2004 News Articles

generator engine room

HMP Gartree 1000kVA Sub Station - December 2004

The picture to the right shows the partiengine room of this H section generator.The system is packaged complete with HV transformer, large capacity fuel tanks, switched distribution and a fire protection system.

two large gen sets on load test

Associated Diesel - August 2004

ASDA stores group visit ADE to see their 1400kVA generators load tested in the yard by one of our engineers, Andy Martin. These two generators will soon be leaving for ASDA House in Leeds.

large bbc generator

Big Big Containers - July 2004

BBC Television Centre takes a delivery of two 1500 kVA generators. The centre of London came to a standstill as the generators were slowly transported to Bush House on inflatable hovver pads and crane lifted onto the roof. One representative said 'these generators are some of the best engineering I have ever seen'. The generators are now providing standby power for BBC television.

sub station section on lorry leaving advanced diesel

Another Sub-sessful Delivery - April 2004

This canopied generator has a custom switchboard which will enable remote operation and remote connection to the generator.

sub station in fabrication

HMP Blakenhurst Sub Station - March 2004

1000kVA sub station in prep for painting before being load tested and sent to HMP Blakenhurst. The workshop floor staff worked extremely hard to get this project completed on time and made an excellent job of a well engineered generator.