2016 News Articles

Africa Exports diesel generators loaded on a truck

Africa Exports... - December 2016

This 500 Kva Cummins Diesel Generator has been exported to be used at a new hotel complex in Africa

Africa Exports advanced gensets Africa Exports advanced diesel generators Africa Exports advanced diesel generators
Metro Link diesel generators loaded on a truck

Metro Link B... - December 2016

Following shortly after box A is another modular switchgear housing destined for the Metro Link upgrade program in Manchester.

Metro Link B advanced gensets Metro Link B advanced diesel generators Metro Link B advanced diesel generatorsMetro Link B advanced diesel genset
Metro Link diesel generators loaded on a truck

Metro Link... - December 2016

Another ADVANCED designed & built modular housing is despatched to Manchester to be used on the Metro link upgrade.

Metro Link advanced gensets Metro Link advanced diesel generators Metro Link advanced diesel generators
sixth of eight advanced diesel generators loaded on a truck

Sixth of Eight... - December 2016

Box number six of eight leaves the yard to join the other five on-site.

sixth of eight advanced gensets sixth of eight advanced diesel generators sixth of eight advanced diesel generators
fifth of eight advanced diesel generators loaded on a truck

Fifth of Eight... - December 2016

Box number five of eight leaves the works on time as planned.

fifth of eight advanced gensets fifth of eight advanced diesel generators fifth of eight advanced diesel generators
forth of eight advanced diesel generators loaded on a truck

Modular switchgear Housing... - December 2016

This 11kv switchgear housing designed & built by Advanced is being despatched to Georgia where it will control the electrical switching of master valves along a 700Km gas pipeline running from Azerbaijan to the Mediterranean sea.

second of eight advanced gensets second of eight advanced diesel generators second of eight advanced diesel generators
forth of eight advanced diesel generators loaded on a truck

Forth of Eight... - December 2016

Box number 4 of 8 leaves the yard, hot on the heels of box three.

second of eight advanced gensets second of eight advanced diesel generators second of eight advanced diesel generators second of eight advanced diesel generators
generators leaving the yard

Third of Eight... - December 2016

This box (no.3 of 8) leaves the works on time as planned.

gensets on the truck Loaded and good to go inside an acoutic box
office power advanced diesel generator

Office Power... - December 2016

This Cummins 275kva diesel generator with its extended base fuel tank is being despatched to an office complex in Manchester to be used as stand by power.

office power advanced gensets office power advanced diesel generators
second of eight advanced diesel generator

Second of Eight... - December 2016

This gas generator enclosure is number two of eight being loaded & despatched

second of eight advanced gensets second of eight advanced diesel generators second of eight advanced diesel generators second of eight advanced diesel generators
first of eight advanced diesel generator

First of Eight... - December 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosure is the first one out of a batch of eight to be delivered – The units will all be located on the same site and will house Landfill gas generators.

first of eight advanced gensets first of eight advanced diesel generators first of eight advanced diesel generators
advanced diesel generator

Refurb... - December 2016

A new lease of exterior life was given to this 1250kva Ex-Hire generator which had a full paint refurbishment at our works.

advanced gensets advanced diesel generators
advanced cummins 1400kVA diesel generator

Waste Energy ... - December 2016

Cummins 1400kva diesel generator was packaged into and ADVANCED designed & built acoustic container, fully tested at our works before being transported to site where it will power a waste recycling facility.

advanced genset advanced diesel generator advanced diesel generators
modular housing

Modular Buildings.... - December 2016

Another modular switchgear housing leaves the works, this one will have the clients equipment installed and tested on site.

inside modular housing modular housing on truck modular housing inside
cummins 1400kVA diesel generator

Office Back-up ... - December 2016

This Cummins 1400kva diesel generator was packaged into an ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosure, fully tested and despatched to be installed at a well known construction companies head office.

cummins 1400kVA genset cummins 1400kVA diesel generator cummins diesel generators
diesel generator

Concrete Power ... - December 2016

This 50 kva Caterpillar enclosed diesel generator was supplied to a mobile concrete batching plant operator and will be used for prime power.

genset caterpillar diesel generator
diesel generator ready to go to Africa

Increasing exports ... - December 2016

Another truck load of Caterpillar sets are loaded and despatched to our dealer in Africa.

