2012 News Articles

65kVA generator for environment agency water management

65kVA Generator - Water Management - December 2012

Now shipped is this 65kVA generator with a built in retention bund tray, louvres and silencer. The system was despatched to a water management site in Leicestershire and will be operating in a plant room.

Gas generators for pet food manufacturer

Enclosure Manufacturing at ADE Ltd. - December 2012

Our first 6 bays in the factory are currently very busy. Each bay has a custom designed enclosure in it. These steel enclosures will eventually be used to house generators and switched electrical distribution units. All the enclosures shown here are for repeat orders from satisfied customers.

2 x 800kVA generators for Gatwick Airport

2 x 800kVA Generator Enclosures - December 2012

2 Identical 800kVA generators, housed in bespoke acoustic enclosures ship to Gatwick Airport.

Cummins 110kVA generator for emergency lighting power

Cummins C110 Generator - December 2012

Emergency lighting is essential in large public buildings such as shopping centres or stadiums. If there is a power failure in a crowded building there has to be some way of lighting the exits and walkways, to ensure people can find their way out safely. This Cummins 110kVA generator will be providing stand by power for a shopping centre in Nottinghamshire, England.

Switchgear Enclosures for Solar project

Enclosures Batch 2 - Solar Farm Project - December 2012

The second batch of switchgear enclosures for a solar farm project are shipped. Three units were shipped in this batch.

UPS Enclosure for UK airport

3 x 500kVA UPS Enclosures - UK Airport - December 2012

The three boxes leaving the ADE premises are for a major competitor to Virgin airlines and will be seen by thousands of people as they fly off from Heathrow airport. The UPS enclosures, manufactured by ADE Ltd, will be providing power protection for critical systems at the UK's busiest airport. "To enclose is to serve"...ADE Ltd

Generator for UK air traffic control

ADE Power Box - 20' - December 2012

This acoustic enclosure was built to house a generator which will be powering critical systems at a UK air traffic control centre. The noise rating was specified by the client to reach no more than 75dB(A) at one metre. The enclosure comfortably met the requirements.

Cummins C275 generator

Mining Auxiliary Power - December 2012

A standard Cummins C275 enclosed generator is shipped to West Africa to provide auxiliary power for a mining operation. This is a repeat order from one of our regular clients.

Cummins C250 generator

Backup Generator - Ho Chi Minh City - December 2012

Another standard Cummins generator, this time a C250, is shipped to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in Vietnam. This generator will be providing emergency backup power for a manufacturing plant.

Switchgear Enclosure for Solar project

Switchgear Enclosures - Solar Project - December 2012

The first three of fifteen specially designed switchgear enclosures are shipped from ADE. All these enclosures will be used as power distribution hubs for a solar farm project.

40ft Enclosure for Free Issued Genset

40ft Enclosure for Free Issued Genset - December 2012

For a regular client this repeat build 40ft container, complete with an integral 2,000ltr tank was designed and built in only 4 weeks for installation at a UK location.

Generator for UK Supermarket Chain

Generator for UK Supermarket Chain - December 2012

This is our second 30ft Acoustic container to be despatched for a project which will provide power for a major supermarket chain. This container was designed to achieve 85dBA@1m when fitted with a free issue 1mVA prime powered generator.

40ft African Mining Generator

40ft African Mining Generator - November 2012

An acoustic 40ft container, for a mine in Africa, is part of our high power design range. By installing the 50deg radiator horizontally, we were able to fit both the radiator and 2mVA generator within a standard 40ft high cube ISO. See below item for fuel system solution.

26,000 Litre Bulk Fuel Tank

26,000 Litre Bulk Fuel Tank - November 2012

The above plant was complemented by a 26,000 litre bulk fuel tank housed within a separate 20ft enclosure. Innovative design made this power plant ideal for straightforward shipment to its final destination in Africa. When onsite, the containerised solution will allow for easy positioning and apertures in the container ensure trouble-free pipe work connection.   

