MTU 1250kVA Diesel Generator

There are few manufacturers of diesel generators that can claim a better pedigree than the century of excellence brought to each MTU power solution. The company’s 100 years of expertise ensures its generators are among the very best available.

The 1250kVA MTU diesel generator is no exception. This highly reliable power solution offers optimised system integration, long maintenance intervals and a wide operating range with no derating, making it suitable – at premium efficiency – for a host of applications.

With optional accessories and extras available, including those for the control panel, circuit breaker, canopy, container, fuel system, exhaust system and more, this engine is also fantastically customisable. Its wide variety of add-ons ensure the MTU 1250kVA is perfect for an array of users.

If you are not sure which diesel generator best matches your needs, or you would like a few additional details to help you make an informed choice, contact one of our expert team today. We are available online or by phone and are happy to help.

MTU DS1250 Diesel Generator
MTU DS1250 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 1250kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1135kVA
Engine 16V2000G86F
Alternator LSA 50.2

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