generator packed for trip to Africa
diesel generator ready to go to Norway

Export to Norway... - December 2016

This Cummins 110kva open diesel generator is being exported to Norway where it will provide standby power to a hotel.
The set will be installed in an existing plant room replacing and an old Perkins unit.

generator packed for trip to Norway genset packed up for Norway
Kit form acoustic enclosure

Kit Form Enclosure... - December 2016

This Kit form acoustic enclosure is being despatched to meet the existing two units on site near London. The enclosure designed & build by ADVANCED houses a 3250Kva MTU diesel generator.

loading Kit form acoustic enclosure Kit form acoustic enclosure housing for a MTU generator Kit form acoustic enclosure for a generator Kit form acoustic enclosure for a diesel generator
Cummins 825Kva diesel generator

Jaguar... - December 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built containerised Cummins 825Kva diesel generator will provide back-up power to the Land Rover Jaguar power train factory near Wolverhampton.

containerised Cummins 825Kva diesel generator diesel generator diesel generators
moular switchgear housing

Modular Building... - December 2016

This Modular switchgear housing designed & built by ADVANCED is being loaded and shipped out to a site near Lanark, where it will house the high voltage switchgear for a waste recycling plant.

moular switchgear housing being built moular switchgear housing in the yard moular switchgear housing leaving the yard
diesel generator bound for a cash and carry

Cash & Carry... - December 2016

This 65Kva enclosed Cat unit will be keeping the lights on and the tills ringing at a London Cash & Carry food store.

generator going to London genset for power gensets for shop
diesel generator bound for Africa

African exports... - November 2016

A few more sets loaded this morning on their way to the freight forwarder to be loaded and shipped to our dealer in Africa. These two Cat 88Kva enclosed sets will be followed by many more over the next few weeks.

generator going to Africa genset for Africa gensets for Africa
diesel generator bound for a new home

House Backup Power... - November 2016

More and more large residential houses are choosing to procure their own emergency power supply. This 38kva Cummins enclosed diesel generator was supplied to a local 6 bedroom new build dwelling, and will power the whole house and swimming pool in the event of a mains failure.

generator going to power residential genset for a house genset for residential
diesel generator bound for royal mail

Testing power... - November 2016

This 2250Kva MTU 11,000 Volt diesel generator was fitted into an ADVANCED designed and manufactured 75dBa @ 1Mtr acoustic enclosure. The unit was fully tested at our works before being shipped to a Rolls Royce engine manufacturing facility where the unit will provide prime power.

generator going to royal mail genset for the christmas
diesel generator bound for royal mail

Royal Mail... - November 2016

Another Cummins enclosed 550Kva diesel generator leaves the works this week, heading for a UK Royal Mail sorting office. The unit was upgraded by ADVANCED from the standard Cummins control panel to a Deep sea 8610.An external 2500Ltr long run fuel tank was also added...Just in time for the Christmas rush

generator going to royal mail gensetfor the christmas genset for the christmas rush
diesel generator bound for Netherlands

Netherlands weather... - November 2016

This Cummins 330Kva enclosed diesel generator is on its way to the Netherlands where it will power a remote weather station when manned

generator going to holland genset for the continent
Race power generation

At the Races... - November 2016

A match pair of Cummins 500Kva Enclosed units are on their way to a prestigious UK vehicle race track where they will be used in sync to provide power to the live television broadcast units.

generators to be used at the race
Diesel Generator 44kva Cummins

More Street Power... - November 2016

Another Enclosed diesel generator was supplied to the street event organisers, this time Manchester City Council chose the Cummins 33Kva.

cummins genset for a festival in Manchester diesel generator loaded onto a van
Diesel Generator 44kva Cummins

Power to recycle.... - November 2016

This Cummins 44Kva enclosed diesel generator is being delivered to site to power the clients newly purchase waste recycling plant as the national grid cannot provide any more capacity in their area.

44kva Cummins diesel generator 44kva Cummins diesel generator on van 44kva Cummins genset on van
Diesel Generator on lorry

S.T.O.R... - October 2016

Another short term operating reserve 11Kv switchgear enclosure designed & built by ADVANCED is on its way to site where it will need to be commissioned prior to the winter months.

