2013 News Articles

The French connection.

The French connection. - December 2013

Two Cummins 900kVA open diesel generators are shipped to a client in France, as part of a larger order to follow. This order will be 4 x 1760 kVA open machines, once ADVANCED makes the necessary alterations requested by the client.

The French connection.
Hospital Power.

Repeat Customers - December 2013

As the global economy begins to recover, we are now seeing more and more public projects being kick started back to life again.This ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosure has TWO Cummins 700kVA diesel units installed back to back, with one common air intake on the roof.Also this ADVANCED built 60,000 Ltr bulk tank shown, was shipped to site for the same install.

Hospital Power. Hospital Power. Hospital Power.
Repeat Customers.

Repeat Customers. - December 2013

We treat each and every client as a VIP at ADVANCED, maybe this is why they come back time and time again. The order received from this particular client was for two Cummins enclosed sets (55kVA & 300kVA), along with an ADVANCED manufactured double skinned 5000Ltr bulk fuel tank.

Repeat Customers. Repeat Customers. Repeat Customers.
Farm Power for your milk.

Farm Power for your milk. - December 2013

One of the worse things that can happen to a milk cow is it not being milked when required.Farmers all over the UK are preparing for power outages by installing backup generators.This enclosed 55kVA Cummins generator will provide backup power 24/7 to the farmers milking facility, ensuring each cow is milked on time every time.

Farm Power for your milk. Farm Power for your milk. Farm Power for your milk.
Bangladeshi Exports.

Bangladeshi Exports. - December 2013

Another export shipment to our Bangladeshi client, this time an open Cummins 700kVA, along with an enclosed 550kVA.

Bangladeshi Exports. Bangladeshi Exports. Bangladeshi Exports.
Railway Backup.

Railway Backup. - December 2013

Network rail standby power to keep the trains running, This Cummins 1400kVA diesel generator in its ADVANCED designed & built 75@1mtr enclosure sat on top of its double skinned 13,000Ltr fuel tank will be installed as a standby set should the mains feeding the sub station fail.

Railway Backup. Railway Backup. Railway Backup.
Brain power.

Brain power. - December 2013

This Cummins 300kVA silent diesel generator with its additional 1300Ltr double skinned base fuel tank is to be installed at Manchester University, A power outage at a university leads to everyone going home and no-one learning anything..

Brain power. Brain power.

Ex-development. - December 2013

A couple of Cummins ex-development enclosed diesel generators with all the bells and whistles on are sold on to a used equipment reseller in Ireland.

Ex-development. Ex-development. Ex-development.
Telecoms Project

Telecoms Project - December 2013

These extras were shipped to a telecoms site where the existing generator is being retained as it is less than 12 months old, The rest of the installation is to be upgraded with this double skinned bulk fuel tank,double skinned fuel pipes, Fuel fill cabinet and modern ATS panel.

Telecoms Project Telecoms Project Telecoms Project
Keeping the beer flowing for Christmas.

Keeping the beer flowing for Christmas. - December 2013

This Cummins 55kVA enclosed diesel generator with its extended 350ltr double skinned fuel tank will be installed at a public house (pub)in north Wales, The disruption to business over the past months has led the owners to either close or bring in their own power source

Keeping the beer flowing for Christmas. Keeping the beer flowing for Christmas. Keeping the beer flowing for Christmas.
National Grid.

National Grid. - December 2013

Helping our client to utilise a smaller generator for the use with these Direct on line Hydrovane three phase compressors, we are retrofitting a soft motor start panel to 40 of these units.

National Grid. National Grid. National Grid.
Not many left now...

Not many left now... - December 2013

A further 5 surplus enclosures are loaded to a repeat clients transport.Only a few remain now..

Not many left now... Not many left now... Not many left now...
Export Sales

Export Sales - November 2013

Another truck load of various sized enclosed diesel generators being shipped to our African client for re-sale.

Export Sales Export Sales Export Sales
Refurbishment and extras.

Refurbishment and extras. - November 2013

A clients used, but very low hours run, silent generator was sent to ADVANCED to be refurbished and have extras designed and fitted such as the extended fuel tank located underside of the generator.
The set will be reinstalled at one of Rolls-Royce establishments.

Refurbishment and extras. Refurbishment and extras.
Ship them out

Ship them out... - November 2013

Another batch of surplus enclosures and bases are loaded for delivery.

