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After finishing college I decided that University wasn’t for me and began to look at other opportunities. I then did a little bit of work experience in Business Administration and realised I enjoyed the role and from there I begun to look for vacancies within this area. An apprenticeship particularly appealed to me as the idea of getting paid whilst learning about the role and gaining a qualification was exactly what I was looking for. However, I personally believe apprenticeships are not advertised enough to young people as another opportunity other than University. Whilst I have been an apprentice I have loved coming to work every day, learning new things about the role and creating a platform for myself in a job that I am really enjoying. My apprenticeship also offers many opportunities to progress within the company which was exactly what I wanted when I was searching for an apprenticeship.
Abi Williams – Business Admin Apprentice

I decided to become an apprentice so that I could gain eperience in the job that I was interested in whilst earning money. I’ve learnt a lot in doing my apprenticeship and have enjoyed it. I hope in the future this will benefit me as I will have the skills required for the job I want to do and be able to continue this line of work.
Jonathan Roper – Design Apprentice

I decided to become an apprentice for a few reasons. One being, that, it’s a no-brainer really because you can learn the same information and receive the same qualifications, while getting paid. People may think that college is an easy option, because they may not be ready for full-time work. But if you find something that you enjoy doing, work doesn’t have to be something you dread in a morning. Apprenticeships also give you something full-time learning can’t. Work experience. By being an apprentice, you get the opportunity to work in the industry while you learn. This will benefit you greatly in the future, by having years of experience in the field, it will look great on your CV and to future employers. So as they say, get in, go far.
Elliott Richmond - Design Apprentice

The reason I became an apprentice is because I had the benefit to earn whilst I learn, learn new practical skills and new ways of doing different tasks. Also to earn my performing engineering operations level 2 and electrical engineering/installation level 3 qualifications. My apprenticeship experience has been educating I have learned a lot of new techniques and different components and what each component does. I have also benefit from hands on work experience, as this will help me with my future career prospects.
Jordan McIlwrick – Electrical Apprentice

I decided to become an apprentice because I can earn money whilst still in education. The positives to being an apprentice are:

  • Having a job that I enjoy
  • I can gain qualifications whilst working
  • Starting a career
  • Learning new skills everyday
  • Work place experience
  • Getting paid to go to college one day a week
  • Not getting used as a labourer and actually helping with fabrication
  • Learning on the job and not all theory
  • Working as a team

I would suggest an apprenticeship to anyone who isn’t sure about full time education. Apprenticeships help gain vital work experience which will benefit you in the future.
Tom Webster/Harrison Morgan – Welding Apprentices

I decided to become an apprentice because you can earn while you’re learning and not only that there are loads more benefits such as introducing you to the working environment, you may learn how to act in a workplace at college but it doesn’t compare to experiencing it first-hand. Another benefit is once you have finished your apprenticeship, if you chose to make move on into full time employment you have a better chance of getting employed as you have work experience.
Ellis Bainbridge – Welding Apprentice

I became an apprentice because I’m a person that likes to be active all the time and there is no better feeling than earning money at the same time as learning a trade. I wouldn’t like to be stuck in college 3 days a week either. The benefits of being an apprentice are you can earn and learn at the same time, you get to mix with different people which helps with the understanding of different work mates. Another benefit of being an apprentice is that you get to learn a lot more on the job.
Tyler Down – Welding Apprentice

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