Switchgear inside a bespoke diesel generator diesel generator on the road inside this genset
Diesel Generator bespoke housing

Gas Generator Enclosures... - October 2016

ADVANCED design & build modular buildings and acoustic enclosures for all sorts of clients, the scope of work changes with just about every job we do. This Jenbacher Gas powered generator was supplied to ADVANCED to be packaged into this acoustic enclosure, the pipework, gas train & electrical fit out was also designed and completed at ADVANCED. The unit will provide prime power at a Yorkshire water treatment plant.

Diesel_Generator_bespoke customised Diesel_Generator Diesel bespoke Generator Diesel customised Generator
Diesel Denerators Christmas Lights

Christmas lights already... - October 2016

The first of two units supplied to a company based in Leeds to provide temporary power to the cities street events ! The first event the 110Kva Caterpillar units will be used for is the Christmas markets this year !

Diesel_Generator_Christmas Christmas Diesel_Generator Diesel Christmas Generator
Diesel Denerators Export to Meritcape

Lifting Power... - October 2016

This Cummins 44Kva diesel generator was supplied to a building utility company, – the Generator will provide Emergency power to the six lifts in a recently finished London skyline tower.

Diesel_Generator_Mericape Mericape Diesel_Generator Diesel Mericape Generator
Diesel Denerators Export to Africa

Export to Africa... - October 2016

Another truck load of Caterpillar diesel generators are despatched for Export to our African dealer.
Three DE65SO 65Kva & 4 DE33EO 33Kva units in total.

diesel generators for clean horse power

Clean Horse Power... - October 2016

Seriously !! this Cummins 170Kva Diesel generator was supplied by ADVANCED to a UK Horse training stables – where the unit will be used to power a rotating automated Horse wash.
Giving this generator the real meaning of Clean Horse Power !!!

Diesel_Generator_horse_riding Genset on route to stables
ADVANCED Designed & Bbuilt Modular Switchgear Enclosure

National Grid... - October 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built modular switchgear enclosure is on its way to be installed at a National Grid site upgrade near Wakefield. Enclosed are a line of HV switches & monitoring systems for power distribution.

Diesel_Generator_Switchgear Switchgear Enclosure is on its way to be Iinstalled at a National Grid Site Diesel_Generator_Switchgear_National_Grid

NHS Upgrades... - September 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built acoustic container encloses a Cummins 330Kva diesel generator> – being dispatched to a UK NHS Hospital as part of a national upgrade to the backup power for hospitals that carry out major operations.

Diesel_Generator_nhs_power Diesel_Generator_nhs_power Diesel_Generator_nhs_power

Pharmaceutical power... - September 2016

This 550 Kva Cummins diesel generator just wasn’t quiet enough for the client – so ADVANCED added some additional silencing panels to achieve the ultra low noise level. Shown here is the set being installed on site at the Pharmaceutical warehouse.

Diesel_Generator_Pharmaceutical_power Diesel_Generator_Pharmaceutical_power

Water Treatment... - September 2016

Acoustic container manufactured to suit Perkins 330kva diesel generator – to be used on a water treatment site in Scotland

Diesel_Generator_Hat-Trick_Power Diesel_Generator_Hat-Trick_Power

Hat Trick... - September 2016

This is the third unit from an order of four – to be supplied to a national kitchen manufacturer – This 20 foot acoustic container houses a Cummins 825Kva diesel generator – under the container is a double skinned 5,000 litre bulk fuel tank. All now on the way for site install.

Diesel_Generator_Hat-Trick_Power Diesel_Generator_Hat-Trick_Power Diesel_Generator_Hat-Trick_Power

Estate Power... - September 2016

When the owner of a large country house in the south of England could not get through his electric gates due to a local grid power cut, he came to ADVANCED for a solution to keep the security systems on site running in the event of any future power outages – This Cummins 28Kva diesel generator was installed on site last week to do just that.


Remote Farm Power.... - September 2016

This 33Kva Cummins diesel generator was sold to a remote farm near Southampton where it will be used to power the farms machinery workshop.


Gas Network power... - September 2016

A modified Cat 65 kva acoustic diesel generator was fitted to a 700 Litre bulk base tank, the whole unit painted dove grey and shipped off to be used on the northern gas network for repairs.