Ship them out Ship them out Ship them out

It’s a busy month for Telecoms... - November 2013

This time a larger set, this 800 kVA Perkins has been up-fitted at ADVANCED to the ongoing Telecoms contract spec.
Currently being installed at Ilford Mill.

Telecoms Telecoms Telecoms
Repeat Business

Repeat Business. - November 2013

This ADVANCED powerbox - 20ft acoustic container is built to house a range of generators between 500 - 1000 kVA with very little modifications, so that we can cut the lead time down to as little as a few days from the placement of the order.
The only thing left to decide usually is the colour.This particular one is on its way to be installed at a hospital in Manchester.

Repeat Business Repeat Business Repeat Business
Landfill power

Landfill power. - November 2013

Another landfill gas generator with a bespoke ADVANCED designed and built enclosure with a CHP system leaves the factory. These engines are computer controlled right down to changing the engine oil without any human intervention, so that the set can remain running at all times. Every few months, engineers turn up at the site to remove the waste engine oil and replenish the new.

Landfill power Landfill power Landfill power
Replacement Power

Nice Colour... - November 2013

This 1500 kVA Mitsubishi diesel generator in its bespoke ADVANCED designed and built 75@ 1Mtr enclosure is now on site, providing standby power at water treatment plant in Scotland.

Replacement Power Replacement Power Replacement Power

More Telecoms. - November 2013

Same specification, different colours...
This 65kVA Perkins FG Wilson diesel generator with the usual ADVANCED telecoms extras, despatched to an exchange in Hipperholme.

Telecoms Telecoms
Replacement Power

Replacement Power at short notice. - November 2013

This 11kVA silent Cummins diesel generator was prepared in a hurry, with additional sockets and distribution board to replace a recently stolen building site generator in a village close to our works.

Replacement Power Replacement Power Replacement Power
Africa Exports

Africa Exports. - November 2013

This standard 165kVA silent Olympian diesel generator is on its way to one of our re-seller clients in Africa.

Africa Exports Africa Exports
Surplus Canopies.

Surplus Canopies. - November 2013

3 of 57 super silent enclosures and base fuel tanks are despatched to an ongoing client for them to fit their own engine / alternator.

Surplus Canopies. Surplus Canopies. Surplus Canopies.
Reseller Sales

Reseller Sales - November 2013

A standard 165kVA silent Olympian set with an additional ADVANCED built 1100 Ltr double skinned base fuel tank fitted.

Reseller Sales Reseller Sales Reseller Sales
Concrete Power!

Telecoms Project - November 2013

A finished 88kVA skid mounted Perkins Olympian diesel generator up-fitted with the bespoke ADVANCED designed & built control gear is despatched for a plant room installation in Scotland.

Concrete Power! Concrete Power!
Concrete Power!

Concrete Power! - November 2013

This 90kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator was despatched to a Concrete Batching plant on the Wirral (Merseyside) as the recent power cuts to the plant over the past few weeks had cost them considerably more than the actual generator and installation costs combined!!

Concrete Power! Concrete Power! Concrete Power!
Generator Export

Export Orders. - November 2013

These four skid mounted 700 kVA Cummins diesel generators being loaded into the shipping containers will now be well on their way to our agent in Bangladesh.

Generator Export Generator Export Generator Export
Plant Room

Another Plant Room. - November 2013

This Cummins 825kVA open diesel generator, 2000Ltr double skinned fuel tank and associated acoustic equipment was despatched to Birmingham where our installation guys were waiting its arrival.

Plant Room Plant Room Plant Room

Resales - November 2013

This Cummins 300kVA enclosed diesel generator was up fitted by ADVANCED with a Comap Intelilite control panel at the clients request.
Ongoing Reseller client.

Resales Resales Resales
Plant Room Month.

A Month Of Plant Rooms. - October 2013

This 900kVA Perkins generator and ancillary equipment was despatched to Cardiff Hospital to be installed in the hospitals latest expansion development.

Plant Room Month. Plant Room Month. Plant Room Month.
West Yorkshire Police.

West Yorkshire Police. - October 2013

Another on-going contract, this time an ADVANCED designed and purpose built acoustic enclosure for this 2100kVA Mitsubishi.

West Yorkshire Police. West Yorkshire Police. West Yorkshire Police.
Air Freight.

