2010 News Articles

two 1400kva cummins generators in containers

2 x Cummins C1400 Generators - December 2010

Identical containers, each housing a Cummins C1400 generator, are now complete and ready for dispatch. These generators will be providing stand by power at a private hospital in the London area. This was already a repeat order and ADE have also been selected as preferred generator suppliers for the contractors involved in the hospital project.

perkins 100kva diesel generator

Perkins 100kVA Silenced Generator - December 2010

This Perkins powered 100kVA silenced gen-set is now on site in Aldershot Supplied by ADE Ltd, the generator is providing stand by powerat a waste recycling plant.

2 x 500kva diesel generators stuck in the snow

Snow delays deliveries - December 2010

Due to leave this week, these generators are still awaiting collection by the client. The severe weather has affected most of the UK. No more snow is predicted for this weekend but temperatures are forecast to drop below -7 degrees centigrade.

2 x 500kva diesel generators

2 x 500kVA Silenced Generators - November 2010

Two 500kVA generators are PDI'd and ready to leave ADE for one of our prestigeous clients in South Wales.

220kVA generator for SA Robotics in Whitehaven

630kVA Silenced Generator - November 2010

Silenced, with an extended base fuel tank, this generator is now providing stand by power as a resident on a health authority site in Sheffield.

220kVA generator for SA Robotics in Whitehaven

220kVA Silenced Generator - November 2010

This silenced generator is now on site at a robotics engineering company in Whitehaven.

2 x 900 kVA silenced Perkins generators

2 x 900kVA Perkins Generators - November 2010

2 x 85dB(A) at 1 metre, perkins P900 FG Wilson gen-sets packaged for one of ADE's many partners.

brown thirty foot container

HMP Haverigg - November 2010

This 500kVA 30' (9m) containerised generator is ready to leave ADE for HMP Haverigg. Built to be super silent, the system runs at 65dB(A) at 1m.

three fourty foot container generators

3 x 40' Containerised Generators - November 2010

Shown here on load test is one of three 40' containerised generators with noise levels of 85dB(A)@1m and 50 degree ambient temperature radiators. Built for a client in Singapore with the end destination being Abu Dhabi. For use on a drilling rig.

ups container

ADE firmly Grounded in the World of U.P.S - October 2010

It is late October 2010 and ADE are establishing strong connections in the world of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our years of experience in the stand by generator power sector already includes countless UPS installations.However, we are now able to offer UPS installations as stand alone systems or indeed, as part of a wider generator project.

cummins c500 generator loading onto a lorry

Internet Service Provider - 640kVA - October 2010

A standard Cummins 640kVA open gen-set is loaded onto a lorry to be delivered to a large UK ISP. The generator will be located in a basement plant room. The installation and comissioning will be carried out by an electrical contractor, with the help of ADE's engineering and project management team.

cummins c150 canopied generator in small container

10 Foot Generator Container MkII - October 2010

Another ten foot (3.05m) secure, sound proof container is ready to leave ADE, this time with a 150kVA Canopied Cummins generator inside. This generator will now also be utilised on UK construction sites, providing power to welfare facilites for the workers.

cummins c22 generator

Cummins C22 for Wind Farm - October 2010

This Cummins standard C22 has been fitted with a duct to channel the airflow to the outside of it's plant room building. Also supplied were a set of ADE manufactured louvres for the outside wall of the building.

gas generators

Gas Generators - October 2010

Two further gas generators leave ADE, destined for waste processing sites. A third container was also shipped, loaded up with parts for the heat exchangers and exhaust silencers.

generator bund tray

C500 Custom Spill Tray - October 2010

A Cummins C500 has been fitted with a bund tray to hold any accidental spillages during it's life in operation on a farm in Sussex.

emergency sea water pumping station

Pump Station Canopies - September 2010

Two pump station canopies leaving ADE. These canopies are now providing fire proof enclosures for two pumping stations in a harbour in the Channel Islands. In case of a fire, the pumps are on stand by to provide an emergency supply of high pressure sea water. They are designed to run at full power and to supply the maximum volume of water possible, at all times.

