Bespoke Containers


We soon recognised that our ability to produce bespoke designs afforded us the opportunity to provide clients with solutions previously unavailable, placing silenced generators into existing buildings and spaces, which historical “standard” enclosures of a pre-determined design didn’t fit. The one size fits all solution was a things of the past, and the introduction and evolution of Advanced changed the way clients looked at their needs.

We have the expertise and flexibility to build enclosures of all shapes and sizes which can be designed to be positioned in tight spaces, or on occasion, need to be “flat packed” for delivery, where installation constraints preclude delivery of a pre-constructed assembly.

As time progressed, so did the demand to improve the noise reduction capability of generating sets, and the normal requirement is now between 70-75dBA at 1 metre, and often as low as 60dBA at 1 metre, in simple terms, the noise of a normal conversation between 2 people.

With these advances, not only were design engineers required, but also, acoustic engineers, capable of providing calculations showing the differing noise levels across the octave bands to confirm the overall noise output prior to commencing the build, and capable of being tested against on completion of the enclosure build.

Word of the solutions provided by Advanced soon spread, and today, acoustic enclosures are also built for a variety of other clients who require their own equipment silencing, be they diesel generators, gas generators, or large offshore fire pumps.