Northern_Gas_Diesel_Generator Bound_Nothern_Gas_Power_Diesel_Generator

Nuclear power..... - August 2016

A match pair of very high specification enclosures were designed and manufactured at ADVANCED, fitted out and tested with our client’s switchgear before being wrapped and dispatched to the UK power plant.

Power_Plant_Diesel_Generator Bound_For_Nuclear_Power_Diesel_Generator Diesel_Generator_Nuclear_Power

Concrete Power...... - August 2016

This 110Kva Cummins enclosed diesel generator will act as primary power for a mobile concrete batching plant used to produce central reservation barriers……

Batching_Plant Bound_For_Concrete_Batching_Diesel_Generator

Africa prime power..... - August 2016

An existing client who purchased several units some 15 years ago from ADVANCED is now expanding the African shopping mall, this Cat 900Kva enclosed set with extended fuel tank will provide prime power until the extension is connected to the grid. It will then be operated as back up should the mains fail as with the other eight sets already on the same site.

Diesel_Generator_African_Agent Bound_For_Africa_Diesel_Generator

Kitchen Cupboard Power.... - August 2016

A national Kitchen furniture manufacturer chose ADVANCED to design, build and install backup power plants at each of their UK sites in preparation of the threatened grid power shortage this winter. The first of four units to be delivered is this 1675Kva Cummins enclosed in its super silent enclosure

Diesel_Generator_Furniture_Manufacturer Diesel_Generator_Furniture_Barnsley Diesel_Generator_Furniture_manufacturer_Barnsley _Barnsley_Diesel_Generator_Furniture

Sewage works upgrade.... - August 2016

Being delivered to site ahead of the genset is this 10,000 litre double skinned bulk fuel tank designed & build by ADVANCED. The sewage plant near Chester is undergoing a major upgrade, the generator will follow on to be fitted in to the newly built plant room in the next few weeks..

Sewage_Works Sewage_Works_Powered_by_Diesel_Generator Diesel_Generator_Sewage

Wakeboarding Pulley.... - August 2016

This Cummins 66kVA C66D5 acoustic diesel generator will provide power to a Wakeboarding pulley system at a lake in Birmingham.

Wake_Boarding_Pulley_System People_Wakeboarding_Pulley_System_Powered_by_Diesel_Generator Diesel_Generator_Loaded_on_Truck

African Exports.... - August 2016

Two Acoustic Cummins Diesel generators being loaded to containers for their journey to our African agent.

AfricanExportsLoading AfricanExportsInContainer AfricanExportsInTheTruck

Fuel Tank... - August 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built 2000L double skinned Fuel tank has arrived at Spinningfields, Manchester to be used at a new office building.

InsideTheHouseingAViewOfSwichgear LoadingTheSwichgearReadyToBeDeliveredToWindFarmsConnectedToTheNationalGrid SwichgearInPositionOnATruckBoundForWales

Wind Turbines - July 2016

This ADVANCED designed & built switchgear housing is on its way to be installed on a wind farm site near Wales. The unit contains the high voltage switchgear that connects the wind turbines to the national grid.

InsideTheHouseingAViewOfSwichgear LoadingTheSwichgearReadyToBeDeliveredToWindFarmsConnectedToTheNationalGrid SwichgearInPositionOnATruckBoundForWales AirConditioningFittedIntoTheHousingOfTheUnit

Modular Buildings - July 2016

Continuing with our success and providing a top quality product to our clients, shown here is one of six identical units being dispatched. The unit contains High Voltage switchgear to be used on a solar Farm near Arlington.

OneOfSixIdenticalSwitchgearUnitsInside OneOfSixIdenticalSwitchgearUnitsFront OneOfSixIdenticalSwitchgearUnitsPanels OneOfSixIdenticalSwitchgearUnitsRear

Acoustics From Advanced - July 2016

Another example of the quality ADVANCED produce on a daily basis, This 20 Foot 80dBa @ 1 Meter acoustic container was designed & built at ADVANCED and fitted out with the clients generator prior to dispatch.