Air Freight. - October 2013

This Cummins 1675kVA diesel generator was made ready in a hurry – to be despatched to the main Coca-Cola plant in Ethiopia, The plants existing generator which is the factories main power source had broken down beyond repair, costing the plant over 60,000 bottles of Coca Cola production every HOUR !
ADVANCED to the rescue, transported the set direct to Belgium where it was met by a transport plane to airfreight the generator onto Ethiopia.

Top Secret.

Top Secret. - October 2013

Over the past month or so we have been steadily despatching equipment to a government installation which has included two off 1400kVA Cummins diesel generators, plant room equipment and a specially designed and built blast room enclosure to surround the room.

Top Secret. Top Secret. Top Secret.
Retail Sales

Retail Sales - October 2013

A 65kVA enclosed perkins diesel generator collected by the client, use - unknown.

Retail Sales Retail Sales
Custom box.

Custom box. - October 2013

This custom built 14¹ Marine spec enclosure was designed and manufactured for our client to install their own diesel/hydraulic power pack to be used offshore.

Custom box. Custom box. Custom box.
Super Silencing.

Super Silencing. - October 2013

This Standard silent 550 kVA FG Wilson generator needed to be just a little quieter, so additional inlet and outlet attenuators were designed, manufactured and fitted at our works to achieve the required dBa.

Super Silencing. Super Silencing. Super Silencing.
Marine spec.

Marine spec. - October 2013

A replacement generator for an old aging one was designed and built to 'Marine Specification' as it is to sit on Brighton sea front to serve as back up power to a Sorting Bank.350kVA diesel generator with Stainless 316 inlet & outlet louvers, motorised internal louvers to keep the harsh sea weather at bay...Also enclosed in the container was a 5000 Ltr internal double skinned fuel tank and fuel polishing equipment.

Marine spec. Marine spec. Marine spec.
Designed, built, painted, small power and lighting fitted

Three day turn around..... - October 2013

One of our regular clients called on us to pull a rabbit out of the hat..... Time being against them on the delivery of an acoustic 800kVA generator - they asked can we help, and build them a container ?Yes of course we can !! by Friday they asked ???? this was Tuesday of the same week, Gulp...... Friday of that same week this 85Dba @ 1mtr container left our works with the free issue set installed.Designed, built, painted, small power and lighting fitted, Generator installed and shipped out the works in three days..........

Designed, built, painted, small power and lighting fitted Designed, built, painted, small power and lighting fitted Designed, built, painted, small power and lighting fitted
As Short as they come...

As Short as they come... - October 2013

This 275kVA custom built super short - and super silent Volvo diesel generator. Was designed and built to fit in the tightest of spaces where a standard - off the shelf generator would not have fit.When it comes to bespoke applications, you can trust ADVANCED to find the solution......

As Short as they come... As Short as they come...
Furnace power

Furnace power. - October 2013

This 900kVA enclosed Cat diesel generator with an Advanced designed and built underslung 1000Ltr double skinned fuel tank will be on standby at a local glass company to keep the furnace hot during power outages which they are now experiencing.

Furnace power Furnace power
Little Britain Challange

Little Britain Challange - September 2013

This year, Advanced once again rose to the Little Britain Challenge. The leader boards would have you believe that we finished 7th in the event overall; but given that none of us could tell what position we were in at any point during the racing, we decided that we won every race and celebrated accordingly! We definitely had the team spirit and enthusiasm of victors, and everybody involved had a brilliant time!

Little Britain Challange Little Britain Challange
13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank

Jaguar Landrover. - September 2013

Two Advanced designed and built super silent diesel generators enclosures, Containing a Cummins C550 & C825 were tested at our works continuously for24 hrs prior to being despatched and installed at the Jaguar Land-rover plant Wolverhampton.Another Great name putting trust in Advanced.

13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank 13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank 13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank
13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank

Its just a different size,. - September 2013

A 13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank on its own this time, on its way to an internet group HQ in southern England.

13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank 13,000 Ltr. Bulk tank
Standard Set Sales

Standard Set Sales. - September 2013

A Cummins C38/38kVA silent diesel generator being collected by one of our many UK Re-Seller clients.

