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Do you know YOUR potential?

We are looking to help young people forge a career with a support network and opportunities to learn the skills you need, together with the qualifications to establish yourself?

A family run firm, we are enthusiastic in developing people who are keen to succeed. Working closely with Wakefield College and other training providers we aim to ensure our apprentices have the best opportunities. We offer a range of apprenticeships, working either on our manufacturing floor with or within our offices, all located at our factory in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire. Dependant on the type of apprenticeship there may be a requirement to attend college 1 day a week or work with a college assessor within the work place on prearranged visits.

If you are motivated, focused and keen to start work then we are here for you!

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If you are interested in working at ADVANCED, then download the apprenticeship profiles, and find the one that would work for you, apply online with a CV and start experiencing the buzz of the workplace.

Wakefield College

Working with Wakefield College has helped a large number of our apprentices, they have a wide range of courses and apprenticeships available in West Yorkshire the link below will take you to their site and details of them and their courses, you never know next year it could be you accepting an award!

Our Award Winning Apprenticeship Scheme
Success Demands Motivation

Following our success over the last 2 years we and working with Wakefield College, we plan to go from strength to strength. Our aim is to provide a successful and valuable support scheme for our apprentices, ensuring that their development and requirements are met as well as adding value to the company. Within the scheme all of our apprentices work with an in-house mentor and are encouraged to take ownership of their own projects and roles, developing their confidence and abilities. Our mentors are experienced within their own fields and are not only there to support, but to ensure their valuable knowledge is successfully passed on to these young people. These alliances are guaranteeing our future and every ones enthusiasm is a credit to them and an inspiration to the company.

Start as you mean to go on 2017

In 2017 ADVANCED were fortunate enough to be nominated again by Wakefield College, this time for Large Employer of the Year 2017. Again named as finalists, the Award Ceremony was held at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the 6th March 2017. Coco Cola Partnerships were among the finalists in our category, and with such impressive blue chip competition we attended the ceremony just happy to have reached the finals. When ADVANCED were named as the winner of Large Employer of the Year 2017, it was with shock and immense pride that our Q E & Apprenticeship Manager Lynda Holbrey and two engineering apprentices Tom Webster and Ellis Bainbridge, were able to accept the award from his honour the Mayor of Wakefield, Councillor Harry Ellis. This has been a fantastic year for us and we aim to go from strength to strength, but I am sure you will agree that to attain this sort of recognition it is a team effort, Well done everyone!

What a start to 2016

In March 2016 Wakefield College held their first Apprenticeship awards and ADVANCED were fortunate to be nominated in the category of New Employer of the Year. In these same awards Tom Webster, one of our engineering apprentices, was also nominated for an award. He and ADVANCED were named as finalists in our respective categories and at the Awards Ceremony ADVANCED were announced as the winners of New Employer of the Year. Tom together with our General Manager Kevin Bell were both there to proudly accept the award on our behalf. Tom was a runner up in his category, but did extremely well and we are immensely proud of his achievement.

Large Employer of the Year 2017

Wakefield College apprentice awards 2017

Advanced Team Case Studies
  • Abby Williams is a Business admin apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Yorkshire, UK

    Business Administrator Apprentice

    ‘Working as a business administration apprentice has given me a great start into my chosen career path, in just over a year I have gained more experience than I could have imagined. Each day is always different which makes coming to work every day exciting and enjoyable. I have learnt and developed skills that will help me throughout my career, but I also like knowing that I am still learning every day. The best thing about working at Advanced Diesel Engineering is that you always feel part of a team as all our apprentices and senior members of staff get on so well and have such good relationships both inside and outside of work.’

  • Elliott Richmond is a design engineer apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK

    Design Engineer

    ‘While working at ADE, I have developed my skills within the engineering field greatly. With my 4 days a week at work and 1 day release at college, I have progressed so much quicker than being on a full time course.
    The reason behind that, is that not only do you learn and gain your qualifications at college, but also learn how to cope in a working environment.
    The main advantage of apprenticeships over full time college, is that you get paid while you learn, and for me that’s a no brainer.’

  • Jonny Roper is a Design Engineer apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK

    Design Engineer

    ‘It’s great working at ADE as an apprentice as I get real work experience whilst getting my qualifications and getting paid for it all. Being part of a team is great as it has developed my skills and has made me more confident as a person. Learning the job first hand has developed my skills in the job so that it will benefit me greatly in future, it also gives a much greater advantage than just learning the theory, so it can prepare you for when you work full time.’

  • Harrison Morgan is a Welding apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK


    ‘The benefit of working at ADE is that we all gain a variety of skills not only welding but in different departments on the shop floor. We have all had great help with our college work form our colleagues and mentors too. Another benefit of working at ADE is we are learning from skilled workers with years of experience, whilst still gaining qualifications at college. Being an apprentice is great because you earn whilst your learn which will help us all in the future.’

  • Jack Brown is an electrical apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK


    ‘Being an apprentice helps me gain crucial practical skills whilst I gain the qualifications needed. At advanced, I am learning skills from a team of electricians that all give me their knowledge and advice from years of experience.’

  • Joe Maskill is a Welding apprentice at advanced diesel engineering in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK


    ‘Working for Advanced has been an amazing opportunity so far, it has created multiple chances to advance my career and has allowed me to absorb the knowledge of more experienced people within my desired field. Whilst Advanced has a professional etiquette they also provide a fun and interesting place to work. I look forward to continuing my career with Advanced and seizing the opportunities they create for me.’

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