May 2019 News

30 kVA Cummins Waste Disposal Diesel Generator

Waste to Power

This Cummins 33 kVA Silent Diesel Generator and Bulk Fuel Tank will provide backup power to a landfill site to keep the gas venting during power outages.

Diesel Genset India

India Pumps

This Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator is on its way to India where it will be used to power some water treatment pumps that were made in the UK which will be shipped along with the generator.

20 kVA Luxury Glamping Backup Generator

Glamping Backup

This 20 kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator along with Automatic Transfer Switch Panel will provide backup power to several luxury lodges on a glamping site near Lincoln.

Silent Cummins Hotel Backup Diesel Generators

Hotel Power in the Sun

These 2 Cummins Silent Diesel Generators (1 x 170 kVA & 1 x 330 kVA) are on their way to Barbados to be installed in newly built hotels.

90 kVA Event Backup Diesel Generator

Events Power

This Cummins Silent 90 kVA Diesel Generator will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure to a wedding and evening venue near Coventry.

33 kVA Welding Factory Backup Diesel Generator

Fume Extraction

This Cummins 33 kVA Diesel Generator will provide backup power to a large automated welding factory fume extraction plant near Somerset.