Standard Set Sales
Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel. - September 2013

Since the decision to bring the design and build of bulk fuel tanks in house last year, we have manufactured over 150 tanks of all shapes and sizes, One contract alone kept the tank bays busy with a single order for 75 bulk tanks ranging in sizes from 2000 - 33,000 Litres.The decision to bring this work in house was the continuos delays in deliveries from outsourced manufacturers, which led to major delays in our own production / delivery program.This latest built 33,500 Litre tank is on its way to the west Yorkshire Police plant room installation.

Bulk Fuel Bulk Fuel Bulk Fuel
Plant Room Installation

Plant Room Installation. - September 2013

Ahead of the generator, the ancillary parts are being despatched for installation at a west Yorkshire Police HQ plant room.All designed and built in house, Day tank and pump system, Attenuated air in & outlet, Exhaust silencer etc.

Plant Room Installation Plant Room Installation Plant Room Installation
Plant Room Installation

Export sales. - September 2013

Loading in the usual Yorkshire rainy weather is this C1100/1100kVA skid mounted Cummins diesel generator Bound for our Bangladeshi agent.

Plant Room Installation Plant Room Installation
Cummins 200kVA

New Website Launched. - September 2013

We have been working on updating our website over the past few months to make it more user friendly and easier for the viewer to navigate around, and are very pleased with the new and updated layout and all the new content.Please take time to review our site and do feel free to send us your thoughts via the contact us page.

Cummins 200kVA Cummins 200kVA
Cummins 200kVA

Standard sales. - September 2013

A Cummins enclosed 200kVA set being despatched to a UK reseller.

Cummins 200kVA Cummins 200kVA Cummins 200kVA
Cummins 900kVA

Data Centre Expansion. - September 2013

Being despatched are another two Advanced designed and built Data Centre 900kVA Cummins generators.These two units are the first batch of six to join the existing sets on site at a UK data centre.

Cummins 900kVA Cummins 900kVA Cummins 900kVA
Cummins 110kVA

It must be Tank time...... - August 2013

Three double skinned day tanks being despatched for a military plant room installation in the south of England, prior to the 3 x 1675kVA diesel generators being installed next month.To follow to the same site will be three off 33,500 ltr bulk tanks, and all ancillary acoustics which has been designed and manufactured at our works.

Cummins 110kVA Cummins 110kVA Cummins 110kVA
Cummins 110kVA

Reseller sale. - August 2013

This Cummins 110kVA enclosed generator was sold to, and collected by a generator re-seller.

Cummins 110kVA Cummins 110kVA
Bulk Fuel Tank

More Bulk Fuel. - August 2013

These 30,000 ltr bulk fuel tanks with fuel polishing systems are having the final touches added in readiness for despatch to an ongoing UK Data center project.

Bulk Fuel Tank Bulk Fuel Tank Bulk Fuel Tank

Logistics. - August 2013

It became time to replace our dear old Transit which served us well, bombing around the country on a daily basis delivering and collecting the 'smaller parts for projects' clocking up in excess of 200,000 miles in the four years from new.Now replaced with a shiny new pickup.

Logistics Logistics Logistics
Load Test 3.3Mva

New Load tester - August 2013

Advanced takes delivery of this 3.3Mva resistive / reactive containerised load test unit, to increase on site testing at the works of the ever increasing 'Larger Projects' This will take the capacity of any single load tests to nearly 5Mva.

Load Test 3.3Mva Load Test 3.3Mva
250kVA Enclosed Cummins

Mobile power - August 2013

Two different clients within a week didn’t like the standard Cummins Green and requested the set to be re-sprayed white....This 250kVA enclosed Cummins with an Advanced manufactured double skinned 48Hr base tank is to provide stand by power at one of Greggs the bakers bakeries in the north.

250kVA Enclosed Cummins 250kVA Enclosed Cummins 250kVA Enclosed Cummins
Power from waste.

Mobile power - August 2013

Another 250kVA Volvo Advanced purpose built truck mounted power pack, with additions such as low level control panel and sockets which once mounted on the vehicle are within easy reach.

Power from waste. Power from waste. Power from waste.
Power from waste.

Power from waste. - August 2013

This massive 53ton 20 cylinder MWM gas powered generator will spend its life on a south Yorkshire sewage processing plant making power from waste for many years to come.

