS = Built to specification*
Model Name Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Model Standard Alternator Standard Controller Open Fuel Tank Litres Canopied
Fuel Tank Litres
Noise Level dBA @ 1m
Stock / Lead times Price /
Spec Sheet
kVA kWe kVA kWe Open Enclosed
C17 D516.5131512X2.5-G2PI044GPS050015015074SLT21Click here
C22 D522172016X2.5-G2PI144DPS050015015074SLT29Click here
C28 D527.5222520X2.5-G2PI144FPS050015015074SLT20Click here
C33 D533263024X3.3-G1PI144G1.117517575SLT19Click here
C38 D538303528X3.3-G1PI144H1.117517575SLT9Click here
C44 D544354032S3.8-G4UCI224CPS050015015077117Click here
C55 D555445040S3.8-G6UCI224DPS050015015077314Click here
C66 D566526048S3.8-G7UCI224FPS050015015077619Click here
C90 D5907282656BTA5.9-G5UCI224G1.23503507829Click here
C110 D511088100806BTA5.9-G5UCI274C1.235035078827Click here
C150 D51501201361096BTAA5.9-G6UCI274E1.244844876618Click here
C170 D51701361551246BTAA5.9-G7UCI274F1.244844876917Click here
C175 D5e175140158126QSB7-G5UCI274F1.246446477SLT2Click here
C200 D5e200160182146QSB7-G5UCI274H1.246446476211Click here
C220 D5e220176200160QSB7-G5UCI274H1.24644647748Click here
C275 D5275220250200QSL9-G5UCDI274K1.260869177714Click here
C300 D5300240275220QSL9-G5HCI4D1.260869177411Click here
C330 D5330264300240QSL9-G5HCI4D1.26086917758Click here
C350 D5350280320256NT855-G6HCI4E210070690077SLTSLTClick here
C400 D5400320360288NTA855-G4HCI4F210070690076SLT2Click here
C440 D5440352400320NTA855-G7HCI5C210070690076SLT1Click here
C500 D5500400455364QSZ13-G5HCI5C2.277283477SLT2Click here
C550 D5e550440500400QSX15-G8HCI5D2.271171177SLT3Click here
C700 D5706565640512VTA28-G5HCI5F3.3BTSBTSBTS4CBClick here
C825 D5A825660750600VTA28-G6HCI6G3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C825 D5825660750600QSK23-G3HCI6G2100BTSBTSBTS2CBClick here
C900 D5900720820656QSK23-G3HCI6H2100BTSBTSBTS7CBClick here
C1000 D51041833939751QST30-G3HCI6J3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C1100 D511108881000800QST30-G4HCI6K3.3BTSBTSBTS1CBClick here
C1100 D5B11329061029823KTA38-G14HCI6K3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C1400 D51400112012501000KTA50-G3PI734B3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C1675 D51675134014001120KTA50-G8PI734D3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C1675 D5A1675134015001200KTA50-GS8PI734D3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C1760 D5e1760140816001280QSK60-GS3PI734D3201BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C2000 D52063165018751500QSK60-G3PI734F3201BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C2250 D52250180020001600QSK60-G4PI734G3201BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C2500 D5A2500200022501800QSK60-G8LVSI804S3201BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C2750 D52750220025002000QSK78-G9LVSI804S3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
C3000 D53000240027502200QSK78-G9LVSI804S3.3BTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here