Acoustic Enclosures / Containers

acoustic solutions for diesel generator

The acoustic design and calculation of enclosures are two of the most important aspects of designing a generator housing. All structural calculations for steel, cladding, roofing and sub-structures are performed in-house at Advanced, allowing for effective and direct solution to meet your requirements.

Advanced soon recognised that the ability to produce bespoke designs afforded the opportunity to provide clients with solutions to problems that could previously not be solved by standard designs. The one size fits all solution is a things of the past, and the introduction and evolution of Advanced has changed the way clients look at their needs.

Because Advanced design and build all acoustic solutions in house, we have the expertise and flexibility to accommodate all shapes and sizes to suit even the most restrictive footprints and airflow requirements; whether that means a flat pack solutions to be assembled on site, roof mounted inlet or outlet attenuators, or taking air in from the sides of the container, Advanced will find a way that meets your requirements. Where height is an issue, Advanced can install a low profile, recessed box type silencer within the roof rather than a roof mounted cylindrical silencer system.

To minimise overall footprint of containerised multiple diesel generator systems; Advanced have completed several installations using stacked containers and bulk fuel storage tanks with access steps hand rails and platforms, saving space and cost on site.

As well as a need to develop more flexible spatial configurations, more and more there is a requirement to continually improve the noise reduction capabilities of generator housings. In the past, a standard noise level was between 80-85dBA at 1m, but as time has progressed a standard project is now approximately 10dBA quieter than that, and frequently 60dBA at 1m is required – that’s about as loud as a normal conversation between two people. With noise levels required on projects getting more and more quiet, Advanced has continued to improve through in house design, calculations, and innovation to develop new build methods and constructions to absorb the noise across all octave bands and meet even the most arduous specifications.

To meet the requirements of electrical contractors and aid installation on site, external cable link boxes or special gland arrangements can be provided both on containerised generators and standard canopied sets to facilitate the connection of incoming armoured cables.

All small light and power within a generator container is supplied by Advanced; this includes lighting with emergency battery backup, sockets and switches, a distribution board. All cabling is installed to the highest quality and housed in galvanised trunking and conduit. Additional electrical items can also be installed, such as heaters, fans, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fire detection panels, and intruder alarms.

Electrical fit-out services can also be provided for the installation of outsourced or free issued major components including Form 4 switchboards, distribution transformers and power conditioning equipment including associated containment systems protections and switchgear.

As well as acoustic packaging for generators, Advanced also produce bulk fuel storage tanks to keep your generators running. These can be standalone tanks, or belly tanks incorporated into the footprint of your generator container with direct connections through the base to the generator. All bulk tanks are self bunded and come complete with a bund alarm to give you peace of mind that your system is not going to leak. Advanced bulk tanks and transfer systems also include high and low level alarms, contents gauges, fill points, transfer pumps, and fill cabinets.