Buying a Used Generator


When it comes to buying used generators, there are a few things you should look out for. If you see a used generator for sale, it is likely for sale for a reason.

Remember – a brand new generator may cost a bit more money, but they come with a full manufacturer’s warranty – giving you that extra peace of mind in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong. Whereas a second hand unit is always sold as seen, and from the minute you pay your hard-earned cash you are at risk of it breaking down and having to pay out even more for costly repair work. Used generators nowadays tend to be 3-4 or even more users down the line. If you were looking to buy a used car you would research into how many miles it had done and how many previous owners it has had. Unfortunately, the risk you take when buying a used generator is that there is no way of obtaining this information.

Ultimately, we sell quality brand new diesel generators built by the top global manufacturers such as Cummins and Perkins. You may be surprised in the price difference between new and used / second hand generators.

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