Acoustic Products

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustic design and calculation of enclosures are two of the most important aspects of designing a generator housings
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  • Custom Built Containers
  • The one size fits all solution was a things of the past, and the introduction and evolution of Advanced changed the way clients looked at their needs.
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  • Switchgear Enclosures
  • All modular solutions are robust, secure, and designed specifically for the best functionality of your essential equipment
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  • Offshore Containers
  • Offshore Containers are built to provide weather protection and silenced containment for a series of fire pumps
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  • Bulk Fuel Tanks
  • All our bunded fuel tanks are double skinned as standard, with the options of 'pipe in pipe' and duplex-pumped fuel feed and return systems.
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  • Plant Room Ventilation
  • We offer a full range of noise control products that can be used either independently or as part of a complete engineered solution.
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  • UPS Enclsoures
  • Our UPS enclosures provide a safe environment for your UPS systems to operate no matter the environment.
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  • Acoustic Doors
  • Materials used for a single and double door and door frame include galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
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  • Acoustic Louvres
  • Our acoustic louvres are multi-purpose, permitting air to flow, whilst shielding the environment from unwanted noise.
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  • Motorised & Gravity Louvres
  • Our Gravity louvres are designed to counteract any equipment that may be sensitive to dust, by using automated pressure relief blades.
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  • Weather Louvres
  • All our weather louvres at ADVANCED are designed and built in galvanised steel and zintec steel, as standard.
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  • Splitter Attenuators
  • ADVANCED manufacture splitter attenuators to meet the client specification and achieve the required noise level for a generator installation.
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