UK Winter Power Cuts

Downed Power Lines Due to Snow in Winter

UK Winter Power Outages

Without a doubt, winter is already in the air for most of the UK. Especially in the north, the cold weather is starting, and the prospect of snow – both delightful and disruptive – is on our minds.

Relax! A Solution is here!

However, you don’t need to take the risk. Rather than more business insurance, put your business’ future into your own hands by arranging reliable backup power and uninterrupted power supplied for all of your critical systems with a diesel generator.

Beating the Weather, and Staying Productive – Back-up power Generators

Twice in as many months – in September and October of this year, we have seen severe storms batter our shores (and far inland as well), causing deaths, massive property damage and disruption of the travel and power infrastructures we rely on every day. Of course, heavy snow causes traffic to grind to a halt and causes substantial economic losses wherever it occurs. However, one of the most disruptive aspects of winter weather is the way it can cause failures of the power grid.
The effects only get worse when ice and snow weigh down trees and power lines, sometimes cutting regions off from power for days at a time. More often the lines can be repaired quickly, but even a disruption of a few hours can have catastrophic effects for affected businesses, often negating entire days of work.

When a major storm hits your area, one of the first things you need to consider is whether the lights will stay on at your business. The power grid can be delicate at times, and one fallen tree can destroy days of work, even if it is miles away.

There might not be much you can do to combat the threat of flooding or of your workers not being able to physically get in to work, but luckily these extremes are fairly rare. You can, however, take steps to mitigate or eliminate the effects of power cuts on your business. Businesses across the UK rely on back-up power generators, both static and portable, for their power needs when the national grid fails them. A good stand-by diesel generator will be ready to go at a moment’s notice, and many will start up automatically when they detect a drop in supplied power. This can be a critical advantage, especially if you have delicate electronic or mechanical equipment that don’t take well to being shut down unexpectedly, or in the middle of a production run!

We sell the majority of our diesel back-up power systems in the wake of major storms. Business owners and even some homeowners who have experienced long duration power cuts never want to do so again. Take a cue from them, and save yourself that negative experience. Get your genset installed before the storm season really sets in!

Diesel Generators for Power Cuts

There are many types, sizes and capacities of diesel generators to choose from. You can install a single large unit which can cover the entire power needs of your business or facility, or you could opt to install several smaller units in parallel. The second option offers flexibility and added reliability in the form of redundancy, but it can take up more space.

Your back-up power system can include an automatic transfer switch set-up which will constantly monitor the state of the power grid, and start your generators up the instant a problem is detected. The automatic transfer equipment of course also disconnects your equipment form the grid, but continues to monitor it. Once the grid starts supplying power again, the generators shut themselves off safely, transferring your load back to the grid – but remaining always ready to start up again if needed.

Blog published by Advanced Diesel Engineering on November 21, 2018