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Our wide range of high-quality brand new diesel, & gas generators can power just about any need you may have, from 6 kVA single phase silent home generators to 3000 kVA three phase industrial open generators and everything inbetween.

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Our wide range of electric generator sets can cover just about any need you might have. If you’re in the process of choosing a set of your own, it’s important to know the key differences between them. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. With so many on offer and different variations between them all, it can be hard to know where to start. This article will educate you on our vast selection of machines and the models we offer in each category. Most importantly, you'll know which of them will be best for you and your power generation needs.

These days, more and more people are coming to the realisation that generators can serve a real purpose and benefit them in a variety of ways. If that’s the situation you’re in, you’ve come to the right place because our range is second to none. You’ll find the best models which you can rely on and use without problems for many years to come.

Besides the comprehensive range of units we offer, we also have a wide range of extras and customisation options that you can take advantage of. For example, you might want a modified canopy or acoustic enclosure to protect your new genset. Or even an extended fuel tank to keep it running continuously for longer periods of time. We also offer bund trays, fitted distribution boards and plenty more. If you require any more information on the units we supply or the customisations available, get in touch with our sales team to discuss your generator requirements. They can be contacted via email at, via phone on +44 1977 657 982, or via our live chat.

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Single Phase Portable Options

Single phase machines tend to be smaller, and our portable suitcase options certainly fit that bill. Single phase means that the alternator produces one single voltage which alternates continuously. Our portable single phase units are compact, lightweight and highly convenient. Many of them can be pulled along thanks to integrated wheels and others are light enough to simply pick up and carry by hand. There are lots of them in our store, which suit many different applications.

We have a range of different portable gensets on offer. Some are diesel powered and others petrol powered. The petrol generator options include the lightweight and affordable Pramac PX4000, the easy to carry Pramac E4000 and the 2 kVA Pramac P2000i inverter generator with a Yamaha engine. There’s also the Pramac E3250 model, which is easy to use with a simple design and professional performance. Then there’s our range of diesel options such as the Pramac P4500 with a key start system and 3.5 kVA prime output. The Pramac P6000s also features a diesel engine and is highly portable thanks to its handle bar and integrated wheels.

If you're measuring up your requirements in kilowatts (kW), the formula for converting kW to kVA can be found in our Guide to kVA. To briefly explain the difference between kW and kVA, kilowatts are a measure of 'actual power' and are the amount of power that is converted into an output by an electrical system. Whereas kVA is a measure of 'apparent power', which is the total amount of power being used by a system (as electrical systems are not 100% efficient and not all of the apparent power is being converted into a useful work output).

These portable options are useful in multiple scenarios. In particular, they’re perfect for use around the home and garden for applications such as powering tools. Small businesses can also rely on them for working on-site or out and about. Anyone who enjoys camping and caravanning knows the importance of having access to power. A portable option such as the ones mentioned above offer the ideal power solution. Any situation in which power is needed on-the-go requires one of these single phase portable units. If you think you could benefit from one too, browse our options or give us a call, and ask about out free next day delivery service.

You will benefit in all kinds of ways from using these models. They’re very light and easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store one. These are all small enough to be stored pretty much anywhere you might need. And you’ll never be in a situation where you don’t have access to the power you require. Whether you’re trimming the hedges or going camping trip in the woods. They make life so much easier than it might otherwise be in such situations.

Portable units are also popular within the rental and hire services market. However, as we cover in our event generator blog, generator hire can be ineffecient. For every 3-4 days of hiring a machine, you could've invested in one and recovered your money.

Three Phase Silent Diesel Options

Three phase diesel engine powered units are different to their single phase alternatives. This is due to how the electrical current is handled. It alternates the electrical current being generated by the magnetic field depending on the needs of the situation. It essentially offers a better power supply, making these extremely robust machines even more reliable and ideal for larger jobs. For example, as emergency backup power for business applications or powering homes in the event of a power outage. These have a larger footprint than portable power equipment and have to be installed in a fixed position on your land.

Silent generators are designed and built in a way to maximise the noise produced. If the noise becomes too much, you will find that open units are not suitable for residential settings. The point of enclosing the genset in a soundproof acoustic canopy is to make them useful in spots where noise needs to be kept down to a minimum. They can also be used by businesses that don’t want noise from standby generators to be distracting to staff or customers.

