Cummins 150kVA Diesel Generator

Cummins’ diesel generator sets are trusted worldwide and across the full spectrum of power generation needs, and the ninety-seven years of engineering expertise they bring to the manufacturing is no doubt one of the top reasons for this. The 150kVA is exemplary of this commitment to quality - with each unit tested at full rating at one of Cummins’ facilities.

The 150kVA is a rugged 4-cycle featuring the C150 D5 engine and it is capable of providing reliable, dependable power at optimal levels for prime power, continuous duty and stationary standby deployments. The PowerCommand® microprocessor control system also ensures total system integration, which includes alarm and status messages and an auto remote start and stop facility.

For the most severe weather deployments, there is also the option of a PMG (permanent magnetic generator) to enhance motor starting and fault clearing, while weather protective (and sound attenuating) enclosures are available.

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Cummins C150D5 Diesel Generator
Cummins C150D5 Diesel Generator Enclosed
Stand-by 150kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 136kVA
Engine 6BTA5.9G2
Alternator UC1274E

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