Olympian GEP165-1

Olympian GEP165-1 - November 2012

A standard Olympian 165kVA enclosed generator fitted with an additional bund tray. This is a repeat order for a customer based in Wales.

Gas generator and control panels

20ft Bespoke Generator Enclosure - November 2012

0This bespoke preassembled unit designed by ADE was built for a MWM TCG2016V12 600kWe generator to fit into a unique underground location for a major energy provider. Installation required removal of the roof for access and everything craned into position. The equipment was shipped to site in three units to be reassembled in situ.

Olympian GEP110 with custom ATS panel

900kVA Telecomms Generator - November 2012

A telecomms company offering the new 4G network required a 900kVA generator for their new site in South Yorkshire. The generator system is housed in a 30ft acoustic container and includes a 2,000 litre day tank inside the container (see news item below).

Olympian GEP110 with custom ATS panel

Telecomms Fuel System - November 2012

Three x 12,000 litre fuel tanks are supplied as part of the telecomms installation (above). Three complete systems including fuel polishers, gauges and pumps were supplied in a single unit. This allows the use of any one tank should any part of the system fail or be under maintenance at the time of operation.

40 foot switch gear enclosure

Switchgear Enclosure - November 2012

Another repeat order for a 40' switchgear enclosure is shipped to one of our clients. This unit was shipped empty and will have all relevant switch panels fitted on site.

ATS panels for generators

ATS Panels - November 2012

17 x ADE designed and manufactured custom ATS panels are supplied to a large communications company as part of their generator support system upgrade.

5000 litre steel fuel tank

5,000 Litre Fuel Tank - November 2012

A 5,000 litre fuel tank is supplied as part of the generator support system upgrade for a large communications company. (see above item).

2000 litre steel fuel tank

2,000 Litre Fuel Tank - November 2012

A 2,000 litre fuel tank is supplied, again as part of the generator support system upgrade for a large communications company.

Bespoke 2150 litre fuel tank

2,150 Litre Fuel Tank - November 2012

All necessary civil works were completed by ADE before we delivered, installed and commissioned this fuel tank for a UK rail network operator.

Olympian 400kVA diesel generator

Olympian GEP400 - November 2012

This standard Olympian GEP400 generator was supplied to a UK building services company. Shipped with the generator were three 40 amp changeover panels and a first fill of fuel.

Two Olympian GEP50's with extended 900L fuel tanks

2 x Olympian GEP50's & 900L Base Tanks - November 2012

Two stock Olympian GEP50 Enclosed generators are modified to hold 900 litres of fuel. The generators were also supplied with custom 32 amp sockets.

Olympian GEP110 with custom ATS panel

Olympian GEP110 - November 2012

A stock Olympian GEP110 Enclosed generator this set has been supplied complete with an ATS Panel.

Multiple generators for engineering company

Multiple Generator Shipment - November 2012

A multi order of standard Olympian and FG Wilson enclosed generators to be exported, the despatch included 2 of each Olympian GEH275 and GEP110 generators and a further 10 FG Wilson P22 sets.

Containerised generator supplied to Sainsburys for standby power application

Generator for Supermarket - November 2012

A 30 foot (9m) ISO container is modified, installed with Perkins 4008TAG2a and provide a Noise rating of 85dBA @ 1 meter for a Main Stream Supermarket Chain. This is the first of 2 sets to be supplied for this project.

Switchgear enclosure for switchgear manufacturer

Large Switchgear Enclosure - November 2012

The fourth Switchgear enclosure of an order for four, this 13.5m long canopy is shown in fabrication. We are now working on the next set of projects for this customer.

Standby generator for supermarket chain

Generator for Supermarket - October 2012

A 40 foot (12m) ISO container is modified, installed with Perkins 4012-46TWG2A and provides a noise rating of 85dBA @ 1 meter for a mainstream supermarket chain.

Olympian GEP165

Olympian GEP165 - October 2012

A standard enclosed Olympian GEP165 genset, part of the project below. (HMP).

