2015 News Articles


Lots of Gas to be pumped. - December 2015

Another secure acoustic container C/W 25kVA Perkins diesel generator designed & built by ADVANCED is loaded for despatch. The unit will provide standby power at another UK Gas pumping station.

Perkins_25kva_diesel_generator_container Perkins_25kva_diesel_generator Perkins_25kva_diesel_generator_2 Perkins_25kva_diesel_generator_leaving

India Exports. - December 2015

In the run up to the end of 2015 our despatch team are racing to complete all planned shipments before we break up for the holidays. This Cummins 825kVA open diesel generator is being packaged into a shipping container for export to our Indian Partner, where is it to be used as primary power for a food factory.

C825D5_shipping C825D5_shipping_container C825D5_shipped_container C825D5_shipped

Gambia Exports... - December 2015

This 33kVA Perkins unit was exported to a small Hotel in Gambia, to be used as the primary power source.

Perkins_33kva_enclosure_rear Perkins_33kva_enclosure_side Perkins_33kva_enclosure_night Perkins_33kva_enclosure_panel

Pumping Gas... - December 2015

Another example where oversized secure containers are favoured over the smaller lighter units. These units will be used at the base of a temporary telecoms towers found in remote areas. This one houses a Cummins 110kVA diesel generator.

C110kVA_diesel_generator_10ft_container C110kVA_diesel_generator_in_10ft C110kVA_diesel_generator_10ft_enclosure C110kVA_in_10ft

Pumping Gas... - December 2015

The first in a series of orders – this 65kVA diesel generator will be operating at a gas pumping station in a remote location. A large enclosure was requested by the client as the smaller enclosed units in this location were more susceptible to theft. This unit incorporates a secure locking device which anchors the container to the floor.

65kva_diesel_generator_Side 65kva_diesel_generator_installed 65kva_diesel_generator_front 65kva_diesel_generator_container

Specialist enclosure... - December 2015

The client required a specialist enclosure which will stand up to a harsh environment, that the generator would have to operate in. ADVANCED again designed a suitable solution – this 22kVA Cummins diesel generator was fitted into our ADVANCED designed and manufactured 316 Stainless steel enclosure – this will keep even the most extremes of weather at bay...

C22kvaCumminsDieselGenerator C22kvaCumminsDieselGenerator_inside C22kvaCumminsDieselGenerator_leaving C22kvaCumminsDieselGenerator_side

Fuel for a month... - December 2015

This 110kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator is required to run for a month non stop should the mains fail at a remote energy park, with space at a premium this 2000ltr double skinned base fuel tank was designed & manufactured at ADVANCED.

C110D5_extended_fueltank_front C110D5_extended_fueltank_leaving C110D5_extended_fueltank_lorry C110D5_extended_fueltank_side

Call centre backup... - December 2015

The latest way for power providers across the UK to implement new supply to housing and industrial estates is to package the HV switchgear in one of ADVANCED designed & custom built enclosures. This particular one is on its way to a new housing project in County Durham where it will be commissioned to provide low voltage electricity to over 200 homes...

HV_Switchgear_ADVANCED_inside HV_Switchgear_ADVANCED_side HV_Switchgear_inside_ADVANCED HV_Switchgear_itself

Call centre backup... - December 2015

This Cummins 330kVA silent diesel generator was upgraded at ADVANCED with an extended double skinned base fuel tank, which includes the latest automatic fuel polishing system. The unit will provide back up power to a prestigious Manchester call centre.

cummins_330kVA_silent_diesel_generator cummins_330kVA_silent_generator cummins_330kVA_diesel_generator_silent cummins_330kVA_silent_diesel_generator

A Box – in a Box. - November 2015

It's taken more than two weeks for contractors to manufacture this massive wooden shipping crate to package our 14 x 4 x 4 Mtr switchgear enclosure. The enclosure was designed and manufactured at ADVANCED and then fitted out and tested with the LV & HV switchgear at our works. The end destination is a Gas Fracking site in Algeria.

14x4mtr_switchgear_enclosure 14x4mtr_switchgear_enclosure_panels 14x4mtr_switchgear 14x4mtr_switchgear

A long day of despatches. - November 2015

A matching pair of electrical distribution panels and transformer housings designed & built by ADVANCED are now well on there way to a London new build housing estate, where they will be installed as the primary electrical supply for the whole site.

transformer_enclosure transformer_housingleaving transformer_in_its_housing transformer_housing_control

Top Spec Enclosures. - November 2015

This 4.5 x 6Mtr switchgear enclosure was designed & built by ADVANCED to achieve a fire rating of 60 minutes, a design life of 40 years and an IP rating of 55 ! The unit is now on its way to site where the switchgear will be installed.

4x6mtr_enclosure 4x6mtr_ADVANCED_enclosure 4x6mtr_switchgear_enclosure

XMOD games backup. - November 2015

This Cummins 38kVA enclosed diesel generator will provide back up power to the servers that run the XMOD IOS games centre.

C38D5_38kVA_generator C38D5_38kVA_genset

Acoustic Enclosures. - November 2015

This 40 foot 80dBa @ 1Mtr acoustic container was designed & built by ADVANCED for one of our prestigious clients, The Perkins 1000kVA unit was fitted at our works and the complete package was despatched direct to a Hospital near Ayr for installation.

