CAT 1100kVA Diesel Generator

CAT can trace its industry lineage back over 90 years. Following its acquisition of Perkins, it became the largest distributor of diesel generators in the world. This kind of pedigree is hard to come by and its C32 series (of which the CAT 1100kVA diesel generator is a part) clearly demonstrates the vast experience and knowledge the manufacturer has.

Reliable, durable and rugged, there aren’t many 4-stroke engines that are able to compete with the 1100kVA. Field tested in a wide range of deployments, this generator set offers fuel economy and reliable and consistent power generation at all times. This is in part thanks to CAT’s electrical and mechanical design process, which involves rigorous testing at maximum load before generators are permitted to leave the ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities in which they are produced.

CAT recognises that no two power needs are alike. As such, it provides extensive options to customise its generator sets - from ranges of bolt-on expansions to numerous accessories.

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CAT C321100 Diesel Generator
CAT C321100 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 1100kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1000kVA
Engine C321
Alternator 1402

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