Advanced Power Box - Up to 1000kVA

Acoustic Doors

The ADE Power Box is a 6,058mm (20') modified ISO container. The design is universal, allowing for a wide range of generators to be installed. The acoustic properties of the container can lower the noise levels of an installed generator by up to 40dB(A)**.

PB20-XT (Right) - For generators up to 1000kVA. The XT has extra noise attenuation for larger gen-sets.

PB20 (Below) - For generators up to 800kVA.

Main features of the PB-20 (Up to 800kVA)

1 - Emergency stop button

2 - Sound proof door with slam fastener

3 - Air outlet

4 - Fuel feed and return for optional external fuel tank connections

5 - Cable entry point with aluminium gland

6 - Air inlet

7 - ISO standard twist lock for lifting etc.

The standard fuel storage tank in both the PB20 and PB20-XT is a 500 litre, single walled fuel tank mounted inside the container with an internal fill point.

An extensive range of custom options are available for the ADE PB20 and PB20-XT.

Advanced Power Box Advanced Power Box
Advanced Power Box Layout

    1 - 1185mm (3' 11") Extra attenuation pod for PB20XT

    2 - External dual pass silencer for PB20XT

    3 - 5FT 240v Fluorescent light along inner wall each side

    4 - Lighting switch conduit, each side

    5 - Internal lighting switch, each side

    6 - Internal consumer unit

    7 - Optional external cable connection cabinet, can be mounted either side

    8 - Internal baffle

    If you require a containerised system for a generator over 1000kVA, please visit the containerised generators page.

    ** Noise levels will vary depending on the size and model of the generator installed.