40ft_80dBa_@_1Mtr_container 40ft_container_inside_1000kva_perkins 40ft_container_inside_perkins_1000kva

More Green Buildings... - November 2015

Another switchgear enclosure is loaded for Despatch. This time the unit will be transported to our clients works for fit out of the high & low voltage switchgear before being tested and sent to its final site for install.

high_low_switchgear high_low_switchgear_container high_low_switchgear_encloure_inside high_low_switchgear_inside

Community power. - November 2015

And now we are seeing people club together, this Cummins 110kVA unit is being despatched to be installed at a Derbyshire small holding consisting of two houses, a small apartment and a few farm buildings, where the standby power from this machine will be shared among them. Are you prepared ? Could your business continue to operate without power should the national grid run out of power reserve this winter ? Contact us today ...

C110kVA_Community_Power_strapped C110kVA_Community_Power_inside C110kVA_Community_Power

Increase in sales. - November 2015

We are seeing an incredible increase in requests for quotes and sales to private residence as more and more people are taking the security of their power supply into their own hands. This being the second 22kVA Cumins diesel generator this week sold to and installed at a large private house.

C22kVA_Home_protection C22kVA_Home_security

Preparation for winter. - November 2015

Another diesel generator is prepared and despatched for a private residence in the south of the UK, this 22kVA silent Cummins set will be installed later this week as the owner of the property wished to have peace of mind that he and his family would not be caught out by the power shortages this winter...


Standby power.... - November 2015

More and more companies are taking precautions against the looming severe weather warnings and the fact that the national power grid may be overstretched and run out of capacity. Nearly every day of the week this news is making the headlines ....."Are you prepared ?" This 110kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator certainly will keep a Durham based call center operational should the power fail.

C110kVA_Call_Centre C110kVA_Call_Centre_back_up C110kVA_Call_Centre_backup C110kVA_Call_Centre_stand_by

Solar farm switch room. - November 2015

This ADVANCED designed & built switchgear room is one of seven currently in build, the units will be fitted out on site with the necessary switchgear to operate fields of solar PV systems

one_of_seven_switchgear_rooms one_of_seven_switchgear_rooms_inside one_of_seven_switchgear_rooms_side

Packaging Power. - November 2015

Another acoustic container manufactured for one of our prestigious clients, The 1000kVA Perkins unit was installed at our works in the ADVANCED designed & built 85dBa container.

Perkins1000kVA_Diesel_Generator_Acoustic_Enclosure Perkins1000kVA_Diesel_Generator_enclosed Perkins1000kVA_Diesel_Generator_Enclosure Perkins1000kVA_Diesel_Generator_Open

Reseller Sales. - November 2015

This 150kVA Cummins diesel generator was sold to one of our many UK resellers, the unit will be installed in a plant room near Birmingham.

150kvaCummins_Diesel_Generator_Open 150kvaCummins_Diesel_Generator_Wrapped 150kvaCummins_Diesel_GeneratorWrapped

Council Power. - November 2015

This ADVANCED designed & built acoustic container and bulk belly fuel tank was loaded and despatched today. The Cummins 330kVA diesel generator was up fitted with deep sea control gear at our works to match the sets already on the same site. The whole unit will be installed this week at a southern county council HQ.

Cummins330kVA-Enclosure-inside Cummins330kVA-Enclosure-front Cummins330kVA-Inside-EnclosureCummins330kVA-Enclosure-leaving

Final October despatch... - October 2015

This 1600kVA CAT 3516 diesel generator was removed from a plant room by our client and at their request an acoustic enclosure was designed & built by ADVANCED so that the machine could be re-utilsed at another supermarket store within the chain.

CAT_1600kva_acoustic CAT_1600kva_acoustic_container CAT_1600kva_enclosureCAT_1600kva_generator

What a pair... - October 2015

These two Cummins 550kVA enclosed diesel generators had additional base fuel storage tanks manufactured and fitted at ADVANCED, The units are now being installed in the heart of London at a high rise complex to act as back-up power for the Fire Lifts and essential lighting.

Cummins_C550D5_enclosedSet CumminsC550D5_enclosed_Set CumminsC550D5_enclosedUnits
Cummins 22kVA Enclosed Unit

Off the shelf Sales. - October 2015

On spec this client walked in the front door and asked if we had a small enclosed generator ready to go as his current one had blown up. Sure enough we had what the guy was looking for straight from our vast on site stock. He hung around while we carried out the necessary PDI checks to this Cummins 22kVA enclosed unit and the generator was loaded to his truck within the hour.

Cummins Enclosed 22kVA Unit

Switchgear housings… - October 2015

Another switchgear housing designed & manufactured by ADVANCED leaves the works today, the unit will be uplifted with the HV/LV switches on site near Crewe.

switchgearHousing_inside switchgearHousing_leaving switchgearHousing_outside switchgearHousing_side
Christmas period

Inside Santa Workshop - October 2015

With the Christmas period fast approaching and the continuing threat of the worst winter since the bitter white-out of 2009/2015, the need to be prepared is as important as ever, especially in Santa’s workshop.


And Again… - October 2015

Yet another company chooses ADVANCED for the security against power outages over the winter months. We were asked to supply and install this 275kVA Cummins silent diesel generator with extended base fuel tank for longer run time before the winter arrives. The company – a Nottingham based food producer.

cummins_275kva_diesel_generator_enclosed cummins_275kva_enclosed_diesel_generator cummins_275kva_generator

Telecoms power… - October 2015

With around 12 sets due to be delivered for this contract this side of Christmas, the heat is now on to get them out the door and installed before the cold weather and snow arrives. This 450 kVA open Perkins Diesel Generator was modified in the usual way by ADVANCED and uplifted with the technology and control system required for these telecoms sites. The set will be installed and commissioned this week at a site in Watford.

perkins_450kva_generator perkins_450kva_diesel_generator_open perkins_450kva_open_diesel_generator

Ready for winter ? - October 2015

Some people and companies are taking notice of the threat that the National Grid may run short of power this winter as people are now starting to come out the woodwork and asking ADVANCED if we can supply and install before the winter arrives …. The phone lines are coming alive now with enquires for winter cover from companies that just cannot manage without power and are not prepared to take that risk. This Cummins 200kVA silent unit was shipped to a vehicle tracking company in Central London to be used as back-uo power should the black outs come……

Cummins_C200kva_diesel_generator cummins_C200kva_enclosed_diesel_generator cummins_C200kva_enclosed_generator

Data Centre Success. - October 2015

These three Cummins 1100kVA Acoustic machines were modified at ADVANCED with state of the art control gear to manage the sophisticated load management on site. They are currently being installed at a UK data centre - squeezed into a gap where ADVANCED have already installed some 60 machines. Along with the sets is a 20,000 litre bulk fuel tank with fuel polishing also designed & built by ADVANCED.