Power from waste. Power from waste. Power from waste.
Marine Pump

Marine Pump. - August 2013

A custom built acoustic container housing a Volvo diesel engine and cooling system, is in readiness to have the rest of the hydraulic pump and equipment installed at our clients works.Marine application paint was applied and cured to the highest off shore specifications to withstand the harsh environment the container will live in.

Marine Pump Marine Pump Marine Pump
72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank

Whiter than white. - August 2013

A standard 250kVA Cummins shown with additional Bund tray and repainted from Green To white at the customer's request to blend in with the building colours surrounding it.On the ferry now on its way to Ireland.

72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank 72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank
72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank

Long Run Required...... - August 2013

Another standard Cummins diesel enclosed generator with added extras built and up fitted by Advanced, A 72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank with fuel transfer system and pipework are also part of the install.Now fully installed on site at a pharmacy hub in Wiltshire.

72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank 72Hr double skinned bulk fuel tank
Cummins 825kVA

Bitz and Bobs for a plantroom - August 2013

A Cummins 825kVA skid mounted diesel generator and all associated equipment being loaded, and now being installed in a private hospital in Sunderland.

Cummins 825kVA Cummins 825kVA Cummins 825kVA
Value Added Extras Cummins 200kVA

Value Added Extras - August 2013

Shown here is a standard Cummins 200 kVA enclosed set with some optional extras up fitted by Advanced, Remote monitoring, additional bund, bund alarms along with a few more bells and whistles. Repeat order from a long standing business partner.

Value Added Extras Cummins 200kVA Value Added Extras Cummins 200kVA
Show power Volvo 275kVA

Good job its weather proof - August 2013

This little 38kVA Cummins generator being loaded to the transport in the usual pouring Yorkshire rain is bound for one of the 24-7 security groups money counting operations in London.

Show power Volvo 275kVA
Show power Volvo 275kVA

Show power. - August 2013

Another example of our bespoke Volvo TAD734 275kVA acoustic truck mounted generator, which fits snug against the back of the vehicle cab allowing the arctic to still be capable of towing a trailer.For maintenance purposes the whole unit slides away from the cab on rollers. This is one of many examples where Advanced prove to be the leaders in bespoke applications.

Show power Volvo 275kVA Show power Volvo 275kVA
Royal Air force Power

Royal Air force Power - August 2013

A GEP450 Cat Olympian 450kVA diesel generator is packaged into an Advanced’ powerbox for installation on an RAF remote out station to serve as backup power for primary radar and systems.

Royal Air force Power Royal Air force Power Royal Air force Power
Green power P750kVA

Green power. - August 2013

Green is the preferred colour for most if not all water treatment site generators, This P750kVA diesel generator enclosed in its purpose built acoustic enclosure is now well on its way to providing backup power at a water treatment plant in Scotland.

Green power P750kVA. Green power P750kVA Green power P750kVA
London office

Fastest sale ever - July 2013

This 900 kVA enclosed cat was put up on special offer and the email shot sent out.Within one hour of the offer going out, the generator was sold and paid for.

Bulk wee... Bulk wee... Bulk wee...
London office

Advanced Opens London Office - July 2013

For nearly 20 years Advanced have operated from its head office in Pontefract West Yorkshire, Specialising in the supply, design and manufacture of diesel generators and bespoke acoustic enclosures, employing sales, engineering, and project managers from around the country to cope with local onsite demands wherever they may be.In recent years the demand for products supplied by Advanced in the southern counties and especially London has increased significantly, which has led to the inevitable expansion and the opening of the new London office.Sales and project managers along with service engineers will now be based at the London offices to further enhance the services provided and future expansion plans of ADVANCED.

Bulk wee...

Bulk wee... - July 2013

This 25,000 ltr double skinned tank is being despatched to a local cow farm where the cow urine is collected and used as an ingredient in the adblue emission reduction on vehicles like trucks and busses.

Bulk wee...
Any colour that suits…

Any colour that suits… - July 2013

This 1000kVA Perkins acoustically treated generator was manufactured as a repeat order for one of our existing clients.

Any colour that suits… Any colour that suits…
Food power.

Food power. - July 2013

65 kVA standard enclosed Perkins generator collected by the client.To be fitted on the underside of a 40ft catering trailer which is used at large music festivals etc.