20ft80dBAat1metreAcousticContainerControl 20ft80dBAat1metreAcousticContainerRear 20ft80dBAat1metreAcousticContainerSide 20ft80dBAat1metreAcousticContainerInside

Specialist Vehicles - July 2016

A specialist vehicle conversion company in Nottingham was losing far too much production time due to their mains being so unreliable. ADVANCED supplied this 170kVA Cummins diesel generator to keep their production in full flow – The unit will be fitted into a plantroom later this week.

c170d5OpenPlantRoomInstallationSetWrapped c170d5OpenPlantRoomInstallationSet

Roadside Drilling - July 2016

This Cummins 33kVA Diesel generator was purchased by a mobile drilling operator who relies on power to operate the machinery in remote areas of the uk. The unit was fitted with an electronic governor and drip tray at ADVANCED.

Cummins33kVADieselGeneratorEnclosedDoorsOpen Cummins33kVADieselGeneratorEnclosedFront Cummins33kVADieselGeneratorEnclosedLeaving

Another matched pair - July 2016

These two ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosures are being loaded to transport today for their journey to Manchester Airport. They each contain one 2000kVA Perkins diesel generator attenuated to 80dBa @ 1 Mtr.

2000kVA80dBA@1mtr 2000kVA80dBA@1mtrSide 2000kVA80dBA@1mtrLouvre 2000kVA80dBA@1mtrInside

Railway Switchgear - July 2016

This very high specification 330kVA diesel generator and enclosure was designed & built at ADVANCED to stand up the harshest of environments. The unit will be installed on an offshore power sub station that wind turbines feed in to.

VeryHighSpecification330kVADieselGeneratorContainer VeryHighSpecification330kVADieselGenerator VeryHighSpecification330kVADieselGeneratorInside

Railway Switchgear - July 2016

Another ADVANCED designed & built switchgear modular building is loaded to transport for it journey to Scotland. The unit contains 11kv switchgear for the railway network.

11KvSwitchgearBoxOutside 11KvSwitchgearBoxWalkway 11KvSwitchgearBoxx 11KvSwitchgearBoxInside

Shopping Complex Backup - June 2016

This silent Cummins 220kVA is to be installed at a newly built shopping complex in Sheffield. The generator will provide back up power to the mains to support fire and security services within the building.

SilentCummins220kVAOpen SilentCummins220kVASide SilentCummins220kVAWrapped

Power for water… - June 2016

This 20ft ADVANCED designed & built acoustic powerbox was fitted out with the clients Perkins diesel generator and despatched to a water treatment plant in the North Of England.

20ftPowerBoxWithPerkinsEngineInside 20ftPowerBoxWithPerkinsEngineRear 20ftPowerBoxWithPerkinsEngineSide

Switchboards For Sweden… - June 2016

A matching pair of ADVANCED designed & built switchgear / ups battery modular buildings is being loaded onto its transport for its journey to a Data Centre in Sweden, Our engineers will be boarding flights to follow the equipment to reassemble the units once they arrive on the data centre site next week…

Switchgear&UPSBatteryModularBuilding Switchgear&UPSBatteryModularBuildingCables Switchgear&UPSBatteryModularBuildingLeaving Switchgear&UPSBatteryModularBuildings

Modular Buildings… - June 2016

Being loaded for despatch today is a 12 x 4.5 Meter ADVANCED designed & built switchgear housing which will be located on a main railway line in Scotland.

12x4metereSwitchGearCanopyControl 12x4metereSwitchGearCanopyfront 12x4metereSwitchGearCanopyLeaving 12x4metereSwitchGearCanopyLifting

Hermes Distribution… - May 2016

Two Cummins diesel generators – an 1100 Kva and 1675kVA along with a 50 degree radiator for an existing on site generator was shipped today to the global headquarters of Hermes Distribution, for installation in to a newly built plant room.

C1100D5&C1675D5&50Radiator C1100D5&C1675D5PPlantRoom C1100D5&C1675D5&50DegreeRadiatorLeaving

Stone cutting power… - May 2016

Being collected by the customer this morning is a 22kVA Cummins diesel generator which will be used to power a new stone saw at a nearby quarry.

C22D5EnclosedDieselGeneratorEngineeringFirmFront C22D5EnclosedDieselGeneratorEngineeringFirmLeaving C22D5EnclosedDieselGeneratorEngineeringFirmMounted

Building Site Power… - May 2016

A national housing building contractor chose ADVANCED to provide several units to be used on building sites prior to the mains being connected. This Cummins 220kVA diesel generator will provide prime power for the Essex site offices, security and welfare units.

