Switchgear Enclosures

Purpose Built Switchgear Enclosures

All modular solutions are robust, secure, and designed specifically for the best functionality of your essential equipment.

Advanced has the design resources, combined with technical knowhow and experience necessary to customise equipment housings exactly to your specification, providing blast-resistant, temperature and humidity-controlled enclosures as required for sensitive equipment.

We offer custom built instrumentation housings for clients within a wide range of industries, oil, gas, rail and utility power and communications being significant sectors, and we supply on a truly global scale satisfying various international, ANSI and IEC standards. Our housings are designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions in the most remote and dangerous operating environments imaginable.

All Advanced instrumentation housings are constructed and assembled on-site at our own premises in South Kirkby. Operating under closely controlled and monitored conditions, our fully trained staff install, check and re-check all client-supplied equipment, fitting fire-suppression and environmental-control systems amongst others to ensure the optimal operational conditions for your equipment and instrumentation.

The housing is then available for delivery where the attention provided at Advanced, prepares you for a fast, safe installation of a quality product, keeping your onsite commissioning simple and effective.

Advanced - A well-established manufacturer, you will trust again and again.