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The Necessity for Reliable Back-up Power in an Agricultural Setting Intensifies

The UK’s combined agricultural industries are enormous, taking up nearly 70% of the country’s total land area, and employing nearly half a million Britons. Although not all of this is actual farming (livestock production makes up a substantial fraction of those numbers, especially in the South West), there are more than 200,000 individual farm holdings throughout the UK, ranging from as small as 20 hectares to larger industrial farms of hundreds of hectares each.

Changing Face of Agriculture

The face of British farming is slowly changing. There is a small degree of movement away from pure bulk crop production to specialty farming and agriculture, especially organic and hand-crafted foods which command a higher price at the farm gate.

One thing that is not changing, however, is the local and export market’s reliance on a dependable, reliable food supply, and the industries that get those stocks to market. All of these industries are in turn dependent on the steady supply of electrical power. Today, when the power grid is becoming ever more dependent on less reliable yet greener sources of power (wind, solar, etc.), the agricultural industry is more interested than ever in backup power systems. Farming in the UK is becoming more dependent on clean diesel generator systems than ever.

The simple fact is that Britain cannot import enough food to feed everyone, even if we could afford it. A power cut – even one of a short duration – can harm livestock, damage hothouse crops, threaten the economic viability of individual farms, and cause frozen or refrigerated products to spoil before they ever make it to the consumers. It is clear that an unreliable power grid can have a huge impact on domestic food production.

Diesel Generators

A Solution is Available

Power cuts and damaged lines can have an even more severe impact on rural farms and agricultural businesses, especially those located farther north. The more rural and isolated the setting is, the more miles of vulnerable cable stand between the farms and the nearest power station, and the longer it can take for power to be restored.

Farms and agriculture-based businesses of all kinds need clean, efficient and inexpensive backup power solutions that they can depend on in a pinch. A good diesel generator or back-up power genset can turn a disaster into a minor inconvenience. It isn’t an expensive luxury, but rather an absolute economic necessity.

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