Cummins1100kVA-Acoustic Cummins1100kVA-Acoustic-tank

Swedish Switchgear - October 2015

Being loaded this morning is a 10 x 5 Mtr ADVANCED designed & built switchgear housing , now on its way to a site in Sweden.

Sweden_switchgear_enclosure10x5mtr Sweden_switchgear_10x5mtr Sweden_switchgear Sweden_switchgear_housing10x5mtr
13500 litre_Fuel_Tank

Bulk Fuel - October 2015

This 13500 Litre double skinned bulk fuel tank was designed and manufactured by ADVANCED, it's currently being installed at a central London telecoms facility.

13500 ltr_Fuel_Tank 13500 ltr_Bulk_Fuel_Tank
10.5mtr switchgear container

Were on the move.... - October 2015

Goods being despatched over the past few months have been slow as we have been busy building several multi units orders. The first of these to go out is a 10.5Mtr Switchgear container for a STOR Project in Oxford.

10.5mtr_switchgear container 10.5mtr_switchgear 10.5mtr_switchgear_container

Plant Hire. - September 2015

This 22kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator was supplied to a small UK plant hire company, where it is to be used as long term primary site power at a gas venting / burn off site in the Midlands.

Cummins22kVAEnclosedDiesel Cummins22kVAEnclosedDieselGenerator Cummins22kVAEnclosedGenerator
Cummins 1675D5A-Diesel-Generator

Export sales. - September 2015

Shown being loaded are three Cummins 1675D5A diesel generators, now on their way to our African agent for installation.

Cummins1675D5A-Diesel-Generator-Container Cummins1675-Diesel-Generator Cummins1675kVA-Diesel-Generator Cummins1675kVA-Diesel-Generator-Container
4 x HV switchgear modular housings

North Yorkshire Sub. - September 2015

The first of five HV switchgear modular housings designed & built by ADVANCED leaves the manufacturing facility to be installed on a new substation site.

HV switchgear modular housings  installation HV switchgear modular housings  leaving HV switchgear modular housings  Lifting HV switchgear modular housings
Cummins C1400 x2

Pasta Power ... - September 2015

Slowly but surely we are beginning to see an increase in standard diesel generator sales, both at home in the UK and overseas. These two Cummins 1400kVA open generators were loaded today and shipped to our client in Italy to be used as backup power at a pasta producing facility.
When's your dolmio day...

Cummins C1400 Italy Cummins C1400 Italy bound
Why You Need Backup

Why your business needs a backup plan - September 2015

We take a look at the likelihood of experiencing a blackout, the potential consequences for firms and why every business should have a back-up plan

11 Metre long switchgear enclosure

Advanced Switchgear Housing ‘with extras’. - September 2015

ADVANCED continual strategic growth to provide a complete solution to your power generation needs recently involved this 11 metre long switchgear enclosure. The bespoke enclosure will be installed at a remote location in the United Kingdom. Our client during the design stage of this project requested an array of welfare facilities for the personnel that will be attending the site carrying out maintenance and servicing activities. This continues to show ADVANCED will support every need of the clients, right down to the kitchen sink!

11 Metre long enclosure switchgear 11 Metre long switchgear enclosure kitchen 11 Metre long switchgear enclosure inside 11 Metre long switchgear enclosed
Perkins 140kVA Acoustic Enclosed Genset

National Water Back-up. - September 2015

Another Acoustic enclosure is designed & manufactured by ADVANCED to house a Perkins 140 kVA diesel generator which will be installed at one of the many water pumping stations in the UK.

Perkins 140kVA Diesel Generator in a Acoustic Enclosure Perkins 140kVA Acoustic Enclosed Diesel Generator Perkins 140kVA Acoustic Enclosed Perkins 140kVA Acoustic Enclosure
Modular equipment rooms x2

Modular Housings. - August 2015

These two modular housings were designed, built and fitted out at ADVANCED. They will be used for process and cooling water treatment at a factory in Sweden. The units will be installed by our end client.

modular-equipment-housing-cooling Modular equipment housing Cooling factory Modular equipment room factory Modular equipment room Cooling
Modified 50kVA Generator

Telecoms... - August 2015

Ongoing contract for the national telecoms upgrade, being despatched today is a modified 50kVA Perkins diesel generator on its way to Gwyneed.

50kVA Modified Perkins Modified 50kVA Perkins Perkins 50kVA Modified 50kVA Perkins Modified
28kVA Perkins Inside

Power for Gas… - August 2015

The ongoing contract to supply small containerised diesel generators to be used as backup power for the National Gas network is about to be accelerated to get the equipment built and installed before the winter months. Several projects are now running concurrent. This one is a 28kVA Perkins unit built by ADVANCED. The units are built as containers to prevent theft from site.