pramac gsw 80

Pramac GSW80 Leaves ADE - September 2010

Every now and again... ADE ship a Pramac Gen-Set. This compact 80kVA Pramac generator is now providing stand by power for an industrial engine company in the UK.

cummins c80 canopied generator in small container

10 Foot Generator Container - September 2010

Housed in this secure, sound proof container is a 110kVA Canopied Cummins generator. In addition to providing a secure storage container, the generator was also silenced. to 65dB(A) at one meter. Shown here leaving our test bays, this generator will now be utilised on UK construction sites providing power to welfare facilites for the work force.

electrical engineer working on cables

2250kVA Generator Sub Station - September 2010

An ADE electrical engineer makes off cables in this containerised generator for HM Prisons. Inset is the container just one week previously. ADE project turn-around times are second to none. This generator will be providing stand by power for a low security prison complex in Yorkshire.

three cummins c1400 open generators

3 x Cummins C1400 - Training Hospital - September 2010

Three of five 1250kVA (prime power) C1400's in the workshop at ADE. These generators will be supplied to a training hospital in Kent, providing emergency / stand-by power. ADE manufactured the control panels using InteliSys technology, now the generators can run synchronised or singular, they will also integrate with the hospital's BMS system.

speedy hire rental generators refurbishment at ADE Ltd.

Speedy Hire Choose ADE Ltd. For Fleet Refurbishment - September 2010

A number of hire generators are now in the workshop at ADE. Speedy Hire, the esteemed generator rental company, have again chosen ADE to refurbish a large cross section of their fleet. In addition to requiring a 'face-lift' the generators also require minor electrical, mechanical and some steel work.

cummins generator in a container

1675kVA Cummins Generator - September 2010

A Cummins C1675 has been installed inside this 40 foot shipping container. Seen here is the louvre splitter arrangement before final fitting of the weather louvres. This generator will be providing stand by power for a cold stores in Norwich.

cummins c80 canopied generator with custom fuel tank

C80 For Holiday Cottages in Cumbria - September 2010

A standard Cummins enclosed C80, shown here fitted atop a high autonomy fuel tank, manufactured at ADE Ltd. This generator will be providing stand by power for a group of self catering holiday cottages in the Lake District.

40 foot shipping container with generators inside.

Cummins Open Gen-Sets - September 2010

Three standard Cummins generators are loaded into a shipping container in the yard at ADE. These generators are now headed to Africa to be used as prime power providers on various construction projects.

open Cummins C1100 generator

Cummins C1100 Open Gen-set - September 2010

Part of an on-going contract, ADE supply another generator to HM Prison services. Now part of a generator plant room, the 1000kVA open gen-set is shown here undergoing the standard 4 hour load test in the testing bays here at ADE.

canopied Cummins C275 generator

Cummins C275 - Private Residence - August 2010

Shown here is a modified Cummins C275 canopied generator with a 72 hour, custom manufactured fuel tank. The silenced gen-set is now providing stand by power for a private residence in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

canopied Cummins C110 generator

Cummins C900's - Data Centre - August 2010

Two Cummins C900's are containerised and shipped to Scotland. Undergoing final exhaust fitting, these generators are silenced to 80dB(A) at one metre. They will be providing a shared, N+1 standby power system for two adjacent banking data centres.

canopied Cummins C110 generator

Cummins C110 - Crematorium - August 2010

A Cummins C110 with custom ATS panel shown in the yard at ADE. This generator is now providing stand by power for a crematorium in Lancashire, UK.

40 foot generator container.

40' Containerised CUMMINS Generator - August 2010

Cummins Powered generator system shown here being handled onto a low loader trailer. This 1675kVA, 40 foot containerised High Voltage (11kV) generator is now on site and providing stand by power for a project headed by a leading national facilities management company. From start to completion, the manufacture of this system was only four weeks.

Stainless steel fire pump housing.

Fire Pump - August 2010

Now complete is another stainless steel pump housing. This canopy will be providing weather protection and silenced containment for a series of fire pumps. Built to be air tight, the canopy incorporates a CO2 discharge system and automated louvres to help protect the unit in the unlikely event of a fire inside.