C220d5EnclosedDieselGeneratorleaving C220d5EnclosedDieselGeneratorrear C220d5EnclosedDieselGeneratorfront C220d5EnclosedDieselGenerator

More African Exports… - May 2016

Another truck load of enclosed CAT diesel generators is being loaded ready for despatch to the exporters this morning. Comprising DE33,DE50,DE110 & 2 OFF DE65, all units will be used throughout Africa for prime power.

compactcatrange_de33 compactcatrange_de33compactcatrange_de33_de50_de66_de110 compactcatrange_de33compactcatrange_de110_de33_de50_de66

African Exports… - May 2016

An increase in export orders is a very welcome sign that things are starting to pick up - This match pair of Cummins 1100kVA units will replace some old generators at a mine in Africa - The client will fit the units into the existing acoustic enclosures that were built by Advanced over twelve years ago.

C1100ExportDieselGeneratorx2Container C1100ExportDieselGeneratorx2Rear C1100ExportDieselGeneratorx2Wrapped

Farm Power… - May 2016

This Cummins 33Kva acoustic generator was fitted to a fast tow trailer at ADVANCED, the client will use the unit as standby power for several farms located in and around Canterbury. Delivering the unit themselves saving time & money...

C33kVATrailerMountedGenerator C33kVATrailerMountedGeneratorinside C33kVATrailerMountedGeneratorOther C33kVATrailerMountedGeneratorLeaving

Gas Generator Enclosure… - May 2016

Being loaded ready for despatch is this Advanced designed & built acoustic enclosure to house a fully refurbished Jenbacher 316 Gas engine generator.

StackableModularHousings StackableModularHousingsSwitchgear StackableModularHousingsTransformers StackableModularHousingsUPS

Stackable modular housings… - May 2016

These ADVANCED designed & built stackable modular equipment housings were fitted out with HV switchgear and coil transformers to be used on the UK Rail Network.

GasGeneratorSetEnclosureInside GasGeneratorSetEnclosure_fans GasGeneratorSetEnclosureLifited GasGeneratorSetEnclosureLifiting

Switchgear Enclosure… - May 2016

This 10Mtr x 4.5Mtr ADVANCED designed & built modular switchgear housing was loaded today and is now on its way to be installed near Glasgow for use on the northern railways.

10mtrx4mtrEnclosureInside 10mtrx4mtrEnclosureLEaving 10mtrx4mtrEnclosureLifting 10mtrx4mtrEnclosureSwitchgear

S.T.O.R Success… - May 2016

This 10 meter switchgear housing designed & built by ADVANCED is on its way to a generator short term operating reserve farm near Nottingham, and will act as the interconnected from the site to the HV Grid. A further six enclosures of this stye & style are currently in manufacture for the same client.

10mtrSwitchgearHousingInside 10mtrSwitchgearHousingEnclosure 10mtrSwitchgearHousingInstall 10mtrSwitchgearHousingInstalled

Car parts power… - April 2016

A matching pair of Himoinsa 2000kVA Mitsubishi diesel generators were packaged and tested at ADVANCED before being loaded and transported and used for on-site back-up power to a UK car parts distribution network.

Himoinsa2000kVADieselGeneratorSet Himoinsa2000kVADieselGeneratorSetsInside Himoinsa2000kVADieselGeneratorSetsLEaving Himoinsa2000kVADieselGeneratorSetsSideInside

Distribution back-up power...- April 2016

Another bespoke enclosure designed & built by ADVANCED to house a P1500 Perkins diesel generator for one of our prestigious clients.

P1500PerkinsAcousticEncloureClose P1500PerkinsAcousticEncloureInside P1500PerkinsAcousticEncloureMain P1500PerkinsAcousticEncloureSide

University power… - April 2016

This Cummins 300kVA enclosed diesel generator will provide back up power to a university project near Leeds.