Perkins 28kVA Gen Set Perkins 28kVA Container Perkins 28kVA Generator Perkins 28kVA Installed
Perkins 28kVA Generator

Tanks… - August 2015

A 400 Litre ADVANCED designed & built double skinned fuel tank is shipped to a generator reseller.

400L Fuel Tank
Perkins 250kVA Acoustic Enclosure

Cummins power - August 2015

These two ADVANCED designed & built 25 Foot 75@1Mtr acoustic enclosures were supplied to an overseas Cummins distributor. Housed in them are two Cummins 1675 Kva diesel generators.

Perkins 250kVA Enclosed Perkins 250kVA Container Perkins 250kVA Generator Perkins 250kVA Installed
Perkins 250kVA Acoustic Enclosure

Gas Works power - August 2015

Designed & manufactured by ADVANCED, shown here is one of many 250 kVA Perkins diesel generators housed in a 75@ 1 Mtr acoustic enclosure to be used around the country as stand by power for the Uk's Gas supply network.

Perkins 250kVA Enclosed Perkins 250kVA Container Perkins 250kVA Generator Perkins 250kVA Installed
Open 1100kVA Cummins

Engine Rebuild - August 2015

This Cummins 1100 kVA diesel generator was brought into our works for a complete engine overhaul / rebuild. Shown in the pictures, is it being re-loaded to transport ready to be shipped back and installed in a Northern NHS Hospital.

Cummins 1100kVA Open Set Cummins 1100kVA Open Generator Cummins 1100kvaOpen
Enclosed 22kVA Perkins

Bouncy Castle power - August 2015

This 22kVA Perkins enclosed diesel generator will power several bouncy castles at once at events such as the Great Yorkshire Show & The Kent County Show etc.

Perkins 22kVA Enclosed Perkins 22kVA Enclosed Perkins 22kvaEnclosed
Enclosed 55kVA Cummins

On Site Power - July 2015

These two Cummins 55Kva enclosed diesel generators were sold to a bridge repair specialist.

Cummins 55kVA Enclosed Cummins 55kva Enclosed Cummins 55kvaEnclosed
Perkins 200kva silent unit with sockets

Telecoms Modifications. - July 2015

Another ADVANCED modified Perkins diesel generator is despatched to be installed at a local telecoms exchange.

Perkins 200kva silent unit Perkins 20kva silent Perkins 200kva with sockets
Perkins 22kva silent unit with sockets

Perkins 22kVA - July 2015

This Perkins 22kVA silent unit with 1x 36A 4 pin 3 Phase, 2x 32A 3 pin 1 Phase, 2x 16A 3pin 1 Phase sockets modified by ADVANCED, collected by the customer for a construction yard in the Falklands.

Perkins 22kva silent unit Perkins 22kva silent Perkins 22kva with sockets
Apprentice Welders

Welder Apprenticeship - July 2015

This month ADVANCED have taken on 2 young apprentices to undertake a welding apprenticeship. Both practising their welding and metal work on our shop floor.

Apprentice Welder Two Apprentice Welders
Cummins 38kVA Enclosed

Industrial plastics - July 2015

This 38kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator had an extended base fuel tank manufactured and installed at ADVANCED, and will be used as prime power to a plastic extrusion moulding machine in Scotland.

Cummins 38kVA Enclosed Silent Cummins 38kVA Silent Set Cummins 38kVA Enclosed Set
25kVA Perkins Silent Diesel Generator

Telecoms - July 2015

This Perkins 550kVA open diesel generator was modified at ADVANCED to the telecoms specification and dispatched to a exchange in Watford UK.

Perkins 25kVA Diesel Generator Perkins 25kVA Silent Diesel Generator Switch-Room-BespokeBespoke-40ft-SwitchRoom
25kVA Perkins Silent Diesel Generator

Ongoing Sales - July 2015

As part of a much larger contract – This 26 kVA silent Perkins generator had an extended base fuel tank manufactured and fitted at ADVANCED before being shipped to a utility services provider in Doncaster.

Perkins 25kVA Diesel Generator Perkins 25kVA Silent Diesel Generator
Bespoke Module Switch Room

Another Two ... - July 2015

Two more large ADVANCED designed & built modular switch room housings are despatched from the works.

Bespoke-Modular-SwitchRoom Switch-Room-Bespoke-Modular Switch-Room-Bespoke Bespoke-40ft-SwitchRoom
CAT 275kVA pic1

A pair of ... - July 2015

This matched pair of CAT 275kVA enclosed diesel generators were modified at ADVANCED before being shipped out to the client. The two generators are to be used as N+1 concert power at local events around Yorkshire.

CAT 275kVA pic2 CAT 275kVA pic3 CAT 275kVA pic4 CAT 275kVA pic5
1850Kva perkins diesel generator pic1

Bigger Boxes - July 2015

Another designed & built Acoustic box leaves the works heading for a mail sorting office near Hunslow. The unit houses an 1850kVA perkins diesel generator - to 85dBA @ 1 MTR.

1850Kva perkins diesel generator pic2 1850Kva perkins diesel generator pic3 1850Kva perkins diesel generator pic4 1850Kva perkins diesel generator pic5
1500kva-diesel-generator pic1

It’s in the Post - June 2015

This 1500kVA diesel generator was packaged at ADVANCED for one of our long term prestigious clients and is now being installed at a Mail sorting office.

1500kva-diesel-generator pic2 1500kva-diesel-generator pic3
1Modular switchgear housing pic1

Modular Success - June 2015

The Modular switchgear housing part of the business is steaming ahead with current orders on hand of 38 large enclosures for a variety of clients and applications. These two rather large housings were designed & built at ADVANCED and then fitted out with all the HV switchgear and transformers before being loaded to transport and shipped.

