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Advanced design and manufacture manual and automatic changeover panels from 16-4000A, completely in-house from our office and factory base in Yorkshire. We offer both standard and custom built control panels so we can ensure that the particular needs of your project will be met.

Manual Changeover panel (MCO)

A manual changeover panel allows you to reinstate designated power circuits in the event of a mains failure. The panel is installed next to your mains distribution board and connected to the circuits that you would like to supply power to during a power cut. In this instance, when there is a power failure, you manually start the generator, and the manual changeover panel controls which circuits the generator powers. Configurations of the panel can be made to suit your criteria. The panel comes in a steel wall mountable enclosure with top and/or bottom cable entry. A manual changeover panel can be either 3 or 4 pole, ranging from 16A to 2500A and operating up to 400V a/c.

Automatic Mains Failure panel (AMF)

With a manual changeover panel, someone has to physically switch the generator on, but with an automatic mains failure panel, when the mains supply goes down a fail signal is received by the panel and the generator starts automatically. When the mains supply returns, this too is detected by the panel, and the load is transferred from the generator back to the mains, and the generator shuts down.