ICA issues winter power cut warning


Electricity is the lifeblood of the vast majority of businesses, so bosses around the country will no doubt be concerned by a recent warning issued by the Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA). In a briefing document entitled Lights Out!, the group, which represents 60 local authorities, suggested that the closure of a number of major power stations could leave the UK at risk of power cuts this winter.

The organisation highlighted the fact that five of the country’s 10 remaining large coal-fired power stations are scheduled for partial or full closure this spring. These include Longannet in Fife, Eggborough and Ferrybridge in Yorkshire, Rugeley in Staffordshire and Fiddlers Ferry in Cheshire.

Removal of 7,000 MW of capacity

According to the ICA, the full or partial removal of these stations could take as much as 7,000 MW of capacity out of the UK’s grid. This represents a tenth of the country’s entire electricity capacity.

In a statement, the ICA remarked: “The problem - and it is a problem for every electricity consumer in the country - is that if all these closures go ahead, there won’t be enough generating capacity to keep the lights on next winter.” It claimed that the drop in supply leaves Britain “perilously exposed” to any plant breakdowns, cold spells that add to demand, planned outages that overrun and calm spells of weather that reduce the output from wind turbines.

The group suggested that if the government wants to prevent shortfalls in power, it must act quickly to invite tenders for extra capacity of at least 2,500 MW. It also urged the Treasury to reconsider the level of carbon tax on energy generation.

Further closures?

The briefing went on to draw attention to the possible risks posed to the five remaining coal-fired power stations, questioning how long the Cottam, Drax, Ratcliffe, Aberthaw and West Burton facilities can last before they are also proposed for closure.

Taking control

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