MTU Diesel Generators Available Ex Stock

With an excellent range of MTU diesel generators from 17kVA to 3000kVA, we can supply whatever you need. Our extensive factory allows us to hold a comprehensive inventory of generators in stock, meaning that in many cases your generator will be immediately available without the long lead times that are frequent with other suppliers.

Key *SLT = Short Lead Time* | *CB = Custom Built Canopies* | *BTS = Built to specification* | *DOA = Different Options Available
Model Name Standby Rating Prime Rating Engine Model Standard Alternator Standard Controller Open Fuel Tank Litres Canopied
Fuel Tank Litres
Noise Level dBA @ 1m
Stock / Lead times Price /
Spec Sheet
kVA kWe kVA kWe Open Enclosed
DS1000100080091072816V2000G16FLSA 50.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS11001100880100080016V2000G76FLSA 50.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS1400140011201250100018V2000G76FLSA 50.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS1650165013601550124012V4000G23LSA 51.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS1750180014401659132012V4000G23LSA 51.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS2000200016401850148012V4000G63LSA 51.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS2250230018802150172016V4000G23LSA 51.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS2500260020802250188016V4000G63LSA 51.2DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS2650270023202600208020V4000G23LSA 53.1DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS3100310025602850232020V4000G63LSA 54DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here
DS3200340027203100248020V4000G63LLSA 54DOABTSBTSBTSSLTCBClick here