Modular switchgear housing pic2 Modular switchgear housing pic3 Modular switchgear housing pic4
Cummins 150kVA pic-1

Reseller Sales - June 2015

This standard Cummins 150Kva enclosed diesel generator was despatched to the Isle of white along with an ADVANCED designed & built ATS panel.

Cummins 150kVA pic-2 Cummins 150kVA pic-3
1000kVA MTU pic-1

EE 4G - June 2015

This 1000kVA MTU, in its ADVANCED designed & built 75dBa @1 Meter acoustic enclosure is to provide back up power at an EE 4G data Centre in London. Along with the generator went a 60,000 litre bulk fuel tank and filtration system also built by ADVANCED.

1000kVA MTU pic-2 1000kVA MTU pic-3 1000kVA MTU pic-4 1000kVA MTU pic-5
Cumbria Telecoms pic-1

Telecoms Contract continues.. - June 2015

Another ADVANCED modified diesel generator is well on its way to a Cumbria telecom site for installation.

Cumbria Telecoms pic-2 Cumbria Telecoms pic-3 Cumbria Telecoms pic-4 Cumbria Telecoms pic-5
Perkins 1000kVA Standby pic-1

Observing. - June 2015

This 1000kVA Diesel generator was packaged at ADVANCED for one of our clients – the destination of this unit is the Royal Observatory in Scotland.

Perkins 1000kVA Standby pic-2 Perkins 1000kVA Standby pic-3 Perkins 1000kVA Standby pic-4
Cummins C200D5e Silent pic-1

Reseller Sales. - June 2015

This 200kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator complete with an ADVANCED built ATS panel was supplied to an electrical wholesaler client for resale onto the end client.

Cummins C200D5e Silent pic-2 Cummins C200D5e Silent pic-3 Cummins C200D5e Silent pic-4 Cummins C200D5e Silent pic-5
Perkins 450kVA pic-1

Acoustic containers. - June 2015

This 85dBA @ 1 meter acoustic container was designed and built by ADVANCED for a client’s 450kVA diesel generator.

Perkins 450kVA pic-2 Perkins 450kVA pic-3 Perkins 450kVA pic-4
1000kVA 85@1 pic-1

Sunshine Box. - June 2015

Being despatched today is this 1000kVA 85dBA @ 1mtr diesel generator and housing.

1000kVA 85@1 pic-2 1000kVA 85@1 pic-3 1000kVA 85@1 pic-4 1000kVA 85@1 pic-5
Perkins 800kVA Silent pic-1

Big Red Box. - May 2015

This 85dBA @ 1 Mtr. Containerised 800kVA Perkins FG Wilson diesel generator was designed & built at ADVANCED for a UK reseller.

Perkins 800kVA Silent pic-2 Perkins 800kVA Silent pic-3 Perkins 800kVA Silent pic-4 Perkins 800kVA Silent pic-5
Volvo 350kVA pic-1

London Rooftops. - May 2015

These five ADVANCED designed & built 350kVA Volvo acoustic diesel generators are currently being installed upon a London roofop. The fuel tanks were despatched some weeks ago and are now fully piped ready for fuel delivery.

Volvo 350kVA pic-2 Volvo 350kVA pic-3 Volvo 350kVA pic-4 Volvo 350kVA pic-5
C1100D5 Enclosed pic-1

New Model released. - May 2015

This Cummins 1100kVA diesel generator in it's all new silent enclosure was one of the first ones produced by Cummins.
After testing the unit at our works, it was despatched to one of our UK resellers.

C1100D5 Canopied pic-2 C1100D5 Silencer pic-3 C1100D5 Silent pic-4
Cummins C2000D5 pic-1

UK Data Centre success (1 of 2). - May 2015

These Two Cummins 2000kVA diesel generators were packaged in their ADVANCED designed & built 60dBA @ 1Mtr enclosures. A 100% / 8 hour load test was carried out on each unit at our works prior to strip down for transport.
The units are currently being commissioned at a UK data Centre.

Cummins C2000D5 pic-2 Cummins C2000D5 pic-3 Cummins C2000D5 pic-4
Cummins C2250D5 pic-1

UK Data Centre success (2 of 2). - May 2015

Cummins C2250D5 pic-2 Cummins C2250D5 pic-3 Cummins C2250D5 pic-4
Cummins C175D5 pic-1

Reseller Sales. - May 2015

This Cummins 175Kva enclosed diesel generator was despatched to one of our UK resellers..

Cummins C175D5 pic-2 Cummins C175D5 pic-3 Cummins C175D5 pic-4 Cummins C175D5 pic-5
Advanced Telecoms pic-1

Another Telecoms Set. - April 2015

Another standard diesel generator is converted at ADVANCED with modified telecoms specification control panel and fuel transfer system.

Advanced Telecoms pic-2 Advanced Telecoms pic-3 Advanced Telecoms pic-4 Advanced Telecoms pic-5
250KW Scania 1

NHS Power. - April 2015

Another generator and housing is supplied to the NHS hospital network, this one will run 24/7 on Bio Diesel as a trial for the next 18 months, The 250KW Scania generator will provide Combined heat and power.
The whole package was designed and built at ADVANCED.

250KW Scania 2 250KW Scania Bio Fuel Generator Bio Fuel Generator 2
Advanced Fuel Tank pic-1

Fuel Tanks. - April 2015

Two double skinned bulk fuel tanks leave our works, which were designed and manufactured by ADVANCED for a UK Generator re-seller.

Advanced Fuel Tank pic-2 Advanced Fuel Tank pic-3 Advanced Fuel Tank pic-4 Advanced Fuel Tank pic-5
Advanced Switchgear pic-1

More big boxes. - April 2015

Two more massive ADVANCED designed & built switchgear modular buildings are loaded to transport, after final inspection and testing by the client. They are now well on their way to be installed on a site in Sweden.

