MTU 3100kVA Diesel Generator

Bringing the defining characteristics of the Rolls Royce brand to the manufacture of diesel generators, MTU has been pushing the boundaries of power solution manufacture for over a century.

The MTU 3100kVA gen set is no exception. Its deployment potential is extensive, with the vast majority of bases easily covered. From standby power all the way through to mission critical power, this diesel generator easily combines reliability, optimised system integration ability, long maintenance intervals and high performance with a broad operating range and zero derating.

If the 3100kVA MTU generator isn’t already the ideal power solution for your needs, the gen set is eminently customisable with a variety of accessories available. You can customise everything from the fuel and exhaust systems to the circuit breaker, control panel, container and canopy.

If you’re curious about a generator set’s specifications or you need advice to help you find the diesel generator that best fits your practical requirements, you can contact our team of special

MTU DS3100 Diesel Generator
MTU DS3100 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 3100kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 2850kVA
Engine 20V4000G63
Alternator LSA 54

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