Cummins 1760kVA Diesel Generator

Featuring the QSK60-GS3 4-stroke turbocharged and low temperature after cooled engine, the Cummins 1760kVA diesel generator set is an example of what a century of manufacturing experience brings to gen-set production. Ideal for deployment and rated for emergency standby, limited time running, prime and continuous power generation, this commercial generator has everything you could require.

While the unit promises low emissions and rapid response to load changes, the permanent magnet generator ensures enhanced starting and fault clearing, all controlled by the PowerCommand® PCC 3201 microprocessor based monitoring and control system.

As well as being dependable in all conditions, the gen-set features an easy to use interface that is configurable for any voltage, frequency or power connection. This makes the generator simple and convenient to use.

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Cummins C1760D5 Diesel Generator
Cummins Acoustic Container
Stand-by 1760kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1600kVA
Engine QSK60-GS3
Alternator PI734D

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