MTU 1650kVA Diesel Generator

Few diesel generator manufacturers have the extensive pedigree of MTU. This company brings over 100 years of excellence and innovation to its products.

The 1650kVA MTU diesel generator is a classic case in point. This gen set is a supremely reliable power solution and is suitable, at premium efficiency, for a variety of applications – with a wide operating range with no derating, optimised system integration ability and long maintenance intervals.

As a result, few deployments are beyond the scope of this highly versatile 1650kVA engine. You can choose from a number of optional accessories available for the control panels, circuit breakers, canopy, fuel systems, container, exhaust systems and much more. This ensures that, if it’s not already perfect for your needs, this gen set can be made so.

Our experts are always on hand to offer information – whether you need guidance to ensure you choose the right engine or simply require a few additional details on specific gen sets. You can contact us by online form, live chat, email or phone. We’re happy to help.

MTU DS1650 Diesel Generator
MTU DS1650 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 1650kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1550kVA
Engine 12V4000G23
Alternator LSA 51.2

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