Advanced Switchgear pic-2 Advanced Switchgear pic-3 Advanced Switchgear pic-4 Advanced Switchgear pic-5
1550kVA Perkins pic-1

Two's a pair. - April 2015

These two 1550kVA Perkins generators were packaged into ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosures to reach a sound rating of 75dBA at 1 Meter. They are to be installed next week at an NHS Hospital near Hinchingbrooke.

1550kVA Perkins pic-2 1550kVA Perkins pic-3 1550kVA Perkins pic-4 1550kVA Perkins pic-5
Increased Production pic-1

Increasing Production. - April 2015

With the introduction of a second shift and the further increase in work load, we had no choice but to purchase more machinery to increase production. The increase in machinery will create six more jobs across the two shifts, the operators will be fully trained to use this state of the art Rico CNC 4 metre press brake around the clock producing and feeding parts to the assembly bays.

Increased Production pic-2 Increased Production pic-3
NHS Plant Room pic-1

NHS Plant Room. - April 2015

A Match pair of Cummins 900kVA diesel generators were fitted to ADVANCED designed & fabricated double skinned base fuel tanks. Attenuators, Exhausts silencers & pipes were also manufactured at ADVANCED. The whole kit is now on site being installed at an NHS hospital in Leicester.

NHS Plant Room pic-2 NHS Plant Room pic-3 NHS Plant Room pic-4 NHS Plant Room pic-5
Switch-room pic-1

Modular buildings. - April 2015

One of two ADVANCED designed & Manufactured Modular switchgear rooms was despatched to a site in Scotland, where the switchgear will be fitted and wired to site.

Switch-room pic-2 Switch-room pic-3 Switch-room pic-4 Switch-room pic-5
Switch-room pic-1

Modular Switchroom No 2. - April 2015

The second unit is loaded to the transport, with the units being oversized they have to travel out of peak times and with escort vehicle from and rear.

Switch-room pic-2 Switch-room pic-3 Switch-room pic-4
3000L Fuel Tank pic-1

A Lorry load of tanks. - April 2015

These 5 off 3000 litre ADVANCED designed & built double skinned bulk fuel tanks will be raised and positioned on a London rooftop this week ahead of the five super silent 350kVA Volvo diesel generators that will follow in a few weeks time.

3000L Fuel Tank pic-2 3000L Fuel Tank pic-3 3000L Fuel Tank pic-4 3000L Fuel Tank pic-5
Switchgear pic-1

End of the month squeeze. - March 2015

These four purpose built UPS modular enclosures were finished and loaded to meet some very tight site schedules, Our installation teams are now on site ready to accept these units and have them installed and commissioned by the end of next Month.

Switchgear pic-2 Switchgear pic-3 Switchgear pic-4 Switchgear pic-5
Modular Switchroom pic-1

UPS Modular building No. 2. - March 2015

Modular Switchroom pic-2 Modular Switchroom pic-3 Modular Switchroom pic-4 Modular Switchroom pic-5
Modular Housings

UPS Modular building No. 3. - March 2015

Modular Housings pic-2 Modular Housings pic-3 Modular Housings pic-4 Modular Housings pic-5
Modular Building pic-1

UPS Modular building No. 4. - March 2015

Modular Building pic-2 Modular Building pic-3 Modular Building pic-4 Modular Building pic-5
FG Wilson 65kVA pic-1

The remaining few. - March 2015

This ADVANCED modified Perkins open diesel generator was one of a few despatched this week just before the month end. 65kVA set – on it's way to a telephone exchange near you……

FG Wilson 65kVA pic-2 FG Wilson 65kVA pic-3 FG Wilson 65kVA pic-4
Plant Room pic-1

Plant Room Installations. - March 2015

Shown being loaded is the full installation package, a 1400kVA open Cummins diesel generator, Exhaust system, ADVANCED designed & built double skinned bulk fuel tank, inlet & outlet attenuators etc….
Being installed at an NHS hospital.

Plant Room pic-2 Plant Room pic-3 Plant Room pic-4
Himoinsa pic-1

More coloured sets. - March 2015

This matched pair of Himoinsa enclosed 590kVA diesel generators were repainted at our works to suit the clients existing surrounding buildings. They were fitted onto an ADVANCED designed & built 2500 Litre double skinned bulk base fuel tank.

Himoinsa pic-2 Himoinsa pic-3 Himoinsa pic-4 Himoinsa pic-5
Cummins 1000kVA pic-1

Red and Yellow and …………. - March 2015

The three red Cummins 1100kVA open diesel generators are despatched to the same site as the yellow ones a few weeks ago.

Cummins 1000kVA pic-2 Cummins 1000kVA pic-3 Cummins 1000kVA pic-4 Cummins 1000kVA pic-5
Cummins 200kVA Silent pic-1

UK Reseller Sales. - March 2015

This 200kVA silent Cummins diesel generator was sold and despatched to one of our many UK resellers.

Cummins 200kVA Silent pic-2 Cummins 200kVA Silent pic-3
Perkins 50kVA Telecoms pic-1

More telecoms. - March 2015

A second telecoms set is despatched today this one a 50kVA Perkins with the usual telecoms alterations.

Perkins 50kVA Telecoms pic-2 Perkins 50kVA Telecoms pic-3 Perkins 50kVA Telecoms pic-4 Perkins 50kVA Telecoms pic-5
University Power pic-1

University Power. - March 2015

This 330kVA Cummins diesel generator was up fitted at ADVANCED with an automatic mains transfer switch and controls. The generator will provide back up power at a laboratory on the Birmingham university site.

