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Why do I need an enclosure that is specially designed for my UPS?

Uninterruptable Power Supplies that are suitable for location in the harshest environments require protection from the elements; heat, cold, tropical, and arid. UPS battery arrays are not ideally suited to these conditions and as such to maintain full battery reliability and life expectancy it is critical to provide a safe and temperature controlled environment for them to operate.

Most modern battery systems utilise efficient Valve Regulated Batteries (VRL) that do not under normal conditions produce the volumes of explosive hydrogen gas compared to the older lead acid types; however for them to operate most efficiently requires a controlled temperature between 19 to 22oC (may vary due to battery manufacturers).

It must be noted that should the temperature not be close controlled and therefore drop below the 19oC then the battery system shall underperform. Likewise should the temperature rise above the efficiency threshold then the capacity of the batteries shall increase – however the offset to this is a reduced battery life expectancy, if the temparture of the battery exceeds the optimum by 10oC then the lifespan can be reduced by up to 50%.

The original question can now be answered – the reason to package your UPS in a container designed specifically for purpose, is to control and maintain the temprature to maximise both the lifespan and the output of the battery systems; preventing expensive replacement and also failures to the supported system networks.

Advanced UPS enclosures provide a safe and controlled environment for your UPS systems to operate in all conditions.