40 foot silenced generator, 72 hour autonomy

72 hour Autonomy 1000kVA Cummins Generator - August 2010

A customer specification required a 1000kVA stand by generator complete with a 72 hour, localised fuel supply. The generator was also specified to run at 80dB(A) at one metre. ADE were happy to oblige. The generator is now on site, ready to be commissioned, at a UK Data Centre.

Twin 40 foot gas generators in PDI.

Gas Generators - July 2010

Twin 40' (12.2m) Gas generators are undergoing final PDI before leaving ADE. Supplied to a leading energy provider who will be utilising them to convert human-waste-generated-gas into electricity to feed the waste plant, with any excess electricity being fed into the national grid.

J44 modified sound proof canopy.

Prototype R&D Complete - June 2010

A standard J44 generator has been successfully modified and tested to reduce the noise levels without constricting the airflow. From the standard 76dB(A) at one metre, the canopy noise output has now been reduced to 62dB(A) at one metre. Further 'standard' canopy silencing is now being tested and ADE will soon have the full range of canopy Super Silencing kits for the lower end of the generator range.

Advanced Diesel Engineering at the IP&EE Expo 2010.

ADE @ IP&EE 2010 Expo - June 2010

A relatively quiet three day event compared to previous years, although ADE secured orders for two combined heat and power plants, several high horsepower gen-sets and a 2250kVA generator as part of a large plant room project. Thank you to everyone who attended our stand, all our representatives thoroughly enjoyed the event and made many valuable contacts, we hope to see you again in 2012!

Part of an engineering drawing of gas pipe work.

Gas Generator Pipe Layout - May 2010

Our design engineering department put the finishing touches to the complex pipe system in our latest order for two gas generators. To accept varying grades of waste gas, bio gas and natural gas, the engine requires a degree of consistency, therefore the gas pressure and calorific value has to be controlled, requiring the careful planning and positioning of the pipe system shown here...

Generators loaded into a brown shipping container are bound for Dubai.

Various projects completed - April 2010

Multiple projects have been completed and shipped from ADE over the last two weeks. Pictured opposite is a container loaded with two Cummins C220 open generators and associated silencers and other equipment. This and another container with two C330's are now on their way to Nairobi providing stand by power for various industrial businesses.

Cummins C1000 in a 40 foot shipping container

Cummins C1000 in ISO Container - April 2010

Sub contracted to ADE via a large national construction consortium, this 1000kVA generator is now providing stand by power for a Police Station in Surrey.

natural gas generator in a 40 foot shipping container

40' Natural Gas Generator - March 2010

This year's first gas generator to be shipped is shown preparing to leave ADE, with another container currently in the workshop.

Cummins C38 with solar panel battery charger

Cummins C38 With Solar Charger - March 2010

A standard Cummins C38 canopied generator is fitted with a solar panel to aid in charging the battery. The gen-set has been modified to automatically start up to charge the battery if the solar panel doesn't provide enough power for charging and when the battery power drops below a certain level.

ten foot pump container

10' Pump Container - February 2010

A silenced 10' low cube pump container with external connections. Part of a larger project with ADE providing fuel lines and bulk fuel storage tanks.

1.1 mega watt generator in a drop over canopy

Drop Over Canopy - 1100kVA - January 2010

Large custom, drop-over canopy for HM Prisons in Lancaster. 1100kVA stand by generator mounted on a robust heavy duty steel base frame. Includes 4000 litre fuel tank. Bunded base frame can contain 110% of total fluids inside the enclosure.

11000 volt high voltage generator

11,000V Super Silenced HV Generator - January 2010

Again, a very low noise specification was required for this project as it is now providing stand by power for a high profile communications company. This system weighs in at 28 metric tonnes (gross).

data centre backup generator

Data Centre Generators - January 2010

This row of 4 x 1650kVA containerised generators are now providing stand by power for data centres accross the UK.

modified 20 foot containers

2 x Modified/Silenced ISO Containers - January 2010

Two modified 20' ISO containers for a large Irish power systems company. To lower the noise levels to the specification provided, the ends of the containers were extended with noise attenuated air inlet and outlet scoops'.