C300D5CumminsCPGDieselGenerator C300D5CumminsCPGDieselGeneratorEnclosure C300D5CumminsCPGDieselGeneratorLeaving C300D5CumminsCPGDieselGeneratorLoaded

Turbine power control... - April 2016

This purpose built triple room enclosure incorporates LV switchgear, the main HV switch and step up transformer. The unit will be installed at a wind turbine farm near Hull.

TurbinePowerControl TurbinePowerControl_TripleRoom TurbinePowerControl_TripleRoomEnclosure TurbinePowerControlTripleRoomEnclosure

Head Office... - April 2016

After several power cuts in a short period of time the client, a transport company in Scotland decided it must invest in back up power for its head office so that at the very least their communications and tracking software with their fleet would still operate when the mains failed. This Cat 33kVA enclosed unit will be installed at the clients premises to do just that...

CAT33kVADieselGeneratorsScotlandOpen CAT33kVADieselGeneratorsScotlandRear CAT33kVADieselGeneratorsScotlandSide

Vulcanising Power... - April 2016

A local heavy machinery tyre vulcanising company have invested in new on site machinery which this Cummins 90kVA silent unit will power.

c90d5standardenclosedset_front c90d5standardenclosedset_leaving c90d5standardenclosedset_side c90d5standardenclosedsetleaving

Machinery Testing... - April 2016

This Cummins 220kVA enclosed diesel generator and its ADVANCED built extended base fuel tank will be used as primary power at a Lincolnshire used machinery company for testing refurbished manufacturing machines.

C200d5CumminsExtendedBaseFuelTankFront C200d5CumminsExtendedBaseFuelTankRaised C200d5CumminsExtendedBaseFuelTankRear C200d5CumminsExtendedBaseFuelTankSide

More water power... - April 2016

Another containerised unit is shipped off to a northern water company, Looks to be a massive container for just one 65kVA Perkins generator, but the client does have additional plant to fit in the rear of the same container.

65kvaPerkinsGeneratorInContainerSide 65kvaPerkinsGeneratorInContainerSideInstalled 65kvaPerkinsGeneratorInContainer 65kvaPerkinsGeneratorInContainerInstalled
3xc1100d5CumminsDieselGenerator Leaving

Prison Power... - April 2016

The plant room at a Welsh prison is now complete and ready to accept these three Cummins 1100 kva units, which had control and switchgear upgrades at ADVANCED, along with an extended base fuel tank.

3xc1100d5CumminsDieselGenerator Lifting 3xc1100d5CumminsDieselGenerator PreDespatch 3xc1100d5CumminsDieselGeneratorWrapped

Bespoke furniture... - April 2016

When the owner of a bespoke UK furniture manufacturer was told by his local power supply company, that there just wasn't enough capacity to upgrade his electricity supply to run his brand new machinery, he had no choice but to buy in his own power supply. This 33kva CAT silent unit will be used as prime power for their latest machinery and get it up and running within hours of it arriving on site.

de33e0_compact_cat-set_front de33e0_compact_cat-set_side de33e0_compact_cat-set_trailer

STOR Switchgear... - April 2016

This purpose built switchgear housing was designed and manufactured at Advanced as well as being fitted out and tested with HV switchgear, The unit will act as the interconnect between a remote site with multiple STOR generators to the national grid.

purpose_built_switchgear_housing_leaving purpose_built_switchgear_housing_lifting purpose_built_switchgear_housing_inside purpose_built_switchgear_housing_swtichgear
CAT33kVA_DE33E0 _open

Mobile Welding... - April 2016

This acoustic 33kVA CAT diesel generator was supplied to a mobile welding company in Glasgow.

CAT33kVA_DE33E0 _rear CAT33kVA_DE33E0 _side_front CAT33kVA_DE33E0 0_Leaving CAT33kVA_DE33E0_front-view

Power For Finance... - April 2016

This Cummins 150kVA silent diesel generator will provide backup power for the servers at a financial services company based in Chester.

cummins150kva_fuel_tank cummins150kva_inside_bunded_fuel_tank cummins150kva_bunded_fuel_tank_leaving cummins150kva_bunded_fuel_tank

Air Traffic Control... - April 2016

A pair of Perkins open diesel generators were modified at Advanced to incorporate deep sea controllers, other plant room acoustics were built and despatched, and are to be installed at a southern UK airport, to act as N+1 radar back up power.

perkins_open_generators_controller perkins_open_generators_pair__dse_controller perkins_pair_open_generators_dse_controller

Royal Mail... - March 2016

This purpose built 350kVA Perkins diesel generator and associated plant room acoustics was installed over the weekend at a mail sorting office near Norwich.

