CAT 3000kVA Diesel Generator

Caterpillar have been designing and engineering products for nearly 100 years with a focus on exceptional quality, remarkable dependability and a robustness that allows for numerous rebuilds, alongside easy serviceability and reparability. The 3000kVA diesel generator offers all of the qualities you would expect to find in a CAT generator in a product that has been tested in a vast range of real-world applications across the globe.

The integrated control platform is a scalable system that offers management and diagnostic tools. It has been designed to offer reliable generator use and to provide extensive details concerning engine operation and power output. This EMCP4 system can be expanded and customised to meet your current or changing needs via expansion modules and additional programming, while a full range of bolt-on attachments are available to guarantee complete flexibility all round.

Highly efficient with low emissions and low operating costs, this versatile power generation solution gives a huge amount of freedom for both installation and deployment and features a C175-16 diesel engine with advanced electrical control.

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CAT C175-163000 Diesel Generator
CAT C175-163000 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 3000kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 2725kVA
Engine C175-16
Alternator 1866

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