How much will losing power cost your business? A Backup Generator from ADVANCED will prevent the inevitable.

How Will Your Industry Cope Against Possible Power Cuts?

How Will Power Cuts Affect UK Industries

As more and more of the UK’s power grid is fed with renewable energy sources and older coal-fuelled power plants are being decommissioned, businesses around the country are realising that the possibility of widespread power cuts is increasing. Here are some of the ways a power cut could affect different UK industries – unless they secure a backup power supply such as a reliable, clean-burning diesel generator.


Fabrication in the manufacturing industry

A power cut to a manufacturing facility can halt production instantly. It could also cause machinery to break down ore require emergency maintenance, and could result in a substantial loss of material and unproductive worker time. This can cascade into shortages and stoppages throughout entire supply chains in today’s lean economy. Instantly available backup power via diesel gensets can prevent all or most of this loss.

Financial Services

Financial services industry

Financial services companies rely on steady, reliable electrical power more than almost any other. Not a penny can move through today’s electronic financial institutions without the lights and computers on, after all. In an industry where millions can be made or lost in seconds, the cost of even a day without power could be incalculable.

IT and Software Services

IT and software services industry

Whilst some of these may profit for setting the results of their clients’ power cuts right, losing power to their own offices and facilities results in huge losses of billable hours, and the strong possibility of having to reimburse clients for services not rendered. It is even possible that unreliable power systems could harm their own servers or data systems. With this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why the IT industry is so heavily reliant upon diesel backup power, and why those who have not yet made the investment are more worried than ever about the state of the power grid.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Big Pharma relies heavily on continuous, uninterrupted power not just for the production of their products but also to store them at low, stable temperatures. A few hours without power – and without a backup diesel genset – can destroy not just the product in production but everything in the warehouse. That wont just cost millions, it could cost lives.

Port, Rail and Road Traffic Control Centres

Road, rail and transport industries UK

Modern shipping, transport and logistics all rely on swift, accurate communications and extensive computer support to keep the very lifeblood of Britain’s economy moving. A power cut at a control hub (without a reliable backup power genset) could strand passengers, delay shipments or even cause a loss of life through accident or collision.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Medical Industry

Today’s large hospitals almost all rely on on-site diesel gensets for their primary or back-up power because the results of even a momentary power cut would be horrific. The lights simply cannot be allowed to go out in an operating theatre, and the equipment that keeps so many people breathing is too important to trust to any one source of power.

A Solution is Here!

Power cuts, spikes, surges and brownouts cost the UK economy tens or hundreds of millions of pounds every year already. With the grid set to become ever more temperamental (though, admittedly, much greener), it isn’t hard to see why so many are investing in their own continued future by putting reliable, instantly available backup power systems in place now – before a power cut costs them their business.

Blog published by Advanced Diesel Engineering on December 6, 2016