Food power. Food power.
Hospital Power

Hospital Power - July 2013

This Open Volvo / Newage 220kVA diesel generator and associated equipment, shown being despatched to be installed in a northern NHS Hospital plant room.

Hospital Power Hospital Power
1500 kVA Perkins

A Nice Pair... - July 2013

A pair of 1500kVA Perkins sets acoustically packaged into 40ft housings.

1500 kVA Perkins 1500 kVA Perkins 1500 kVA Perkins
Insurance Generator

Insurance company insuring against power outage. - July 2013

This Cummins 300Kva enclosed generator with up fitted auto transfer panel and bund tray is being installed at a leading insurance underwriter in the north of England.Even the insurance companies are protecting themselves from power cuts......

Three Cummins 1675kVA

Telecoms Data Centre - July 2013

Three Cummins 1675kVA acoustic generators & fuel tanks despatched to a London telecoms data centre, Two of the three units were refurbished to 'as new condition' at our works at the clients request, the third is a brand new unit.All three generators were configured to synchronise to each other and the mains.Double skinned bulk fuel tanks incorporating fuel polishing systems were also shipped to the same site.

Three Cummins 1675kVA Three Cummins 1675kVA Three Cummins 1675kVA
TV Power

Tv Studio power - July 2013

Three off Cummins 1100kVA sets in bespoke walk through acoustic enclosures to 65dBA @ 1Mtr all three running at 100% load.To be installed at the Olympic park London.

TV Power TV Power TV Power
One of two

One of two.... - July 2013

The order was for two identical 1500Kva Mitsubishi units with bespoke control gear, to provide backup power at West Yorkshire police major incident centres.Each unit will be installed in its own on site acoustically treated plant room - at two different locations.

One of two One of two
Telecoms Extra

Extras - June 2013

This extensively modified 275 Kva open generator is now on its way to be installed in a telecoms plant room in the south of England.

Telecoms Extra Telecoms Extra Telecoms Extra
Despatch Generators

Super silent 275 - June 2013

This standard 275kVA Olympian set was modified with additional inlet and outlet acoustic pods and an additional roof mounted exhaust to achieve a sound rating of 65dBI @ 1mtr.Currently being installed on a London office block rooftop.

Despatch Generators Despatch Generators
Containerised UPS

Containerised UPS - June 2013

Bespoke enclosure manufactured to house N+1 Ups system.

Containerised UPS Containerised UPS
More Green Power

More Green Power - June 2013

40" acoustic gas generator & ancillary equipment, being despatched.

More Green Power More Green Power
Export Generator Sales

Export sales - June 2013

A container being loaded with 2 x 50 & 2 x 65kVA enclosed sets c/w ats panels - Now on their way to Libya.

Export Generator Sales Export Generator Sales Export Generator Sales
Home Use Generator

Home Use - June 2013

A standard 110kVA enclosed set despatched to a private customer who decided to purchase a generator after a power cut.And realised he couldn’t even get through his gates without power.

Home Use Generator Home Use Generator
Cummins Roadshow

Cummins Roadshow - June 2013

Once again Advanced welcome the Cummins road show truck to show off the latest in Cummins hire range of generators.

Cummins Roadshow Cummins Roadshow Cummins Roadshow
Perkins 1250kVA

1250kVA Perkins - June 2013

On its way to site is this 1250 kVA Perkins generator housed in the purpose built 37ft acoustic container c/w 200ltr double skinned day tank.

Perkins 1250kVA Perkins 1250kVA
RAF UPS Container

RAF Containerised UPS System - June 2013

A 10 & 20 ft container manufactured and fitted out with two 200 kVA UPS systems and switchgear, c/w N+1 air conditioning system.Another repeat order from one of our many prestigious clients.

RAF UPS Container RAF UPS Container RAF UPS Container
Repeat Customer

Repeat Customer - June 2013

A 90 kVA Cummins enclosed set loaded to a customer supplied trailer,

Repeat Customer Repeat Customer Repeat Customer
Racing Power

Racing Car Power - June 2013

50 kVA enclosed generator supplied to 'Z' cars - a specialist racing car manufacturer.

Racing Power Racing Power Racing Power
Telecoms Project

Truck Load - June 2013

Multiple open generators with bespoke control systems, are despatched to various locations around the UK for plant room installation - Ongoing telecoms project.