Steel bunded fuel tank

Fuel Tank for HMP Project - October 2012

This Fuel tank is part of an installation package with Genset and associated Attenuation and Plant Room equipment installed as part of an HMP Prison, standby power installation.

Custom enclosure for free issued gas generator

Custom Enclosure for Gas Generator - October 2012

This bespoke build canopy has been designed for a MWM TCG2020V16 11kV generator and has roof mounted Radiators, silencer system and walkways. A large energy provider based in Ireland free issued the engine to ADE and will be delivering the system to a UK water authority. This design has now been added to our standard build portfolio.

Five metre steel fabricated electrical switch room

5 Metre Switchgear Canopy - October 2012

The third switchgear canopy out of an order of four being 5 meters in length.

Twenty foot generator container

20ft Generator Container - October 2012

Ready for despatch is 20ft modified ADE Standard Powerbox, this houses a FG Wilson P65 Genset. The enclosure is built to a noise rating of 75dBA @ 1 meter for this set also has a 2,000 litre tank to feed the set, making it a self contained unit.

Cummins C175 resprayed in Agate grey

Cummins C175 - September 2012

A standard Cummins C175 generator is repainted in Agate Grey. The unit is now on site at a Biogas company, providing standby power for critical systems.

Switchgear Enclosure

Switchgear Enclosure - September 2012

Number two of an order for four switchgear containers leaves ADE.

Multiple generators for cold conditions

Sub Zero Generator Test - September 2012

The very casual looking team behind a project involving multiple medium sized generators for a British telecoms company. Pictured in the ADE yard, these units have just returned from a test centre where they were exposed and tested under sub zero conditions, to ensure opearation on site in various weather conditions.

Containerised MWM Gas generator

Gas Powered Generator - September 2012

A 40 foot (12m) ISO container is modified, shot blasted and painted to WIMES specification. A large energy provider based in Ireland free issued the engine to ADE and will be delivering the system to a UK water authority.

Cummins 330kVA generator with cylindrical fuel tank

330kVA Generator & Fuel Tank - September 2012

330kVA Cummins generator for military application. Supplied with a 10,000 litre cylindrical fuel tank. The unit was also fitted with a custom ATS panel.

SDMO V550 with bulk fuel tank and custom ATS panel

550kVA Volvo Powered Generator - September 2012

A standard enclosed Volvo powered generator is fitted with a custom ATS panel and supplied with an ADE 'compact type' 7 day bulk fuel tank. This system will be used for fire training exercises in Northumbria.

Single phase generator for domestic use

25kVA Domestic Power Generator - September 2012

A Mitsubishi powered, single phase, 25kVA generator is sold to a private residence. The generator has been fitted with a custom ATS panel and will be used to provide power for security systems and standby power in case of a power cut.

Switchgear enclosure

Steel Switchgear Container - August 2012

Another 30ft switchgear container leaves the ADE factory. Twin fans, security system, flourescent lighting and building management system were all included in this build for a UK switchgear company.

Silenced diesel generator

175kVA Cummins Generator - August 2012

A standard 175kVA Cummins powered generator is given a coat of grey paint, as per the customers specification. This gen-set was also supplied with a 7 day fuel tank.

6000 litre fully welded steel bunded fuel tank

6000 Litre Fuel Tank - August 2012

This fully welded steel bunded fuel tank was supplied to an existing customer to provide added autonomy to a generator purchased from ADE last year.

Generator supplied to ASDA supermarkets

1250kVA Standby Generator - August 2012

Providing standby power with 8 hours autonomy, this 1250kVA generator is now on site at a UK ASDA store. The enclosure is noise rated at 80dB(A) @ one metre.

Containerised 1000kVA Perkins generator

1000kVA Perkins Powered Generator - August 2012

A free issued Perkins 4008 series, 1000kVA generator is installed in a purpose built enclosure by ADE Ltd. The enclosure is constructed using a modified ISO shipping container. To keep the footprint to a minimum, due to on site requirements, the air inlet and outlet are positioned on the roof. (Inlet shown on fork truck).

