October 2018 News

Bespoke National Grid Switchgear Enclosure

Switchgear Housings

Another Bespoke Switchgear Housing is being loaded ready to be despatched and installed into the UK National Power Grid near Leeds.

Perkins 150 kVA Open Frame Telecoms Diesel Generator

Telecoms Upgrade

As part of our 5 year ongoing Telecoms project - This 150 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator is loaded and ready for despatch to a telephone exchange near Chester.

Bespoke JCB Engine Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

A further 2 Acoustic Enclosures housing Stage V emissions compliant diesel engines which will be connected to hydraulic pumps for pulling power cables through the channel tunnel are being loaded for despatch to the client to have the pump fitted & tested.

Bespoke 20ft Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures

This 20ft Acoustic Enclosure designed & built by ADVANCED houses a client's free issue Perkins Diesel Generator. The full fit out and installation was completed at ADVANCED before being despatched straight to site.

Secure Steel Battery Enclosures

Secure Battery Storage

These small Secure Steel Battery Enclosures manufactured by ADVANCED will house Lithium Ion batteries for off grid power storage.

45 kVA Perkins Trailer Mounted Generator

Machinery Power

This Perkins 45 kVA Trailer-Mounted Diesel Generator will provide backup power to a mobile floor screening machine.

22 kVA Gas Pumping Silent Backup Generator

Pumping Gas

This modified Cummins 22 kVA Silent Diesel Generator will provide backup power to a gas mains pumping station near Leeds in the event of a mains failure.