Cummins 55kVA Diesel Generator

Backed by nearly a century of engineering expertise, Cummins’ 55kVA Diesel Generator is one that offers peace of mind as well as power. The Cummins S3.8 series engine is four-stroke, water cooled and after cooled, and it features a circulating water pump and thermostat improving engine efficiency. In addition, it is turbo charged with cast steel crankshaft, connecting rod and cast iron cylinder block.

This combined with a Stamford UC alternator featuring waveform distortion suppressing 2/3 pitch windings, a flexible driving disc and a direct drive centrifugal blower fan.

Controlling all this is a Ps0500 electronic board offering maximum customisation of major functions in an intuitive, easy to grasp interface configurable for any voltage, power configuration or frequency providing an integrated power generation system that can be relied on for stand-by, continuous or prime power applications.

We are happy to help out with the selection process for any of the engines within our range of Cummins and other diesel generators. There are numerous ways to speak to one of our specialist team - you can contact us by phone, live chat or email today to discuss which product is right for you.

Cummins C55D5 Diesel Generator
Cummins C55D5 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 55kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 50kVA
Engine 4BT3.3G3
Alternator UC1224D

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