Data centre generators

14MVA Synchronised Standby Power - August 2012

The first eight of sixteen, 900kVA Cummins powered generators in sound proof enclosures. Shown here on load test at the ADE factory. These generators (along with the remaining 8 in the workshop) will be shipped to the Netherlands in September.

Standby generator for a hospital

Hospital Power - July 2012

Enclosure built to noise specification of 75dba @1 meter. The enclosure is fitted with a free issued Perkins 800kVA gen-set. Delivered to Crosshouse Hospital for stand by duty.

HV and LV switchgear containers

Switchgear Enclosures - July 2012

Two of a total of four enclosures for a high profile European switchgear company. Shown here in the early stages of construction at the ADE factory.

Shot blasted 40 foot container

Having a Blast! - July 2012

A forty foot ISO container returns to ADE following a full shot blast. The container was shot blasted to help the paint adhere to the surface, giving the paint finish a much longer life span.

Paul Blything joins Advanced Diesel Engineering

ADE Welcomes Paul Blything - June 2012

The world famous Paul Blything has been appointed as ADE International Sales manager. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and will undoubtedly be a great asset. We look forward to sitting on our hands whilst Paul brings in all the new work!

75 bunded bulk fuel storage tanks

75 Bulk Fuel Tanks - June 2012

ADE have fulfilled an order for 75 bulk fuel storage tanks and wall mounted ATS panels. The tank capacities ranged from 3,000 to 45,000 litres. This large order has been completed in less than six months of the order being placed.

Rock Wool

Rocking the Rock Wool - June 2012

Part of a large delivery of Rock Wool, used in the silencing of our generator systems. Hopefully this delivery will see us through the day.

Cummins C150 generator with custom fuel tank

Modified Cummins Generator - June 2012

A standard Cummins C150 has been modified by ADE and now features an 18 hour local fuel tank.

Generators under construction

Container Fabrication - June 2012

Four of eight 20 foot containers in the first stages of fabrication. These containers will house Cummins 900kVA generators and are for a Data Centre in the Netherlands.

Cummins 2250

3 x Cummins 2250 - June 2012

A 2250 shown prepared for load testing at our factory test facility. This generator is one of three Cummins 2250kVA units to be sent to Bristol Royal Infirmary, they will be despatched along with three bulk fuel storage tanks.

Olympian GEP550 in refurbished container

GEP550 in Refurbished Container - June 2012

An existing client supplied us with a generator container in need of some TLC. We refurbished the container and installed a new Olympian GEP550 generator. This unit will be providing stand by power for a UK data centre.

Refurbished generator container with new Deep Sea control units

Refurbished Generator - June 2012

Another generator refurb. Initially, this unit was sanded back and resprayed on the exterior. We also installed two new Deep Sea control units to give greater control over the twin generators installed in the enclosure. This unit belongs to a large UK generator hire company.

Olympian GEP 88

Olympian GEP88 - May 2012

Another Olympian generator is shipped. This 88kVA stand by unit is on route to a farm in South Wales.

uk bunded fuel tanks

10,000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank - May 2012

A 10,000 litre bunded fuel tank is shipped to a UK Police authority for their existing stand by generator installation.

switchgear enclosures

Switchgear Enclosures - May 2012

Three enclosures ready to ship, specifically designed for a large European HV transformer and switchgear company.

Cummins C220 generator

Cummins C220 Generator - May 2012

Provided to a UK pharmeceutical company based near London, for stand by operation in case of a power failure.

Olympian generators

Olympian Generators - May 2012

20 Olympian generators are supplied to a reseller in North Africa.

Generator exhaust silencers

Exhaust Stock - May 2012

Four new box type exhaust systems are built in preparation for a large upcoming container project.

generator container

Generator Installation - May 2012

A 1650kVA generator installation at a UK Data Centre.

generator container

80dB(A) @1m - MTU Generator - May 2012

This 1250kVA stand by generator includes an 8 Hour Fuel Tank, an acoustic container rated at 80dBA @ 1mtr and G59 control and protection for mains short term synchronising, with no break return.