Telecoms Project Telecoms Project
1250Kva 80dBA

2 x 1250kVA 80dBA @ 1Mtr. Containerised generators. - May 2013

Shown being despatched are a pair of 1250kVA Perkins containerised generators with integral change over panels.

1250Kva 80dBA 1250Kva 80dBA
BT Sports
BT Sports TV Channel - May 2013

Synchronising panels designed and built by Advanced for BT,s new Sports television channel which will be launched June this year.The panels utilise the very latest colour Deep sea DSE8721 displays coupled to DSE8700 load sharing modules. The panels will be shipped and installed ahead of the three Advanced/Cummins 1100Kva diesel generating sets presently being built.

BT Sports BT Sports BT Sports
bespoke canopy

400 kVA Olympian - May 2013

400 kVA Olympian generator ready to be despatched, Telecoms plant room installation.

bespoke canopy

200kVA Volvo - May 2013

200kVA truck mounted Volvo generator in bespoke canopy.

Data Centre

Roosendaal Holland - May 2013

Final Commissioning of 8 x 900Kva Cummins Generators, cw. Cylindrical double skinned bulk fuel tanks.

Data Centre Specialist

Data Centre Generators Perkins 275 & 50kVA - April 2013

2 x 1 MW generating sets utilising MTU 12 cylinder V Type Diesel Generator running at 1500 RPM, coupled to a Leroy Somer synchronous alternator

Data Centre Data Centre Data Centre
Perkins 275kVA

Perkins 275kVA - April 2013

Export orders continue to rise as these4 off 275kVA & 2 off 50kVA Perkins skid mounted generators are packaged ready for shipping to Africa.

220kVA Diesel generator

220kVA Diesel generator - April 2013

220kVA Diesel generator with custom built double skinned bulk fuel base tank, incorporating fuel fill cabinet. built for a remote water pumping station

Green Power package

Green Power package - April 2013

Final electrical wiring and testing taking place prior to shipping, Another bespoke Green Power package.

Volvo 250kVA

Volvo 250kVA - April 2013

Volvo 250kVA in readiness to be installed in a London Plant room.

Telecoms generators

Telecoms generators - April 2013

Production of several Telecoms generators, project ongoing.

400 kVA open set

400 kVA open set - April 2013

400 kVA open set ready for despatch Telecoms ongoing projects.

Principal Match Sponsors

40ft container - March 2013

This 40ft container that went to a very remote firing range in Scotland, where it is the only source of power. It contained a 65kVA generator which will run during working hours Monday-Friday, 9-5. Outside of these hours, a UPS installed within the container will transfer the essential IT load to a smaller 22kVA generator. The container also houses a 3500ltr double skinned tank, sufficient for 5 days running.

Principal Match Sponsors

Principal Match Sponsors - March 2013

Advanced principal match sponsor for the npower championship.

Green power ...

Green power .... - March 2013

another 40' custom built enclosurep.

Re Sprayed Cat 33kVA

Re Sprayed Cat 33kVA - March 2013

Re Sprayed Cat 33kVA despatched to a residential property in scottlandfollowing the recent power outage.

Two off 250kVA Volvo

250kVA Volvo - March 2013

Two off 250kVA Volvo truck mounted sets awaiting despatch.

bespoke walk through enclosures

Four 1500kVA bespoke enclosures - March 2013

Four 1500kVA bespoke walk through enclosures, 1500Ltr double skinned day fuel tanks,water mist system, switchgear etc, now on site at a UK Datacentre.

bespoke walk through enclosures

Four 1500kVA bespoke enclosures - March 2013

Pic 2

bespoke walk through enclosures

Four 1500kVA bespoke enclosures - March 2013

Pic 3

bespoke walk through enclosures

Four 1500kVA bespoke enclosures - March 2013

Pic 4

GEP50 Trailer Mounted 50kVA

GEP50 Trailer Mounted 50kVA - March 2013

GEP50 Trailer Mounted 50kVA unit, supplied to an event's organiser for automated biometric turnstiles.

250kVA Volvo

Volvo 250kVA - March 2013

250kVA Volvo / Newage for a plant room installation 60dBA@1m.

250kVA Volvo

GEP88 three phase machine - March 2013

Standard GEP88 three phase machine, to another one of our regulars.

Super, super quiet 80 kVA Perkins

Perkins 80 kVA - March 2013

Super, super quiet 80 kVA Perkins & switch room in its purpose build 20ft enclosure.

