Perkins Diesel Generators Available Ex Stock

Benefiting from over 80 years of engineering excellence, Perkins diesel generators are at the forefront of power generation technology. At ADVANCED, we stock an impressive range of Perkins gen sets that are suitable for a host of applications.

Offering features such as mechanically operated unit fuel injectors and high-quality fuel filtration, these generators are user-friendly, reliable and efficient. You can choose from a range of models designed for standby and prime power use, so you shouldn’t struggle to find units that match your precise requirements.

As well as providing a selection of Perkins generators, we can supply weatherproof, sound attenuating enclosures to help ensure your power solutions are perfectly adapted to the environments you intend to use them in.

The large size of our factory also ensures that many of our gen sets are available immediately without any delay, meaning you don’t have to worry about long lead times. If you are interested in finding out more about these models, you can click on the links below to access detailed specifications. You can also get more information by contacting our specialists via live chat, email or phone. Our experts will be happy to provide you with advice to help you choose the right generator.

Key *SLT = Short Lead Time* | *CB = Custom Built Canopies* | *BTS = Built to specification*
Model Name Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Model Standard Alternator Standard Controller Open Fuel Tank Litres Canopied
Fuel Tank Litres
Noise Level dBA @ 1m
Stock / Lead times Price /
Spec Sheet
kVA kWe kVA kWe Open Enclosed
P33-13326.430241103C-33G1LL1014A01002T16116176.3SLTSLTClick here
P50-249.739.845361103C-33TG2LL2014C1002T21921975.3SLTSLTClick here
P65-2655260481104C-44TG2LL2014H1002T21921975.4SLTSLTClick here
P88-28870.480641104C-44TAG1LL2014LPowerWizard 125021976SLTSLTClick here
P110-211088100801104C-44TAG2LL3014BPowerWizard 125025080.4SLTSLTClick here
P150-21501201351081106C-E66TAG2LL3014FPowerWizard 134934977SLTSLTClick here
P200-22001601801441106C-E66TAG4LL5014FPowerWizard 135041877.7SLTSLTClick here
P220-12201762001601206C-E87TAG4LL5014FPowerWizard 135041880SLTSLTClick here
P2502502002301841306C-E87TAG4LL5014HPowerWizard 135055082.7SLTSLTClick here
P2752752202502201306C-E87TAG6LL5014JPowerWizard 135055082.7SLTSLTClick here
P400-14003203502802206C-E13TAG2LL6114BPowerWizard 186788780.5SLTSLTClick here
P450-14503604003202206C-E12TAG3LL6114DPowerWizard 186788780.7SLTSLTClick here
P500-15004004503602506C-E15TAG1LL6114DPowerWizard 192888779.2SLTSLTClick here
P550-15504405004002506C-E15TAG2LL6114FPowerWizard 192888779.4SLTSLTClick here
P605-16054845504402806C-E18TAG1LL6114GPowerWizard 11000115781.4SLTSLTClick here
P700-17005606355082806A-E18TAG2LL7024HPowerWizard 1115781.7SLTSLTClick here