CAT 3100kVA Diesel Generator

The CAT 3100kVA comes equipped with a C175-16 four-stroke diesel engine that combines matchless performance with superior fuel economy. It features advanced electronic engine control and minimal initial and ongoing costs, and recent innovations have also ensured that while the product’s capability remains high, emissions have been significantly reduced.

The 3100kVA benefits from a CAT SR5 generator that has been designed to perfectly match the particular output and performance properties of Caterpillar engines. With a single of point of access to accessory connections, UL 1446 Recognized Class H insulation and an expandable system built for open-ended versatility, this unit offers exceptional usability at every end of the spectrum.

CAT generators have been field-tested thousands of times in a range of settings and this meticulous testing combined with extensive after sales support ensures total peace of mind for those looking to utilise a diesel generator for industrial applications. Flexible packaging options are also available to ensure any spatial or environmental requirements can be effectively dealt with.

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CAT C175-163000 Diesel Generator
CAT C175-163000 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 3100kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 2825kVA
Engine C175-16
Alternator 1868

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