Blackouts expected in UK due to Brexit

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power cables being laid in the north sea between Britain and France

What does Brexit mean for UK Power Supply?

Brexit is happening, but what are the implications for the UK's power supply? one things for sure; we'll need outside help...but where from and at what risk?

Current Backup Power

Much of mainland Europe relies heavily on Gas pipelines from Russia and while the UK is far less dependent on Russia for their gas the UK still imports a fair old chunk of our power supply from the mainland via undersea cables from France across the North Sea, Holland and Ireland. On many occasions in the past the only assurance for the UK preventing power cuts has been the supply provided by the Eurozone! With Brexit negotiations about to begin the already volatile situation has the potential to get much worse. Plans to begin work on a new under-sea cable between Britain and France which will double our import potential which is due to become operational within two years will increase our dependency meaning any future difficulties we have with our European counterparts potentially could end up with blackouts for millions of UK citizens!

Increased Dependency

The UK government states and expects that almost a quarter of our future power will arrive via these undersea cables by 2025 the EU controls the supply of that electricity throughout Europe via an EU Agency named ACER - The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

When the UK does enter into talks with the EU one thing is for sure...our power supply is a fundamental and should be high on the agenda, whatever happens we'll need to rely on others and that will bring an element of uncertainty no matter who is our chosen partner.

If Brexit negotiations do not go to plan the UK could be heading for winters of uncertain power supply

Advanced has got Your Back...

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