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Load Bank Testing – What it is, and why you need it

The fundamental function for any diesel generator is to provide reliable power when it's required avoiding a loss of productivity when mains power cuts out or becomes unreliable, whether due to a storm, routine maintenance, or any other circumstances. It's your diesel generator being there that gives you that peace of mind, should a power issue of any kind happen, you have it covered with backup power. But what happens if you strike up your generator to find it's not functioning as required? The results of this are potentially catastrophic or at least damaging, that’s why you have combatted the risk and bought a genset to cover these eventualities...

...this is exactly the reason an essential of element of gen-set maintenance requires your generator to be load tested, a preventative generator maintenance plan will ensure when you flick the switch you have the power. Here at Advanced we highly recommend an annual load bank test on your diesel generator(s). A minimal amount of time annually will ensure a fully reliable and operational power source, able to operate at its maximum prime load. When you have your next critical mains power cut and require your emergency power, will you have the peace of mind that your generator has had its load bank test?

What's Included in a Load Bank Test?

Every Diesel Generator that leaves Advanced has had a resistive load bank test before it leaves our yard, we will ensure your unit meets the high standards you require. Your set does not leave our premises until the completion of a successful load bank test. The test is run on step loads with increasing intervals until finally operating on a full load. We provide our customers with a Load Bank Report that contains thorough, comprehensive test results, generated by the load bank, these are available on all of our name brand commercial and industrial gen-sets. The information will demonstrate the health of the generator and confirm its load capacity. The information recorded includes:

  • kW Load
  • AC Voltage
  • Hertz
  • Oil Pressure
  • Amperage Rating
  • Voltage Tested

Where can I get load bank testing near me?

If your diesel generator is in the UK then Advanced can come to you! Just give us a call or alternatively use the contact form at the top of this page. We can arrange a load bank test on your gen-set(s) at a time that is convenient to you and your production schedule. If you have a mobile generator we all so have facilities at our Main Factory to accommodate your needs.

What is a Diesel Generator load bank test?

set by artificially placing a load onto the generator. Under the supervision of our Mechanical Engineer, the load is applied in incremental kW load steps at prescheduled times, this increase will continue until the generator is running at 110%, at this time the load is gradually stepped back down. Each time the kW load is increased, test readings are recorded on engine critical performance. We record the generator's ability to handle the boost, its ability to continue functioning at maximum output level possible and for a sustained period of time. These tests confirm that the fundamental components of the diesel generator set are in tip-top operating condition, ready for use at any time. When conducting our load bank tests we use specialist equipment to artificially apply loads onto the generator, bring the engine to its operational temperature and pressure level, crucial for standby or emergency gen-sets that don't have regular or prolonged use at load.

Diesel Generator Wet Stacking

If a diesel generator is not used often or only run on light loads, it’s potentially more exposed to experiencing unburned fuel and soot build-up in the exhaust, this is generally known as 'wet-stacking.' When wet-stacking does occur; the diesel generator set will usually provide less efficient performance; become susceptible to damage; be a potential fire hazard and can even lead to complete failure. During our load bank tests, the generator is allowed to run at full power and full temperature causing any wet-stacking to be burnt off and so nipping the issue in the bud.

Benefits of Load Bank Testing

There are many positives as to why your diesel generator should undergo a load bank test on an annual basis:

  • Provides peace of mind that your gen-set will work properly when you need it
  • Confirms that the engines cooling system will perform as expected while under load
  • Confirms the gen-sets capabilities
  • Diagnose issues that when discovered early can be significantly less expensive and prevents future major issues
  • Helps to prevent wet-stacking and cleans out unwanted sooty carbon deposits

  • For total peace of mind let us help you, we can keep track of when you generator needs servicing and testing and with a vast range of consumable instantly available, we can provide a complete surveillance package including the load testing as part of our a service contract, the combination of the test and routine servicing and maintenance of the generator plant will give confidence that all elements of the power system remain in full working order. Optional oil sampling can provide further prior warning of hidden problems before they become major mechanical failures. When testing the generator, we can test using your site load, however if this is not available or you would prefer, Advanced can provide temporary load banks to simulate full generator output. In the event of a failure in service, our technicians can fault find mechanical and electrical problems, these can be rectified on site or within our extensive workshop facilities.
    For extra support, Advanced operate a manned 24/7 emergency call-out facility. If in need of an immediate response, a service engineer can be contacted and dispatched direct to site with a wide range of spare parts for most models of generator.

    For more than twenty years Advanced Diesel Engineering have set the highest standards for dependability. When your diesel generators is at your facility working away in your industrial environment you can have confidence that it will work properly and efficiently. You trust Advanced Diesel Engineering for your next diesel generator purchase.

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