University Power pic-2
Telecoms South pic-1

Telecoms continuation. - March 2015

A Perkins 150kVA is upfitted by ADVANCED to the telecoms specification and despatched to a south UK telephone exchange for install.

Telecoms South pic-2 Telecoms South pic-3
containerised switch room pic-1

Data Centre Switchgear Rooms. - March 2015

These 4 off ADVANCED designed & Built containerised switch rooms will be fitted out on site with the critical switchgear to operate one of the many data halls at a UK Data Centre.

containerised switch room pic-2 containerised switch room pic-3 containerised switch room pic-4 containerised switch room pic-5
NHS Generator pic-1

NHS Power. - March 2015

This Cummins 825kVA diesel generator is now being installed in a plant room at an NHS Hospital near Bradford.

Cummins Africa pic-1

Exports to Africa. - March 2015

Another container was loaded this week destine for Africa. Inside are three Cummins Diesel generators, 825kVA & 150kVA open and a 150kVA silent unit.

Cummins Africa pic-2 Cummins Africa pic-3 Cummins Africa pic-4
UK Data Centre pic-1

Data Success. - March 2015

A further three colour coded Cummins 900kVA containerised units are despatched to a UK data Centre.

UK Data Centre pic-2 UK Data Centre pic-3 UK Data Centre pic-4
Lube Oil Tank pic-

Lube Oil Tank. - March 2015

These lube oil make up tanks will follow the six generators to site that were repainted to the same colour scheme.

Africa Generators pic-1

Africa getting busy. - March 2015

This shipping container was loaded with several Cummins standard diesel generators and shipped to our reseller in West Africa.

Africa Generators pic-2
Holiday Park Generator pic-1

UK Sales. - March 2015

This 500kVA diesel generator is now being installed at a popular UK holiday park extension, ready for the summer months. The generator will act as standby to the mains to keep the campers happy.

LV & HV Switchgear pic-1

More Big Boxes. - March 2015

Milestones are passed every day of the week now obtaining accreditation from the governing bodies to produce these sort of boxes to the highest of standards as more and more clients choose ADVANCED as their preferred supplier. Shown is one of four units due to despatch during March. The unit has been fitted out at our works by the client with HV & LV switch panels.

LV & HV Switchgear pic-2 LV & HV Switchgear pic-3
Grain Drying pic-1

Corn. - March 2015

This 90kVA Cummins enclosed generator is to be installed at a grain drying farm in Northallerton.

Double Skinned Fuel Tank pic-1

Fuel Tanks. - March 2015

No matter the size, colour or configuration – our tank manufacturing bays are now in full production 24 hours a day to cope with the demand. These two 40,000 Litre double skinned units are heading for a private hospital in the south of England.

Bunded Fuel Tanks pic-2 40000 Litre Fuel Tank pic-3
Switch-Gear pic-1

Switchgear Housings. - March 2015

Around 28 switchgear housings are currently in production for different clients, this unit was designed & Manufactured by ADVANCED and fitted out with HV & LV switchgear by the client at our works before being despatched.

Switch-Gear pic-2 Switch-Gear pic-3 Switch-Gear pic-4 Switch-Gear pic-5
African Power pic-1

African power. - March 2015

Another shipment of Cummins open diesel generators are packaged into a shipping container bound for our African agent, who eagerly awaits the delivery as all units are pre-sold. 4 off Cummins 220kVA units and 1 x 900kVA.

African Power pic-2 African Power pic-3 African Power pic-4
Telecoms Contract pic-1

Telecoms Contract. - March 2015

Another Perkins telecoms modified generator leaves the works for a telephone exchange in Shropshire.

Telecoms Contract pic-2
National Grid Power pic-1

Number 38. - February 2015

And finally number 38 of the order leaves our works now that space has been made on site for it.
This Cummins 550kVA will join the others on site to provide short term power as and when the grid demands.

National Grid Power pic-2 National Grid Power pic-3
Stainless Steel Enclosure pic-1

Stainless Steel. - February 2015

The specification for the ongoing Telecoms contract ramps up a notch, with this ADVANCED designed & built 316 Stainless steel enclosure for a Cummins 22kVA diesel generator.
The generator is to be located close to the sea front so will endure a very harsh environment.

Stainelss Steel Canopy pic-2 Stainelss Steel Canopy pic-3 Stanless Steel Enclosure pic-4
Yellow Power pic-1

Colours of the rainbow. - February 2015

Six New Cummins 1100kVA diesel generators needed to be colour coded from the usual Cummins green – three yellow and three red, together with an additional extension to the base frame. The yellow ones are now on their way to site with the red ones to follow shortly.

Yellow Power pic-2 Yellow Power pic-3 Yellow Power pic-4 Yellow Power pic-5
Switch room pic-1

Switchgear Housings 1 of 3. - February 2015

These three 9 x 4 x 3 meter ADVANCED designed & built switchgear housings will be used for the national Grid telecoms, control & protection rooms, as part of an ongoing order.

Switch room pic-2 Switch room pic-3 Switch room pic-4 Switch room pic-5
Switch Gear Housing pic-1

Switchgear Housings 2 of 3. - February 2015

Switch Gear Housing pic-2 Switch Gear Housing pic-3 Switch Gear Housing pic-4 Switch Gear Housing pic-5
Modular Housing picture-1

Switchgear Housings 3 of 3. - February 2015

Modular Housing picture-2 Modular Housing picture-3
Leamington Spa Generator pic-1

Telecoms despatch. - February 2015

Another ADVANCED modified Perkins 550kVA diesel generator leaves the works bound for a telecoms switch room in Leamington Spa.