SDMO container

1250kVA MTU Generator Container - May 2012

Containerised MTU 1250kVA stand by generator. This containerised system will be shipped with an 11,000 litre 'belly' fuel tank.

Steel walkway

Steel Walkway - May 2012

A galvanised steel walkway awaits delivery to a Data centre site. Our diverse product range serves as a reminder that ADE are much more than your average generator company. The walkway is part of a multi-stage project which includes generators, fuel tanks and UPS systems.

Switchgear Enclosure

Switchgear Container - April 2012

The first of three custom fabricated enclosures leaves the ADE factory.These enclosures are built to house free issued electrical distribution equipment.

Oil rig fire pump

Large Pump Station Two - April 2012

Another pump housing for a free issued CAT engine. This is the second pump station for the South China Seas oil rig project.

Switchgear container

Switchgear Container - April 2012

A converted 20' ISO container, designed specifically to accommodate a bespoke switchgear panel arrangement. Included in the build were: internal lighting, RCD protected 13 AMP sockets, electric heater and a 4 way consumer unit.

Cummins generators delivered to ADE

Cummins C1100 Generator Delivery - April 2012

Two Cummins 1100kVA stand by generators are delivered to ADE for the modifcation of the control panels, breakers and engine management systems. They are to be utilised in a plant room and will be providing emergency power for a UK hospital.

John Deere Generators

3 x 44kVA John Deere Generators - April 2012

These three John Deere powered generators are loaded onto a lorry and delivered to a UK based generator dealer.

Oil rig fire pump

Large Pump Station - April 2012

A pump housing for a free issued CAT engine. This pump station (1 of 2) will be situated on a drilling platform destined for the South China seas. It will be used in emergency conditions only and is unrestrained. The engine will continue to pump sea water at full power, onto the rig, in the event of a fire.

650kVA MTU Generator

650kVA MTU Generator for Plant Room - April 2012

A Police authority based in the north of England has just taken delivery of this 650kVA MTU generator. Shipped with the generator were air inlet/outlet attenuators, a 24,000 litre bulk fuel tank, custom controls and various fire protection equipment.

4500kVA Generator Installation

4500kVA Stand by Generators - March 2012

Two more CAT 2250kVA Ultra-Silenced generators for use as a stand by power system for a UK Data Centre. main: Noise attenuators leaving ADE factory. inset: Generators positioned on site.

Data Centre Generator Installation

4500kVA Stand by Generators - March 2012

Two Ultra-Silenced Caterpillar generators for use as stand by power systems at a large UK supermarket site. These generators are housed in custom built enclosures with a combined noise level of less than 70dBA when running at 100% load output. Each generator is situated on top of it's own 13,000 litre fuel tank.

Fuel tank and noise attenuator

3000 Litre Tank - March 2012

A 3000 litre fuel tank, a noise attenuator and a weather louvre are loaded ready for delivery. These items were utilised in a generator plant room upgrade at a hospital.

1100kva Data Centre Installation

1800kVA Data Centre Installation - March 2012

Two acoustically treated generators (1 x 700kVA and 1 x 1100kVA) are delivered to site along with fuel tanks, cabling and pipe work. This project involved the supply and installation of a stand by power solution for a Data Centre owned by a large UK supermarket chain.

10 foot generator container

10ft Power Box - March 2012

A Perkins 65kVA stand by generator is supplied in this 10ft container.

John Deere diesil generator with custom ATS panel

J110 With Custom ATS - March 2012

A John Deere 110kVA stand by rated generator. Supplied to a UK control panel manufacturer.

two cummins deisel generators

Cummins Generators - March 2012

Cummins C1100 and C1400 generators supplied to a large UK utility company.

modified CAT Olympian generator

Modified Olympian Generators - March 2012

Each generator was supplied and fitted with a 32A, three phase 5 pin, 400V socket and 3 x 16A, single phase 3 pin 240V sockets. All sockets were supplied with individual circuit breaker protection. These generators were supplied to a Yorkshire based Environmental Engineering company.

