Mitsubishi Diesel Generators Available Ex Stock

Drawing on nearly 150 years of engineering experience, Mitsubishi creates some of the most robust, adaptable and efficient generators on the market. So, if you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective power solution, our selection of Mitsubishi generators could be ideal. We offer gen sets with a wide range of features and should have exactly what you need.

To complete your generator, we offer bespoke enclosures that can be sound attenuated and weatherproofed to suit your environmental requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a system for emergency standby or prime power, these gen sets could be perfect. If you would like to discover more about them, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist team. We are available by phone or email, or you can reach us via live chat. You can also get further details on our generators by clicking on the specification sheets listed below.

Key *SLT = Short Lead Time* | *CB = Custom Built Canopies* | *BTS = Built to specification* | *DOA = Different Options Available
Model Name Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Model Standard Alternator Standard Controller Open Fuel Tank Litres Canopied
Fuel Tank Litres
Noise Level dBA @ 1m
Stock / Lead times Price /
Spec Sheet
kVA kWe kVA kWe Open Enclosed
670 T5738590670536S6R2 PTADOADOA300BSBSSLTBSClick here
765 T5836669761609S6R2 PTAADOADOA300BSBSSLTBSClick here
780 T5853682775620S12A2 PTADOADOA350BSBSSLTBSClick here
920 T51006805916733S12H PTADOADOA350BSBSSLTBSClick here
1030 T511108881030824S12H PTADOADOA350BSBSSLTBSClick here
1260 T51350108012601008S12R PTADOADOA400BSBSSLTBSClick here
1390 T51500120013821196S12R PTA2DOADOA400BSBSSLTBSClick here
1530 T51660132815231218S12R PTAA2DOADOA400BSBSSLTBSClick here
1550 T51660132815491239S12R F1PTAW2DOADOA400BSBSSLTBSClick here
1745 T51900152017361289S16R PTADOADOA450BSBSSLTBSClick here
1900 T52035162818921514S16R PTA2DOADOA450BSBSSLTBSClick here
2030 T52250180020211617S16R PTAA2DOADOA450BSBSSLTBSClick here
2080 T52260180020801664S16R F1PTAW2DOADOABSBSBSSLTBSClick here
2295 T52480198422931834S16R2 PTAWDOADOABSBSBSSLTBSClick here