Bulk Fuel Tanks

Bulk Fuel Tanks

If you require a basic bulk fuel storage solution or a fuel system as part of a wider project, your fuel tank will be fully integrated and maintained as part of the generator system. All our bulk fuel tanks are self bunded as standard, with the options of 'pipe in pipe' and duplex-pumped fuel feed and return systems. General fuel system specifications

  • Pressure tested plate steel construction
  • Corrosive resistant tank & fittings
  • Mechanical fuel level monitoring
  • Outer tank/bund, leak detection
  • Building management system integration
  • Remote warning & monitoring options
  • Fire safety systems, including fuel dumping
  • DEFRA compliant fuel tanks
  • Built to the British Standard for fuel storage
  • Single skin or steel bunded fuel tanks

Compact Storage

Capacity: 2,000 to 30,000 litres Steel Bunded fuel storage tank with locking fuel fill cabinet and locking links cabinet for electrical connections.

Bespoke Options

Bulk fuel tank: Control and filtering Bespoke options for Compact or Roller Shutter type fuel tanks, Options can include fuel filtering and remote management.

Roller Shutter Storage

Capacity: 10,000 to 50,000 litres UK specification bunded fuel storage tanks with locking roller shutter door, housing the fill point, fuel filters and electrical links etc.

High and low level monitoring is included as standard and can act as an early warning alarm in such events as low fuel level fuel tanker overfill and excess ingress to fluid to the bund area. Once connected to a building management system, all the data from the fuel tank sensors would be relayed to the control room for accurate, up to the second monitoring.