Leamington Spa Diesel Generator pic-2 Leamington Spa Telecoms pic-3
Headingly Telecoms

Telecoms. - February 2015

Another ADVANCED modified telecoms 275Kva Perkins generator is despatched for install at a site near Headingly.

Telecoms Diesel Generator Telecoms Diesel Power
Factory Power

Sweet success. - February 2015

This 110kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator will be installed at one of the Haribo UK sweet factories.

Factory Generator Haribo Factory Sweet Factory Generator Haribo
Data Centre Generator

Stack em High…. - February 2015

Here are a few pictures of the installation of six 900kVA Cummins sets in ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosures & fuel tanks.
When space is tight – ADVANCED have the answers…

Data Centre Generator 1 Data Centre Generator 2 Data Centre Generator 3 Data Centre Generator 4
Horse Racing Power

On site at the races. - February 2015

Now fully commissioned these 550kVA Cummins diesel generators & bulk base fuel tanks will make sure the bookies keep the cash flowing and the track lit for the horses to find their way.

Racecourse Generator Race Course Power Chelmsford Racecourse Betting Power
St Pauls Power

Flying high above the streets of London. - February 2015

This ADVANCED designed & built 250kVA 70dBA @ 1mtr Volvo diesel generator, is currently being installed at St. Paul’s London

St Pauls Generator Power In London London Generator Generator In London
African Export

Export Sales. - February 2015

These three Cummins diesel generators were loaded in to a shipping container bound for our client in Africa, the sets will be installed at three Gold mines, for prime power. 900,330 & 170kVA Cummins.

Gold Mine Power Mining Generator Mining Power
Telecoms Power

Telecoms Power. - February 2015

This Cat 900kVA diesel generator controls were modified at ADVANCED to meet the stringent telecoms specification.
Part of our ongoing nationwide contract.

Telecoms Backup Power Telecomunications Backup Power Telecomunications Power Telecoms Generator
Surgical Power

Surgical Precision. - February 2015

This 500kVA Cummins diesel generator will provide backup power to a medical equipment sterilising facility in the southern part of England.
Shipped with the unit was an 800Amp auto change over panel designed & built by ADVANCED

Medical Power Medical Backup Power
Data Centre Power

Data Centres. - February 2015

These three matching (apart from the coloured doors!) Cummins 900kVA diesel generators are part of an ongoing program for a UK based Data Centre provider.

Server Power Website Backup Power Cummins Data Centre Power Data Centre Backup
Supermarket Power pic-1

Supermarket Power. - February 2015

This Perkins 2200kVA diesel generator was fitted into its ADVANCED designed & built 85 dBA enclosure and tested at our works.
Now being installed at a supermarket in Andover UK.

Supermarket Power pic-2 Supermarket Power pic-3 Supermarket Power pic-4 Supermarket Power pic-5
Mining Generator

Austria Mining Part 2. - February 2015

The second Cummins 2000kVA diesel generator is completed, tested and despatched on time to meet up with the first unit on site that left our works last week.

Generator for mining Mining Power Power for mining
Cummins C250D5 Silent

Turkey Exports. - February 2015

This Cummins Enclosed 250kVA diesel generator was sold to a UK client who has a manufacturing facility in Turkey.

Cummins 250kva Silent
Switchgear Enclosure Advanced

Custom Enclosures. - February 2015

This matching pair of ADVANCED designed & built switchgear enclosures are part of an order for eighteen units.
Now on their way to site to be fitted out with LV & HV switchgear.

Advanced Switchgear Enclosure Switch gear Enclosure Enclosed Switchgear Switch gear Enclosure Advanced
Cummins 2000kVA Diesel Generator

Austria Mining. - January 2015

A match pair of Cummins 2000 Kva diesel generators packaged in 45 foot ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosures, are to provide primary power at a Austrian mining and construction site. Shown here is the first one leaving the works.

Cummins Diesel Generator 2000kVA Diesel Generator C2000kVA Cummins Cummins 2000kVA Generator
P110-3 silent type generator

Reseller Sales. - January 2015

This Perkins 110kva silent diesel generator was up fitted at ADVANCED with an additional bund & skirt & shipped to one of our many resellers in the Uk.

P110-3 silent generator P110-3 perkinsgenerator P110-3 silent perkins generator P110-3 perkins silent type generator
Cummins 1400 D5 in a 40ft Container

NHS Power - January 2015

This ADVANCED custom built acoustic enclosure housing a Cummins 1400Kva diesel generator is to provide emergency back up power at a hospital near Bristol.

Generator model Cummins 1400 D5 in a 40ft Container C1400 D5 in a 40ft Container  Cummins 1400 D5 40ft Container
20ft switch gear housing

Switchgear housings of all sizes. - January 2015

This Solar farm switchgear housing shown being loaded at our Pontefract works will be installed near Sussex and act as the connection point between the vast array of solar panels and the national grid.

20ft switchgear housing Switchgear in 20ft housing 20ft housing for switchgear
PS5031 Generator Set

Telecoms. - January 2015

The contract for the telecoms ADVANCED modified generators will continue throughout the year.

PS5031 Generating Set
Cummins 110Kva

Exeter Council Power. - January 2015

After suffering from numerous power outages, the decision was made to install this Cummins 110Kva diesel generator at the Civic Centre.

Enclosed Cummins 110Kva Enclosed Diesel Cummins 110Kva Cummins 110Kva Diesel Generators
Silent Cummins Generator

Quarry Power. - January 2015

These two Cummins Diesel Generators, (110 & 220Kva) are to be used in a stone quarry in Warrington.

Silent Cummins Diesel Generator  Silent Cummins Diesel Generator