MTU 1750kVA Diesel Generator

MTU brings over a century of engineering innovation and excellence to diesel generator manufacturing. Its commitment to quality and efficiency helps ensure that the firm’s gen sets meet and exceed users’ expectations.

The 1750kVA is fantastically reliable power solution and is suitable, at premium efficiency, for a wide variety of possible prime and emergency standby applications.

There is, as a result, little beyond the reach of this versatile 1750kVA engine – with optional accessories readily available for control panels, circuit breakers, canopy, fuel systems, exhaust systems, containers and more, providing a high level of customisation potential.

If you think this gen set may be the perfect match for your power needs, contact us by online form, live chat, phone or email to speak to one of our expert staff and find out more. We’re happy to help, whether you just need a few extra details or you’re after complete guidance through the selection of your diesel generator.

MTU DS1750 Diesel Generator
MTU DS1750 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 1750kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 1659kVA
Engine 12V4000G23
Alternator LSA 51.2

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