Large Generators Projects


At Advanced we are frequently faced with large scale projects. Whether this is a one off multi Megawatt project, or a multi-site high volume contract, we have the experience and expertise to deliver your project, to your specification on time and on budget.

One off multi-component: hospital projects demand a lot of attention and specialist ability to meet the standard’s required for a hospital. Every stage is carefully monitored for time scale and performance; there is no margin for error. Advanced has a proven ability to perform to the stringent criteria of this market sector.

Single site multi-component: data centre projects require containerised generators and fuel supply systems that are supplied in a coordinated and reliable manner. By producing everything in house, advanced is able to provide a more organised and unified approach and ensure that every stage is planned, controlled, and delivered to the highest standard.

Multi-site multi-component: in the telecoms market a single contract can cover a multitude of products within one specification, and high volume varied orders for call-off. Managing these contracts requires tight planning and efficiency. At Advanced, our spacious factory allows us to maintain a large inventory of pre-prepared items, and also a large specialised workforce to streamline productivity and reduce expense for our valued clients