350kva_perkins_Diesel_generator 350kva_perkins_Diesel_gen_set 350kva_perkins_Diesel_genset_wrapped

The Iron Man Challenge... - March 2016

This month our four welding apprentices were given the challenge by chairman Darren Robson to create an man using any scrap they could find with one day to complete. 1st place winner Tom Webster received a £100 tool voucher. 2nd place winner Harrison Morgan received a £50 tool voucher. Well done Tom, Harrison, Ellis and Tyler.

iron_man_challenge_apprentice_ellis iron_man_challenge_apprentice_harrison iron_man_challenge_apprentice_tom iron_man_challenge_apprentice_tyler

Furness power... - February 2016

This 100kVA silent Cat unit is on its way to be installed at a glass factory near Lancashire where it will provide back up power to the Furness.

100kva_silent_cat_diesel_generator 100kva_silent_cat_set 100kva_silent_diesel_generator_cat

Hospital power... - February 2016

This Cummins 700kVA diesel generator is being despatched to a national health hospital near Morriston to be installed into the plant room, replacing a smaller sized machine.

C700-Wrapped_Open C700D5_open_set_testing C700-Wrapped_Open_Set

Specialist design. - February 2016

This 22kVA Perkins diesel generator enclosure was designed & built by advanced to a very high specification. The canopy is manufactured from high grade 316 3mm stainless steel. The unit will be operating in an extremely harsh environment and provide prime power for a remote telecoms tower.

22kva_Perkins_enclosed_set_leaving 22kva_Perkins_enclosed_set 22kva_Perkins_enclosed

30 Meter Switchgear Enclosure. - February 2016

These colossal High Voltage switchgear modular buildings designed & built by ADVANCED are shown being loaded to the awaiting specialist transport – They will then travel by special convoy to the site in London where they will be installed and commissioned.

30mtr-switchgear-housing 30mtr-switchgear-building 30mtr-switchgear 30mtr-housing-switchgear

Poultry farming. - January 2016

This Cummins 150kVA open diesel generator had panel modifications carried out by ADVANCED before being shipped to a chicken farm in Derby where it will be installed into plant room.

Cummins150kva_control_panel Cummins150kva_custom_control Cummins150kva_custom_control_panel Cummins150kva_custom_panel

Replacement Exhausts... - January 2016

This 65dBa box exhaust silencer was designed & built by ADVANCED to be retro fitted to an existing supermarket generator on site near Hatfield London.

65dba_silencer_box 65dba-box-silencer

Engineering Machinery. - January 2016

When the national Grid refuses to upgrade mains to a bigger supply due to capacity problems, there are not many options open to companies that have just purchased new machinery that require the extra power. This 65kVA silent Cat unit will provide power to a new milling machine at a Derbyshire engineering company all day every day …….

65kva-cat-enclosed 65kva-cat-enclosed-small-set

NHS Fuel for longer run time… - January 2016

These two ADVANCED designed & built bulk fuel tanks (1 x 30,000 Ltr & 1 x 1350Ltr) will be installed at a NHS hospital near Swansea to extend the run time of the standby Emergency generators.

30000ltr-bulk-fuel 30000ltr-bulk-fuel-tanks 30000ltr-bulk-tank 30000ltr-fueltank

Switchgear Success. - January 2016

Another switchgear enclosure is despatched from our works which has been designed and manufactured by ADVANCED, and up fitted at our works with the clients LV & HV switchgear all ready to be cabled up on site. This unit was built in three separate parts interconnected HV supply but will serve three separate functions on site.

switchgear-HV-supply switchgear-HV-supply-install switchgear-supply-HV switchgear-HV

Telecoms Continue. - January 2016

The telecoms contract continues into 2016 with this being the first one despatched of the new year. A modified 400kva Perkins unit is now on its way to a telephone exchange in Bristol.

Perkins_400kva_open_generator Perkins_400kva_opengenerator Perkins_400kvaopen_generator Perkins_400kvaopengenerator