CAT 1750kVA Diesel Generator

As a global leader in power generation, Caterpillar creates products that offer the very best in quality and design. The CAT 1750kVA is a cost-effective diesel generator that is durable, highly customisable and exceptionally dependable.

The CAT 1750kVA boasts a four-stroke-cycle diesel engine that gives outstanding efficiency in a product that has been meticulously tested and field-proven across a wide range of applications the world over. Its SR5 generator features industry-leading motor starting capabilities and impressive mechanical and electrical design.

In terms of performance, practicality goes hand in hand with usability and its easy-to-use interface and the wide range of available system expansion tools make it highly customisable and suitable for almost any application.

With its reliability, excellent fuel economy and minimal weight, this diesel generator delivers clean power that is both consistent and economically sound. All major components are tested individually, while each finished unit is stress-tested at over 100% of rated load.

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CAT 3512B1750 Diesel Generator
CAT 3512B1750 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 1750kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1600kVA
Engine 3512B
Alternator 1602

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