VOLVO generator

375kVA Volvo Generator - February 2012

A Volvo TAD941GE water cooled diesel generator with an extended (1200L) fuel tank is despatched to a UK based Golf Club manufacturer.

Yorkshire Post Advert

2012 Advertising Campaign - February 2012

ADE kicks off the 2012 advertising campaign by putting generator offers in the Yorkshire Post. The ADE advert issue is out on Thursday 1st March.

CAT 3516 generators

CAT 3516 - 2250kVA Generator Delivery - February 2012

Two CAT generators are delivered to ADE. These generators are to be installed in acoustic containers for an Edinburgh based generator company. The end user is an IT support company.

CAT generator

900kVA Caterpillar Generator - February 2012

Another 900kVA CAT generator leaves ADE. This canopied set was purchased by a generator reseller.

generators for mining

Gold Standard Generator - February 2012

ADE receives yet another order from one of our most prestigious clients. A further six 2250kVA sets are being containerised and will join the fourteen already on site powering an African gold mine.

Google logo

ADE Takes Number 1 Slot - February 2012

www.adeltd.co.uk (the ADE website) has taken number one position on Google search in the UK for the search term Diesel Generators.

400kVA caterpillar perkins diesel generator

CAT 400 - February 2012

A 400kva enclosed CAT set shown ready for shipping, complete with an extended base fuel tank (manufactured by ade) is now on its way to a deaf school in Wales.

Bulk fuel storage tank

Tank 67 of 75 - February 2012

The 67th bulk fuel tank (from a total of 75) leaves the factory for a UK hospital. We have now completed 67 of these fuel tanks and delivered them to site in less than 3 months.

Data Centre Generators

Centre de Données - February 2012

Ce générateur de système complexe, construit par Advanced Diesel Engineering, est désormais pleinement opérationnel après la comissioning finale à Paris, France. This complex generator system, built by Advanced Diesel Engineering, is now fully operational after the final comissioning  in Paris, France.

Large gas generator

Gas Generator - February 2012

The first of three gas generator containers is shown here almost complete in the ADE factory.

30ft Diesel Generator Container

Bespoke 30ft Container - February 2012

Another ADE designed and engineered bespoke acoustic container. This MTU based generator system has an 8 hour fuel tank, load cable junction panel and is noise rated to 80dB(A) at one metre.

Prepared for snow

Let it Snow - February 2012

This time we were prepared...

caterpillar Generator

900kVA CAT Generator - February 2012

A 900kVA CAT generator is shown here being loaded, ready for delivery to a UK based generator dealer and hire company.

Free issued generator container

Free Issued 500kVA Generator - February 2012

We were free issued with a 500kVA generator, shown here pre-delivery, in a new ADE designed and built acoustic container.

extended fuel tank

300kVA Generator - February 2012

Fitted with a custom fuel tank (700 litres) under the generator and supplied with an externally mounted 400A changeover panel, this generator system is now on site providing power for a large UK based dairy company.

switchgear container

Switchgear Container - January 2012

A custom designed new build container for a major switchgear company. Various equipment was fitted by ADE, including switch disconnector and LV electrical fittings.

perkins generator

Perkins Open Generator - January 2012

A 150kVA Perkins generator is packaged following a PDI and is shown in the ADE Power Box ready to be sent to the customer.

large fuel tank manufacturer

Generator & Fuel Tank - January 2012

A 900kVA Cummins generator is containerised by ADE and is shipped with a custom ADE fuel tank providing 75 hours autonomy. This system was designed and manufactured for a large UK based utilities company.

generators on lorry

Stock Generators - January 2012

Two standard gen-sets (a 275kVA and a 150kVA unit) are shown loaded for delivery to the UK Police for use as emergency stand by generators.

CAT Olympian Generator

165kVA CAT Olympian - January 2012

A 165kVA CAT Olympian generator is loaded for delivery to an environmental and engineering services company based in Wales.