Perkins 2000kVA Open Diesel Generator in Acoustic Enclosure for UK Testing Facility

90 kVA Surgery Diesel Generator
2000 kVA Perkins Genset for UK Test Facility
2000 kVA Perkins Silent Diesel Generator for Test Facility
2000 kVA Power Generator for UK Test Facility
Perkins 2000 kVA Test Facility Diesel Generator

2000 kVA Open Perkins Genset to Supply Backup Power to a UK Testing Facility

24th September 2018

This Perkins 2000 kVA Diesel Generator and Custom Built Acoustic Enclosure is being loaded ready for its journey to a secure test facility in the UK. The unit will provide backup power to the whole site in the event of a mains failure.

Published by Advanced Diesel Engineering on 24-09-2018