We have many different silent gensets available on our website, and they all offer something slightly different to their competitors. Pramac and Cummins' silent diesel ranges are both very popular, with one of the most sought after machines being the Cummins C22D5. It uses the Cummins X2.5G2 engine, and it’s known to be one of the best in the industry when it comes to generating electrical power. It features an easy to use PowerStart PS0500 control panel and has a prime output of 20 kVA (16 kW). The Pramac GSW30P silent diesel genset comes with a UK built Perkins engine. With a prime output of 30 kVA (24 kW), it’s a powerful model with a lot to offer for the price point.

Those are just some of the silent diesel models we offer, and there are plenty of others. Our collection ranges from 20 kVA all the way up to high-end options such as the Cummins C550D5e and the Pramac GSW550P. The main benefits associated with all these models is that they’re very reliable, durable and able to meet all your power needs.

Three Phase Open Diesel Options

Three phase open diesel sets work in the same way. Mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy the electrical current is handled the same. But the main difference is in how the engine performs and the noise that is produced. Because there is no canopy to provide sound protection, the noise is much louder. As a result, these options are much better for export and heavy duty commercial situations. They’re not suitable for use in residential areas where high noise levels would be an issue. This should all factor into your decision making when choosing the perfect unit for your requirements.

Open units are also a lot more powerful and costly than super silent alternatives. Their size and noise means that they’re used mostly in industrial settings in which it is crucial that systems remian online 24/7. Because of that, we only stock the most reliable models. It’s important that businesses can keep going when they’re relying on their backup power source. Cummins, Perkins & FG Wilson produce some of the most powerful and reliable open diesel gensets on the market, and we have plenty of them for you to browse on our website.

Cummins offer two models at the highest end of the scale. The C3000D5, which is capable of 3000 kVA standby, and the slightly less powerful C2750D5. These 4-cycle units are extremely reliable and are used by some of the largest companies and power stations in the world to provice backup power. Generators power key facilities such as data centres that require continuous power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are less powerful options that we also supply if you’re not looking for something quite as high-end. The Cummins C1675D5A is a very popular option that many people turn to when they need a reliable open diesel genset. It offers 1500 kVA prime, which is more than enough for most industrial requirements. At 640 kVA prime, there’s also the Cummins C700D5, which offers the reliability, convenience and high standards you’d expect from Cummins. It contains the Cummins VTA28 series engine, which is turbo-charged. If you want to find out more about this machine or want help choosing between the wide range of options we have, check the product details or get in touch with our customer service team direct.

Are you worried about issues with a loss of power? This can be a nightmare in your business or even in your home. Luckily, our range of products will provide the perfect power solution you need. These will ensure that your main systems continue to function or that your entire business can operate normally during a power cut.

Standby Power Diesel Options

If you are running a business, it is important that you can still function and operate during a power outage. Even a couple of hours of downtime could impact your levels of profitability and hit your business hard. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a standby power solution. These provide the peace of mind that you need to ensure that your business can continue to run completely unaffected by a break in power.

A standby diesel genset operates as a backup power source. And when paired with an automatic transfer switch, the unit will automatically kick in and take over when the main supply of power gets disrupted.

It is also beneficial when power returns. When this happens, the system will revert to standby mode. It will remain at this point until the next time there is an issue with your power supply in your home or business.

You’ll find that there are standby units for every type and size of business. You’re sure to be able to find one that matches your needs as well as your budget.

Standby Gas Generators UK

A power cut isn’t just frustrating in business, it can be a nuisance in your home too. If you have children, a loss of power can even be a dangerous situation. With a residential standby genset, you can avoid the issues here. You can make sure that the lights remain on and the security systems continue to function. In the winter, a backup gas unit could keep the heating running or ensure that the fridge freezer continues to function and keep food fresh.

With standby gas machines, there will only be a few seconds before your backup fires up. You don’t have to wait for hours for the power to return. Instead, you’ll have one of the only homes on your street where the lights remain on throughout the power cut. We offer a range of these products, including the Pramac GA8000. This provides a silent solution that runs on your home’s natural gas supply, and all for under £3000. It also comes with a digital controller ensuring that set up and operation is simple. The auto start feature also ensures that it is ready to be paired with an automatic transfer switch. Once it’s set up, it will be ready in an emergency.

Are you ready to order your backup power supply? Make sure that you take a look at our full range of products to find the right choice for your home or business today. Alternatively, contact us now and a friendly member of our customer service team will be happy to discuss your generator requirements and help you find the perfect solution.