FG Wilson 150kVA Diesel Generator

FG Wilson has a strong pedigree in diesel engines and in the 80 plus years since the company’s founding, it has developed an impressive range of high speed diesel generator sets. After it became a subsidiary of Caterpillar in 1997, FG Wilson - already synonymous with a wide variety of agricultural and industrial diesel generators - was able to combine its impressive pedigree with an extensive service network on offer from CAT.

The 1106 range 150kVA generator is an exceptional six cylinder engine capable of deployment for a selection of power hungry, critical applications in agriculture, construction or industry. Not only is it rugged and reliable while meeting emissions standards, it is also compatible with the 1200 Series FG Wilson engines, offering the potential of an easy transition to even more powerful engines as your business grows.

Whatever stage of the buying process you’re at, whether you need information on any of our ranges of CAT, FG Wilson or Cummins diesel generator sets, or you want to find out more about prices, you can give our team of experts a call or an email to help you power through the process.

FG Wilson P150-2 Diesel Generator
FG Wilson P150-2 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 150kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 135kVA
Engine 1106C-E66TAG2
Alternator LL3014F

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