Perkins 110kVA Diesel Generator

At the point at which Perkins became a subsidiary partner of the Caterpillar group in 1997, it had already amassed an impressive 60 years of engineering expertise. Now, over 80 years on from its founding in Peterborough, the Perkins brand is synonymous with the provision of diesel generators across industry and agriculture. Combining the best of what Perkins and its parent company have to offer, the Perkins range of 1104, four cylinder engines offer low consumption of oil and fuel as well as a 500-hour service interval, providing engines that can run and run.

Ideal for most applications in agriculture or heavy industry - from backhoe loaders, tractors, forklifts trench, diggers and more - the Perkins 110kVA diesel generator is also compatible with parts from across the 1100 series, providing scope for upgrades.

A Perkins ElectropaK engine comes as standard with the 110kVA and is an engine that consistently sets the bar for prime and standby power generation for the industry. During operation, the 4.4 litre engine remains quiet and smooth, even at high ambient temperatures.

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Perkins P110-2 Diesel Generator
Perkins P110-2 Enclosed Diesel Generator
Stand-by 110kVA Click here for full Specification
Prime 100kVA
Engine 1104C-44TAG2
Alternator LL3014B

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