UK NHS Hospital

Cummins C1675D5 1675kVA - March 2013

Cummins C1675D5 Open Set 1675kVA hiding under the sheet along with installation items such as exhaust and switchgear panels - on its way to a UK NHS Hospital.

RAF site

Cummins C330 330kVA - March 2013

Cummins C330 330kVA Generator repainted to blend in with its surrounding buildings now installed on an RAF site along with a purpose built bulk fuel tank, fuel polishing system and switchgear.

electrical contractor

GEP110 110kVA - March 2013

Just a standard GEP 110 110kVA three phase machine on its way to an electrical contractor.

Truck Mounted Generator

Truck mounted power - March 2013

This cummins 220 kVA truck mounted set will be powering the lights at exhibitions and shows, throughout the uk.

Solar Farm Project Batch 4

Batch 4 of the solar farm project - March 2013

Three slightly wider than the norm enclosures, on their way to the solar farm project.
Special police movement orders had to be obtained for these to travel as they are over the maximum allowable width.

Perkins Single Phase Generator

Perkins 35kVA Single Phase - March 2013

Perkins 35kVA single phase & manufactured ductwork, On its way to be installed in a private residence, to power a garage full of toys (super sports & vintage cars)

2mVA 62dbA@1m

Perkins 2000kVA 62dBA @ 1mtr - March 2013

Shown installed on site at a uk data centre – this 2000kVA perkins generator with custom built G59 soft return to mains controls, in its ADE custom built super silent enclosure is now online providing standby power.
Two 22,000ltr double skinned bulk fuel tanks with duplex fuel polishing systems were also manufactured and supplied by ADE.

4 of P1500 Generators

WIDE LOADS - February 2013

Shown – 4 off Perkins p1500 generators being offloaded,
Acoustics enclosures are in the finishing bay ready to have these sets fitted.

Big Bespoke Enclosures

WIDE LOADS - February 2013

Shown – one of two identical units,
they’re big, they’re wide, they’re tall, and even very long.
Two bespoke enclosures to house Gas generators and switchgear.
Bound for a southern Water authority .

Switzerland 1400kVA

Swiss Power Package - February 2013

1400kVA Standby Generator in purpose built 40’ enclosure being despatched to Switzerland.

African Export Generators

Africa Exports - February 2013

Two units from a 22 set order - destined for Africa.
Export orders are on the up....

Mr Wishy Wash

Squeaky Clean - February 2013

You’ve seen them here there and everywhere, Car wash sites at the side of the road.
18kVA single phase to power the pressure washers.

Holland Data Centre

Data Centre Power - February 2013

Another one of our prestigious customer repeat orders, 8 off 900kVA Cummins generators housed in 20’ acoustic containers.
Stacked in the usual surround the building, stack them high manner.
(Total order this site 16 units to date)
Shown on site at an international Data Centre in Holland.

UK Drilling Power

UK Drilling Power - February 2013

Two 65kVA Generators for prime power on a UK drilling site

Batch 3 Switchgear Enclosures

Enclosures Batch 3 - Solar Farm Project - February 2013

More of the same, yet another batch of purpose built switchgear enclosures
Made for the Solar Farm Industry

Green Power

GREEN POWER - January 2013

Bespoke Containerised Gas generator, Control room and switchgear

2x 1000kVA Prestigious Customer

2x 1000kVA units 80Dba @ 1mtr - January 2013

Two off 1000kVA Perkins generators containerised to 80Dba @ 1Mtr
Repeat order for one of our prestigious customers.

Switchgear enclosures for solar farm project

Catching Some Rays - January 2013

The third batch of switchgear enclosures for a solar farm project are loaded at the ADE factory.

Again, three units were shipped.

33kVA generator for domestic use

33kVA Olympian Generator - January 2013

A standard GEP-33 enclosed generator is sold and shipped to a local customer for domestic use.

attenuators for acoustic test facility

Large Attenuators for Test Facility - January 2013

Shown loaded and ready to leave the factory are two of three large attenuators for an acoustic testing facility in Scotland.

Each attenuator measured 5m x 4m x 4m (LxWxH).

250kVA generator for regular customer

250kVA Cummins Generator - January 2013

A 250kVA Cummins generator is sent to a regular customer.